The smartphone camera is a vast improvement of technology, and mobile photo editing apps are more popular than ever.

Daily above 95 million Instagram photos and 350 million of Facebook photos are shared with friends and family. Everybody wants a beautiful look to share on social media platforms.

There are lots of apps that allow you to make your photos more attractive and enable you to edit images that become very familiar. You can quickly search photo editor apps in the Google Play Store and modify your images as you want.

For your help, I explore the different choice of apps that have image editing tools such as brightness, cropping, filters and vignette. But it up to you to decide which one is best for you and fulfills your all requirements.

According to my experience and opinion, here are 10 best photo editing apps that you should download and use them for making your look beautiful.

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1- Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great app all around the Photoshop app for Android. With this app, you can modify your image with few swipes on a simple interface. It gives you PC Adobe Photoshop feeling on a mobile device.

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the very advanced photo editing tools that has many filters like Superpunch, Glow, and Vibrant, and you can use. It has controlled many tools like rotate, flip, crop, red eye removal, straightens, and white balance and brightness.

It has the add-on packs like the Abode Advanced Pack that has options for noise reduction and Adobe Looks Pack. The Advance Look is only usable in Windows 8 and iOS. Besides that, you can combine multiple photos into one image by using Photoshop Mix.

Overall, it is the reliable tool that capable of handling large file sizes efficiently. You can take benefit of their professional design features.

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2- AutoDesk Pixlr

AutoDesk Pixlr

AutoDesk Pixlr is an image editing app that has more than 2 million combinations of effects, filters, and overlays. By using this app, you can make photo collages with the different background, spacing and layout options.

You can balance your image color by using Auto Fix feature and multiple photos you can be blended and layered together. Other than that, you can stylize your images with ink sketches and pencil drawings.

It has different tools that you can use to enhance your selfies and remove red eyes, blemishes and whiten teeth, etc. with this you can add captions and overlay photos with text.

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3- Camera+

Camera Plus

Camera+ has many advanced photo editing tools. There is a Stabilizer blasting mode to help you take sharp pictures and zoom up to 6x. Clarity is the best Camera+ features that make adjustments quickly to improve photos even in low light situations.

Lots of scene modes like Sunset, Night, Beach, Food and Portrait built into Camera+ to guarantee you capture shots at the optimal setting.

Use “Horizon Level” feature of Camera+ for taking images because it helps avoid crooked shots. You can select the border that you like the most to touch up the photos. Some others tools (Brushing, layering, white balance, tone, vignette and eye-red removal) you can use for different effects.

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4- Camera360


It has above 700 million users all over the world, but most prevalent in the Asia where different celebrities have endorsed it. You can utilize over 200 filters that are available on the Camera360 app. You can add some creativity to your photos by using live face effects and stickers.

5- Darkroom


Darkroom is a very easy app and works faster to make your photos look perfect. Aside from being to brighten, saturate, filters, crop, and fade, you can also adjust the curves, tones, and curves.

The Darkroom app has best features to edit photos without having to importation them. If you can want to mix multiple images, you can do this easily and also favorite them.

It is the free app, but it has some in-app purchases.

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6- FaceTune


FaceTune is an app that is perfect for photo editing. It was designed to help you improve representations and selfies. It is the very old app that has a lot of options that make your look awesome.

With FaceTune you can amplify smiles and brighten teeth. You can also remove blemishes, dark circles, and pimples under the eyes including red and white-eye effects by using FaceTune.

It also helps you to change your hair color with different color and filling in bald patches is a cinch with this app. FaceTune is readily utilized to improve jawlines, add color to your lips, reshape the nose and apply blush shades and eye shadows.

7- Flickr


Flicker was designed first time in 2004. It has been one of the most well-known professional photographer communities. In 2005, Yahoo! Developed Flicker, that permitted the photo social network to measure its growth.

12 billion photos have been shared on Flicker, and it offers their entire user 1 TB of free storage for images saving. With Flicker’s mobile app lets you edit images, crop pictures and add filters from the camera roll.

Now it offers in pro version of Flicker with advanced stats on your images, an ad-free browsing practice, a desktop auto uploading tool, Lightroom CC and other smaller perks. You can get pro version of Flicker with costs $5.99/month or $49.99/year.

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8- Google Photos

Google Photos

It is a free unlimited video and photo storing service that rotated out of Google+ and progressed from Picasa. You can mix Google photos with Google Drive. You can upload up to 16 MP and 1080P videos to Google Photos for free.

However, higher quality photos or video you can upload to Google Drive storage. Once you’ve uploaded images, Google allows users to find the people by searching places, dates, and subjects of their photos.

For the instant, you search the images “beach in Florida” and it will show you the pictures that apply to that demand.

When you select the Pencil icon for editing photos, the app goes into edit mode then you can fine-tune the Light, Pop, Vignette, and Color effects. Google Photos has also offered crop, rotation and filters tools.

You can see the review of each shot before upload photos in burst mode. If you decide later, you can save the pictures in an original way that you do easily without edit.

9- PicsArt


PicsArt is one of my most beloved mobile photo apps because it has a ton of topographies. It is a very popular app that downloads over 300 million times. You can be used for editing photos, drawing and making collages.

It also offers social network options for sharing your photos. Some other tools including stretch tilt shift, crop, artistic filters, perspective, masks, text, lens flare and speech bubbles.

It is the free app, but you can get more advanced tools like Tattoo Fonts, Birthday Frames and Love Quotes by paying.

10- Prisma


Prisma is a mobile app that tracks your videos and images into art stimulated with different styles like Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan, and Munk. You can make your images or videos by using Prisma, and you can also edit your photo that you can make with your camera. It has various filters that you can utilize and make your look awesome.

It uses deep learning algorithms to apply each creative filter on the videos and photos. You can use more 30 styles, and it has been download multi-millions times since it was released.

All apps are awesome and fantastic for photos editing. There are lots of people who are using these apps for making their selfies look more beautiful, and you can mix them your multiple photos in one photo.

You can also share your photos on social networks by using these apps. I used some of the apps personally and found them enjoyable. You can share your personal experience with us and write the apps name that you’re using for photo editing in the comment box.