As a blogger, you want more readers on your Latest post.

I hear from most people those are worried about such type of questions and want their solutions.

Today, I am going to share some helpful tricks that help you How to Get Multi-Hundred of Visitors on Latest Blog Post or increase your website traffic like other high-traffic blogs. Due to these strategies you get thousands of new readers to your blog within a short time.

Indeed, taking the blog from zero to a few hundred or even a few thousand visitors a month is not easy, but it is eminently doable. As you know a harsh truth about the internet:

“The Online World is an attention economy. Attention is finite and therefore scare. So if you require people to pay respects to you, you need to earn it.”

Two major ways indeed matter to acquire traffic to your website without spending prosperity in publicity:

  • Writing good content
  • Writing amazing “guest posts.”

Why People Don’t Visit your Blog?

No doubt remarkable content and fantastic guest posts are the best way to attract the people to your blog, but it is not enough to attract readers.

You need to share your content on different platforms in various ways to attract regular readers and increase user visit.

If you share your content once or twice on social media in not enough, you need to share your comprehensive blog promotion plan every time you post renewed content.

If you have confidence in your content and know, it will helpful for the readers then why wait for them to find you?

So it is vital that you be distinct from the hundreds of blog posts your probable readers see every day, by generating enthusiasm and a wisdom of expectation with your blog content.

With my these strategies you can be able to attract more users to your site or blog, follow them for future posts and drive your content violently once it goes online.

1- Optimize Blog Content for the Search Engines

Before you published your content, you need to be optimized your post for search engine traffic. There are a lot of policies that you can adopt for search engine optimization. Search engine traffic plays a significant role to increase the quantity of your site visitors.

So, SEO guidelines are an important fundamental that you need to follow for creating the content for your blog. If you use WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, like me – it is excellent because it is the free plugin that will help you get all the essentials of SEO in place every time you issue a new post.

Yoast is the marketing leading WordPress SEO Plugin that helps you by your target keywords and help you generate optimized post titles, Meta descriptions, content, and URLs.

Using this plugin doesn’t mean you spot on the first page of Google, rather it provides you content a stout substance and makes it much calmer for search engines to find you based on your target keywords.

Blog Post Ideas

2- Share Content on Google+

Google+ is a big platform that you can use for content sharing. Google+ enjoys a large number of members that is very dissimilar from other social networks, but it can also have an influence on your search engine rankings.

You can share your every post on your Google+ profile and get traffic on your blog. Google + has lots of features that you can use for your blog and attract huge rivers of traffic.

  • Share your post on your profile with a high-quality image, because a picture is a good source to drive traffic to your blog as compared to simple text posts.
  • Build your blog page on Google+ and share your post on it.
  • Add relevant hashtags in all Google+ posts.
  • Add attractively and brief description with your post link.
  • Share your post in Google+ communities that are relevant to your category.
  • You can share your post manually and by suing different tools like Chrome Do Share, Friends+Me, and others.

3- Share Post on Twitter

Twitter is another social platform that has millions of users, some of them hugely influential. You can easily promote your blog posts from all types of businesses here.

Twitter offers you a lot of chances to appeal readers and make your posts go viral. Here are some steps that you can follow and get traffic on your blog.

  • Once you create new content then immediately tweet this post on your Twitter profile. You can use different tools for the automatically tweet.
  • Use different hashtags, not more than three.
  • Use attractive images with tweets
  • Mention niche related to your tweets and ask for RTs.
  • Tweet every post numerous times in different time zones. For this, you can use different tools like BufferApp.
  • is a platform where you can submit your Tweet and get natural 30-40 RTs.

4- Share Content on Facebook

All social media platforms have their advantages, but Facebook is the most efficient platform for traffic generation for bloggers. Share your post on Facebook is not similar enough to other platforms. You need to follow these ways to drive traffic from Facebook to blog:

  • Create a Facebook for your blog and share your all content on it.
  • Examine your all post have a high-quality image.
  • Add the short description and a call to action with all links.
  • Use hashtags, but not more than 3.
  • Join groups relevant to your blog and share your content with them.
  • Share your every post again and again with a gap of 2 to 3 days distance and use various images.

5- Share Content on LinkedIn

Every business blog goal is to build customer loyalty. LinkedIn is the best platform that helps them to do that.

Here are some of few ways that make LinkedIn more useful.

  • Make your company profile on LinkedIn and connect it your blog to it.
  • Share new content on your profile.
  • Make sure your content has high-quality images
  • Add short description with your content link.
  • Join the outstanding businesses group and become a part of related discussions.

6- Share Post Images on Pinterest

Pinterest is another big social media platform that growing exponentially, both regarding influence and the number of members and just can’t be ignored.

It is very easy to use. You just set up your account, create boards related to your business categories and get pinning your posts.

7- Submit Content Curation Platforms

A lot of social bookmarking sites that drive traffic to your blog, but here I describe few of them that transfer traffic to your blog.

Be careful and avoid overusing them:


  • Submit your original content link on Reddit.
  • Select related to your post subreddits.
  • For maximum impact, submit to subreddits more than 20,000 readers.
  • Appealing images, infographics, videos, questions and drawings typically get more shares on Reddit.


  • Share the latest content link on Digg with a short description.
  • Don’t Digg only own posts all the time try to share other people posts.
  • Digg various posts in different times on Digg.

Other than that, you submit your post to the following blogging communities.

All of them can give you more traffic.

  • Stumbleupon

8- Share Posts with your Email List

The email list is the most important source of returning traffic. So you should try to build an email list with latest posts and update your subscribers about every new post. Simple emailing without any strategy or plan won’t be effective. You can make it more efficient by using these two ways:

  • Create blog broadcasts with AWeber or MailChimp – Send the email to your subscribers whenever you publish a new post. Don’t do it manually, because it is time-consuming work and has no positive effect on your blog. So, you can use different tools like MailChimp or AWeber blog broadcasts to systematize the whole procedure.
  • Create anticipation for the Upcoming Post – Separately, informing your subscribers about the latest posts by using your email list with creating a sense of expectation for your upcoming posts as well.

Wrapping Up

Aggressive marketing is the best way to get traffic and subscribers to your website. All the methods I have described above are helpful and more efficient if you use them regularly.

If you maintain your routine for a long time, then you will see a lot of visitors to your blog and also get more subscribers.

Share your views with us:

Which of these methods is most appealing to you?

What have been your best sources of website visitors or readers?

If you use another way to get traffic on the site, please share with us in the comment box – I’d love to know about any marketing method that I missed.