Everybody wants to live a fruitful and happy life, and it is possible at that time when they have a real business or any other source of income. A lot of sources we all of us see in the world for making money. Every source is not suitable for everyone. Specific source is valuable for particular people. In these particular sources, one of them I talk about here is marketing. Marketing is also a very vast field. One of marketing is e-commerce platforms where we earn an enormous amount of income.

When you come to starting an e-commerce or online store business, many of things are there that you need to think. The most important point of the mysteries is which platform to use to power your e-commerce site.

As a marketer, I work with many marketing agencies. And I do a lot of work for my e-commerce clients. Thus, you can read my professional experience with the next e-commerce platform.

E-commerce platforms have two broad categories: hosted and self-hosted. Hosted means that, the company will handle your online store, as well as, in self-hosted, the company will give the software, and will manage the online store yourself.

If I compare both of them, I suggest hosted the best because you always have big hold up, and chances of it departing down due to hosting are slim to not any. If a hosting platform is run in downside than you will have to pay a monthly fee sometimes pretty high.

So far, I have appraised most popular platforms as individual offers and ranked all platforms after their effectiveness. So, now is the time to read the reviews of top 5 best e-commerce platforms, let’s scroll down.

Hosted E-commerce Platforms


Shopify E-commerce is a best Platform

Shopify is the most significant and my favorite e-commerce online store platform. Its admin panel is too transparent; the customer can easily handle it. Other than that, it has many limitations, not many things. Shopify is excellent because it asks you if you have any plan on moving from another platform for the duration of the signup progression.

Add-on apps are the best sphere of Shopify where it beats the competition of e-commerce platforms. Suppose we have talked about the Smartphone, Shopify has hundreds of apps that you can easily download and install in your Smartphone store, that expand the default web store. It also provides the important platforms of professional themes.

Its apps store set up is much better as compare to other apps store and have the most available apps store, too. Shopify offers a villain cart improvement feature, which automatically sends a reminder to that customer who didn’t check out. This offer you can achieve when you pay $79 / Month or more.

Shopify starts at $29/ Month. You will only have to compensate the standard 2.9 percent plus 30 cent rate on every credit card processor. And if you buy their higher upgrade plan, then you will pay a less pre-transaction fee.


BigCommerce E-commerce Platform is a best Platform

BigCommerce is similar to Shopify, but it is less customizable as compared to Shopify. BigCommerce is very eased and traditional online shopping cart in the top million sites like Shopify; it has a simple dashboard and clearest directions for being paid your website host within few minutes.

You can also customize it slightly, and its panel seems similar to Shopify, plus components for accommodating credit cards, customizing your store and more.

BigCommerce starts at $29.95/ Month, and its pre-transaction fee is 1.5 percent that you also have to pay, in addition to other credit card dispensation fees. In others word, you could quickly lose your money still like making a sale.


Shopify E-commerce is a best Platform

Volusion is the 3rd largest most used online shopping cart tools after the Shopify and BigCommerce. It is pretty locked down, so you can’t do much with it. It is not pretty quickly as Shopify. The big problem with this platform is that when you need to change the page design and layout, at that time coding knowledge is required. Also, indeed its support is responsive, but it is not helpful most of the time. Shopify is best as compare to that because most of my technical questions I’ve asked were not accomplishing in Volusion.

Volusion starts at $15 / Month, that is the cheapest rate than Shopify, but I would not suggest you that.

Comparison Result of Shopify vs. Bigcommerce vs. Volusion

After the decision of the three hosted online shopping cart tools, I believe Shopify is the best one. I would advise you use it one time must.

Self-Hosted E-commerce Platforms


Mangeto E-commerce Platform is a best Platform

In self-hosted e-commerce shopping platforms, Magento is the best cart tools. I would recommend that against other self-hosted companies. There are many reasons for this, but customize difficulty would be my number one.

It is a very robust platform, is work like an elaborate giant dinosaur. Because it has plenty of features and then some, it is not user-friendly at all. Also, one major problem is that mostly store face terribly slows performances that arise in Magento. It has many features to fix the issues, but the fact is that you can’t quickly fix the problem.

In all of the online store platforms, Magento is a slow and sluggish platform, and you will not be happy with its performance until you spend hours or days messing with caching extensions and settings. Magento starts at $15/ Month.


WooCommerce E-commerce Platform is a best Platform

WooCommerce is very eased as compared to Magento because it is WordPress plug-in. Without WordPress, you can’t use WooCommerce because it mostly depends on it. It is excellent, and it offers a lot of customizability.

Anything you can perform in WordPress, you can also accomplish the same thing in WooCommerce. WordPress developers understand my views will easily as compare to other developers. By using actions, hooks, and filters, you can change functionality pretty sweetly and efficiently.

WordPress has a vast amount of themes and plug-in. You can get access easily what you would like. In the unusual state of affairs, where you need something custom, many quality developers waiting to work. Because it is the plug-in for WordPress so you can find the all good qualities there that come with WordPress.

Comparison Result of Magneto and WooCommerce

My point of views says that WooCommerce is better than Magento. If you have less than millions of dollars investment in your development and maintenance, you should not touch Magento because it is too much challenging and expensive too. It also required development sooner and later, at any time you want to do any slight change to your shopping store.

Wrapping Result

Shopify is the winner of hosted platforms, and WooCommerce is the winner of self-hosted platforms. So, now compete is between the Shopify and WooCommerce. I would say that both are excellent platforms of e-commerce. If you have a big company with lots of products, traffic, and clients, then Shopify is a safer choice.

If you have small business or company, then WooCommerce platform is better. Because it is perfect for smaller and average stores that just need to sell a few things.