Success is a very attractive for everyone and has wished to get this in their life. If we talk about how to become successful at making money with your blog is very well-known profession today. Internet facility is best and helping for everybody in every profession of life.

If you are internet user and want to make money through this habit, it is too easy and attractive. For this purpose, you don’t need a proper certificate or any college degree. If you have skills and want to use a computer, then you can make quickly three digits money.

When I talk to new clients about ‘How to make money with your blog’, the first thing they fancy to speak of is mainly selling their service or product.

But the steps you get, starting from setting pen to paper are vital to making that sale. Here is a transparent system to plead your case your readers to buy from you.

  • Address your Reader’s Problems
  • Communicate Your Connect and Expertise with your Readers
  • Keep in Contact Commonly
  • Create Anticipation for Your Services and Products
  • Sell your Services and Products

If you remember this every time you write a blog post or email, then you will have dollars machining in your bag before you know it.

1- Address your Readers’ Problems

Always we hear that ‘every business have a target market’ but what is the simplest way to do that? It is an easy and straightforward way to manage their target market – just clutch an image of that target market that looks like a current client of yours.

Now, judge what problem he has. If you are a life drillmaster, do you feel anxious about him? Or you are a writer, does he have stress over writing emails?

If you are not sure what problems have your readers, talk to one or two! Interviews different clients for 5 to 10 minutes and ask them just what they have problems with your blog post.

Write down their views very front of you where you can see it every time and write a post for them. Due to that, it is the first step to making money blogging.

2- Communicate your Connect and Expertise with your Readers

Now, you think about how you communicate and connect your clients. How they find your website and how they start to read your blog post and start to trust you. The best ways for this;

  • Social Signals
  • Guest Blogging
  • Reverse Guest Posting

Let’s move and read the detail of each of these.

Social Signals – social signals or social media are unyielding ways to get new visitors on site or blog. You can get or improve traffic on your sit by sharing your blog post on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter, etc.

If you will not get too much traffic on your blog but you will get the natural backlinks that Google loves.

If you don’t have to spend lots of time on social media, just start sharing or tweet on big four sites where your target visitors hangs out on the most. Then you can focus on spending little more time on social media sites every day and get more visitors.

Guest Posting – Guest posting is also a significant source, you must perform this. By guest posting, you achieve the new readers and new backlinks. The easiest way to start your work with a circle of 4 or 5 blogger friends. You also help other market their posts in the course of guest posting to each other’s sites and through liking, tweeting and pinning their stuff on social media.

Reverse Guest Posting – when you get one new blogger friend that is written for your site, you get the benefits. They will post, email, tweet and share their spectators, so you get the new look at on your site.

3- Keep in Contact Commonly

Time plus trust’ is a very vital for sale or making money with your blog. Because no everyone is buying your affiliate products, at first, look.

Sometimes it can happen immediately and sometimes it takes few weeks or months. The best way for affiliate products sale or making money with your blogging is keep connecting with people by new blog posting or newsletter.

When you send them an email of newsletter daily, then they must keep you on the top of mind.

4- Create Anticipation for your Services and Products

The creation of Anticipation is the best key to selling your goods and services – making money with your blog. At the first step, you build up Anticipation relation with your readers then see the benefits.

One of the falls short of my new client is that, when we send them just sale page or sale email and speculate that why nobody buys. Preselling is vital. For this purpose you need to create anticipation, you need to have a clear, focused plan where entirely everything you write – emails, guest posts, social media and blog posts, all lead sooner or later to making an offer.

First Step: in Preselling first step is collecting the case studies and testimonial about your sell. This can help you to find clients and build your anticipation and trust with your customers or readers.

If you already have some readers, you can survey their profile and offer you some discounts or gifts if they buy your services or share your services.

If you have not clients yet, then offer free products or services.

Second Step: Create a waiting list.

Each time, when you develop new products or services write one or two blog post about the products offer and ask the readers to join the waiting list is order to become a ‘priority customers.’

You see the waiting list idea work well, and you get the information how many people are interested in your products’ offer and ready to buy your products before you spend the time and energy creating the product.

After the 3 to 4 blog posts or emails, you can close the waiting list within 3 to 7 days.

Now you have a complete list of your ‘priority customers’ and you can give them a bonus or discount on a product as an award when you start your selling.

5- Sell your Services and Products

So, you can perceive by the time you obtain to this step; you’ve created credibility, anticipation, and trust for your offer.

Now it is the time you can start blogging for income. Most people say about it “It is the slippery slope from first impressions to long-term relationships.”

It is so much simpler to sell once you have gone through each of these steps.

I know a lot of option of how to make money with your blogging are there, and I would write all one by one. Do let us know about your strategies for earning money with your blogging? Share it with your friends on Facebook and Google+.