The Internet world changed our ways of life and our ways of thinking, reading, shopping, and earning money. One of the essential benefits you can get from the internet or World Wide Web is effective financial statement management.

In app store, you can see over one and a half million apps alone, and you can be confused which one you should download and which one is not. Similarly, if we talk about the websites, you will be surprised because according to 2015 analysis over million websites are uploaded on the internet.

So, I have a lot of sites names and information of their performance that can help them to change your life. Here I’ll explore some killer websites and Apps that can Change your Life. Through these killer sites you can change your life, so, must bookmark it if you find it helping. So let’s move and read below.

1- Codecademy

Killer Apps Codecademy

Coding is very vital and also necessary for website development. That’s way they are too in demand today that understanding the basics of coding, such as CSS, JavaScript or HTML. Coding understanding is as knowing ‘how to use Microsoft PowerPoint.’

Luckily Codeacademy is an excellent website and 100% free for learning and getting advance knowledge of coding. Different ways can guide you through each step of the way even you take the start from scratch. They contain possible developments that you can build to apply what you’ve learned. They give you immediate feedback to correct your mistakes.

2- Uber

Killer Apps UBER

Uber has not needed any introduction because it is very well-known and does work in 403 cities around the world. You can’t question the value and the convenience that this app offers. Whether it is providing premium side hustle for struggling entrepreneurs and artists or saving us and our time too after calling a cab, Uber is a game changer. It uses technology to provide people what they want when they want. So they came up with a straightforward idea-tap a button, get a ride.

3- F.lux

Killer Apps F.Lux

If you are a laptop, computer or mobile lover, then you probably spend a majority time of the day at the screen on one of them. Eye staining is one of the most common issues we see and face. In this situation, F.lux has solved this problem.

F.lux free widget adjusts the lighting of your screen, according to the time. You set in the favorites, so you are no longer look intently at a flashlight summiting towards your face. After using this, you say goodbye to tired-looking eyes.

4- Spritz

Killer Apps Spritz

Spritz is an app that scans the full page and performs single words to you in a pace of your choosing. It takes some time to get adapted to, as our eyes are familiar to scanning a sheet from left to right, but with a little bit of staying power, you may have just exposed your first superpower.

 5- TED

Killer Apps TED

TED stand for Technology, Education, and Design. It is a platform for ideas worth dispersal, and it is ongoing in 1984 at a conference. TED today gives ideas from a broad spectrum from science to business to global issues and in more than 100 languages. TED has attracted all the finest leaders across the world including Bill Gates, to Tony Robbins, to North Korean Refugees. Real people life stories and eye-opening insights are collective on stage. Without any payment, you can watch these talks.