Facebook is that social network about we have been talking recently, but it is all possible due to the Mark Zuckerberg and his team that is busy to make it more advanced. Recently, Facebook makes a lot of changing in its design and add a lot of great options, include chat section, status update, even in business pages and now it offers selfies masks for live video.

If you don’t know about that changing, don’t worry about it because we will not let you stay behind. We want to help you by following you through the new look of Facebook that you can see in your live video editing options.

One more new thing that Facebook introduce is messenger new supports PayPal payments, will track your PayPal receipts.

Facebook Launches Augmented Reality Selfie “Masks”

Facebook Selfie Masks

At last, the Facebook social network has launched Selfie lenses for live video – called mask. TuchCrunch reports this invention as:

“Copying Snapchat and capitalizing on the acquisition of MSQRD, today Facebook finally integrated augmented reality Selfie lenses it calls “Masks” into its main app. starting with Halloween-themed skeleton, witch, and pumpkin masks, some Facebook users can now start to use the special effects when they go Live.”

  • Masks in Facebook Live – You will be able to use various Facebook mask plus some edition of Halloween-themed masks when you are sharing a Live video with friends and family.
  • Halloween Reactions – Facebook is launching Halloween reactions that like, Love, angry, hate and other responses.

Currently, this offer is only available for those people who want to go Live video.

Introducing Masks in Facebook Live

The Facebook Company said:

“If you’re looking to share moments in real time with added flair, you will soon be able to go live on Facebook wearing a mask. We have some festive masks for Halloween, including a skull, an evil queen, and two limited-edition masks: a pumpkin and a witch. A selection of masks will continue to be available for Halloween so that you can be creative in your Live videos anytime!”

The masks will be rolling out over the next few days for those people who will use Facebook Live on iOS in UK, USA, and New Zealand.

Facebook announced it would make masks that are available for people sharing Live video via Android and also in different countries.

In March, Facebook acquired MSQRD  and briefly tested using a similar technology to offers Brazilians and Canadians Olympic-themed masks for cultural videos and photos.

But today, Facebook starts the rollout of masks correctly. Mask is very helpful for those people who feel shy about going live on camera, which can be a bit stroppy. Through this masks, you can be doubtful your face, so you don’t worry about how you look.

How to go Live With Masks

Facebook Selfie Masks

  • Click on the Live Video icon at the top of your Timeline, page or newsfeed.
  • When you are live click the magic wand that is the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You select your favorite masks icon in the creative tools trap at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll through the options and click on the masks that automatically appears on your face.
  • When you want to remove the mask, only scroll left in the mask trap and click on the no mask option.

Halloween Reactions Edition

Facebook Halloween Reactions

Social media sites launched a set of limited-edition reactions to users in a first-rate set of countries. This will be available after the few days of Halloween. Facebook permits you different results including express laughter, grimacing jack o’lantern, cackling witch and much more.

Here is the short description that Facebook gave how to use the Halloween reactions:

“Hold down the Like button on mobile or hover over the Like button on desktop to see the result image options, then choose from the skeletal thumbs up (Like), the candy heart (Love), the laughing witch (Haha), the ghost (Wow), Frankenstein (Sad), or the scowling pumpkin (Angry).”

The biggest problem is that people read news on different networks. But Facebook succeeds by being the home for what you do with friends. Halloween has been one of the most active seasons for Facebook as everybody goes to share photos with friends and family. So it is the innocent time for Facebook to squash its variety for the future of photographic communication.

Facebook and Messenger “Payments” with PayPal

PayPal relationship is depending with Facebook, and now it will introduce payment options within messenger, amid other integrations. Those purchasers who buy via the growing number of chat bots from online shop will be able to pay your bill on messenger by using PayPal’s payment service.

Due to this offer, PayPal says it will make it easier to link your PayPal account to Messenger and Facebook.

Recently, Facebook is working to roll out support for receiving notifications about PayPal transactions to Messenger users in the United States.

PayPal had been announced its integration with Messenger. But Facebook had been worked on payment in Messenger with select developers and said that. It would squash this know-how more approximately by the end of 2016.

Facebook Collaborates with others Payment Industry

Furthermore, Messenger payment is not limited to PayPal industry – clients can manage using their payment report already deposited on Messenger and Facebook within the bots.

More than that, Facebook has said it is working with others industry, including American Express, Stripe, Visa, and MasterCard.

Getting the space in Messenger is a significant opportunity for PayPal. You could benefit from its contact with Messenger’s sizeable user base.

The PayPal Company says it has 192 million of global users. Besides that, Facebook reached one billion of Messenger users at the end of this year. According to a report, 40% U.S mobile users are now on Facebook’s Messaging platform.

Bear in mind recently PayPal will roll out as a payment option in Messenger only for U.S users. These people receive the payment receipts from in Messenger, as well.

PayPal says, this will be changed, and this service spread within others country.

PayPal and Facebook have partnered on other payment edges in the past. Most recently, Facebook was with Uber’s integration into Messenger and allowed users to hail a ride through Facebook’s app.