Mostly, we heard about the guest posting and its benefits. Guest posting has a lot of benefits in the internet marketing. This is one of the best sources of backlinking. Backlinks via guest posting help you to increase your domain authority.

By guest posting, you can get the best relationship with the people in your market, and also you built a list of e-mail, later on, you can use it for relationships or newsletter. Other than benefits there are a lot of things which you need to avoid while guest blogging. Guest post can do wonders when it comes to driving targeted traffic, getting backings and meeting like-minded bloggers.

If you think guest posts are time wasting it isn’t right. Guest posts have a lot of exclusive benefits. For this advantage, first of all, you need to find the best sites that accept guest posting. A brief list of websites is described below. Maybe, you have some ideas of sites where you could write guest posting, but hopefully, you get a few more ideas from this list.

This list is not covered all the guest posting sites; it is covered only the best and high-quality sites those accept the only high-quality post and give you benefits more than your thought.

The sites are categorized into some different categories, but it doesn’t have any particular difference between categories.

If you are new and have no ideas about What future is, we are a blog and accept guest posting related to different categories blogging, SEO, Business, Webhosting, Make money online. You can get guidelines better about categories by visiting our home page.

List of Blogs that Allow Guest Posting:

Marketing and Online Business

As is evident from its name, what will happen in your future and what ways you follow and get the success in future? “What future is” a site for marketing, online income and e-commerce platforms and everything that you can think of. Head above to the homepage and check out the first few pages to understand what types of articles are published there.

Here are few categories that we accept an article related to and also suggestions for more articles. Always try to avoid about that idea already posted.

  • Make money online ideas and various tips
  • Social media, online business/marketing, inbound marketing, and e-commerce.
  • SEO tools, software, plugin, and hosting.
  • Mobile apps, affiliate marketing, blogging tips and web design
  • Advance and future news about every technology.

Blogging – Submit your Post

There are a lot of websites that allow you to write for blogging and related topics. But here we describe only that site their acceptance rate is very fast as compared to other sites. So depending upon requirement, you can check the home page of Wear and Cheer (WAC).

It is a site that has different categories and best for guest posting. It is the fast, responsive site as you can submit your guest posting you will receive the published email. If you are a doctor, you can write an article about health and care. As a fashion designer or beautician, you can write the guest posting on fashion and style or beauty.

Lover of traveling also welcomes on wear and cheer where you can share your tours experience and tell the people how much that place is beautiful. Those men and women who have interest and expertise in cooking and want to share their recipes with other people they select the category of cooking and share their taste recipes. Here are few of the categories that WAC accepts an article from and also suggestions for few articles.

  • Entrepreneurship or business – running online business
  • Celebrities – share the news update, personalities, and other information
  • Lifestyle – explain the ways of decoration of events and happiness of relationships etc. for explanation
  • Sports – share the information about sports
  • Technology and Auto – advance information about these
  • News, Weather & Session, Facts, and Entertainments
  • Horoscope

Above all are the main categories that you can see at the menu bar of wear and cheer for the subcategories you need to visit or click on WAC.

Education – Submit your Article

Education is vital for everybody, and most of the people want to share their experience about education. If you’re scholar and want to publish their work but have no idea where you can publish your research work + share your subject knowledge.  CSP (CurrentSciencePerspectives) is the best platform where you can fulfill your all desire easily and without hesitation. You can say CSP is an educational, social media where you can register yourself. After the email confirmation, you get your account and make your profile add your experience, education and everything you want. You can invite your friends and make your group of study.

CSP is also a journal where you can publish your paper or research without any restriction. It has an educational blog where you can write on different subjects and submit your article.

Content Management System (CMS)

It is a content management system platform where you can write guest posting related to PHP, graphic designs tools, e-commerce sites, website building tools, B2B marketing strategy, and many other topics. You can see all topics by visiting the homepage of BWS. Below is the list of those topics, you can write.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Design Guidelines
  • Languages
  • CM platforms
  • Online tools and apps

Bittechwebsolutions is one place for the web solution, where you can get the best web building solution and also share your views about the web solutions. More detail is described at its homepage where you can get the help for guest posting too.

Designing, Tools, and E-commerce

It is a big site for design. It is a vast platform where you can write the guest posting on multi-hundred topics are listed below.

  • Design – web design, design tools, techniques, and guidelines, etc
  • Development – you can write different articles on development.
  • You can also write for B2B & B2C marketing, e-commerce, and technology
  • Maintenance – you write on maintenance of sites and apps etc
  • Business – write for a digital business end-to-end solution.
  • Framework – you can write about the different frameworks.

These all are some examples for your guest posting. You get more information by visiting the home page of DoerTM.


Horoscope is the favorite topic of every person. Most people have a habit of reading about own daily horoscope position at open the eyes. For horoscope, there are a lot of sites where you can read and write about the horoscope and numerology, but I explain about that website has the fast response of approval.

Horoscope Circle is an entire website of the horoscope, and that also offer you guest posting about horoscope. If you are astrologist and want to share your knowledge of horoscope HC is the best site for it. There you can write weekly, daily, monthly and yearly horoscope prediction in English and Urdu.

Other than that, you have the facility of writing about every stage of life according to the horoscope. You can give the different tips, guidelines, and ideas about the life of all horoscopes according to the prediction. For news sharing, you can also use the horoscope circle.

House / Office / Property

Landcer is a site best website where you can share your house and office decoration experience. You can also give the various tips for home decorations and also be setting of an office. If you want to sell, your home or office landcer also provide you this facility. At landcer, you upload your house or office selling detail with different pictures.

All types of properties you can sell and buy there without any commission. Landcer is a big free site that offers a lot of facility for their clients. If you want to buy or sell your property must visit this site, you can find it helping.


Codeapplets is a big platform of all about the front-end and back-end programming. It allows you to write the guest posting about the programming. It is the best platform where you can share your programming knowledge and experience. A lot of categories you can find on the homepage of code applets. A list of its principal categories is described below for your easiness.

  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • JSON
  • PHP

Few most popular blogs offer you guest posting facility. By this, you can share your knowledge about different fields. Note that all sites that explore in this list are the BEST GUEST PORTING sites. Should I remove or change something in the list, tell me in the comments below.