What you’d like most in the world? – It is a common question that you ask different people.  If you ask this to a business owner or marketer they will reply you “more customers.”

And if we ask this question to a blog owner, they will tell you “more traffic on blog or site.” As a blog owner, my personal feeling is also this.

For example, if you run a business, you can open the doors at 8 am and close at 6 pm. During this time you face different people with various issues. People will visit even you don’t go out and advertise it. Maybe some of them are interested in one of your products and wanted to check out the new things – and visit your shop again and again.

Besides that, if you start a blog, website or online shop it befits a lot harder to catch people to arrive it.

There are several ways you can increase traffic on your site, but today, I’m going to deal with you 3 ways to increase your traffic. I increased traffic on my blog by using these rules to push my own blog WAC, guest blogging, and sponsored post – and you can also follow them and zenith your blog.

Before I open the door of 3 simple ways to increase traffic to your website, I refer you below posts which will give you beneficial ways to increase website traffic.

Now, scroll down into 3 ways to increase traffic to your website which I use and is working.

1- Increase Website Traffic through PPC

PPC is a short form of pay-per-click. It attains for all sorts of paid ads that you pay for when someone clicks on them. Google itself is a standard PPC platform that offers a range of paid ads to search queries together with the organic ranking.

Increase Website Traffic through PPC

As you can notice in the above image PPC ads are displayed above of the page and on the top of the organic search results. Both spaces are reserved for paid ads that make it good-looking for blog owners and online shop owners to use paid ads to achieve traffic on the site.

PPC is a great chance to get traffic on your site for the newbie’s blog. Besides that, it is a short way to improve traffic or have a continual visibility on the first page of search results.

If you want to keep paying for your visitors, you’ll have to find extra sources to get people to your site. One of them is a guest post.

2- Guest Post as a Well-Established Method

All bloggers know the importance of guest blogging and hear about it many times in backlink building and SEO. Published own post on another blog has been a standard and renowned tricks to drive organic rankings.

From SEO point of view, you would select guest blogging platforms that are relevant to your site, page and DA (Domain Authority) and backlink payment. You would choose that platform for the guest post to link back to your site without adding a rel=”nofollow” to those links.

For SEO it is vital to get these follow links.

Driving traffic to your site will be increased with good SEO, and yet it is very different. The features to be measured when selecting a platform to drive traffic to your site with the following:

  • Unique visitors
  • Percentage of new visitors
  • Backlink allowance
  • Relevancy

If you desire to drive people to your site who are interested in your topic. You need to publish the high-quality and right content on the right sites.

Just posting your article anywhere will not the way to success. Maybe you will get some traffic from it, but mostly such type of traffic just increase bounce rate and nil else.

3- Include Social Media Platforms

Social Media

Social media is the 3rd option to increase traffic, so set up your social media platforms, keeping them up-to-date with fresh content. After the Facebook (is a most authoritative source to drive traffic from social media on site) invention social media platforms have grown, developed, and matured.

Facebook is a platform that has over 1 billion active users per month and a perfect authoritative source to generate an enormous amount of traffic on the site.

Typically, we use social media platforms to build and preserve relationships including private or friendly relationships.

Conversely, companies have started understanding that selling an invention or product to a customer is not going to me the client come back. Purchaser relationships supervision is flattering gradually vital to uphold and cultivate great relationships with clients.

According to this role if you want your buyers or readers to become regulars. You have to construct a relationship with them and this. You can do by using creative and active dialogue with users/visitors.

Summary of the Tips

  • Use Pay-Per-Click when you feel the need, but don’t make it your primary source of traffic.
  • Create consistency in guest blogging publication, and however. You will require the struggle to post a guest post daily. But it is very practical and helpful to drive traffic to your site in the significant amount. So you can set yourself for guest blogging a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Social media is a full-time job because you can’t limit connections with readers/visitors to specific times. You have to be beyond for the full time, reply to questions and inspire contact. Else your social media platform will become isolated.

All in all, tips are helpful to increase traffic to a website and also increase your revenue. I’d like to apprehend which of these methods are working best for you. And what methods you are using to increase your site traffic?