E-commerce is a broad platform of online shopping. There are tons of e-commerce platforms in the internet world, and with so many choices, it’s hard to decide which one is best to use. If you want to build an online shopping store quickly, hosted e-commerce platforms are the best option for you.

Hosted platform has many benefits for their user; most of the technical details are done for the user. After the selection of hosting company, all fundamental problems like its payment processor and website’s security protection won’t be your responsibility; it is the responsibility of the organized company.

You just select the beautiful design that you like and install it and build a website. You won’t need to worry about hiring the web designer or learning how to code. E-commerce platform has tons of hosted platforms and self-hosted platforms. In this article hosted platforms explanation is running, that’s why I conclude top best hosted e-commences platforms. They are.

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   ShopifyShopify Hosted E-commerce Platform    BigCommerce Bigcommerce Hosted E-commerce Platform    3dcart 3dcart Hosted E-commerce Platform    Volusion Volusion Hosted E-commerce Platform   1ShoppingCart 1ShoppingCart Hosted E-commerce Platform


Shopify Hosted E-commerce Platform

This is elevated cloud-hosted e-commerce platform, with more than 14 billion customers and with excellent options. Its popularity depends on its ease setup and accessible dashboard area. Admin can easily add the products; customize the website look and much more. Also, you can quickly move from another platform by Shopify login process.

In this platform, you can see million of themes, apps, hardware and much more. It is a gorgeous online store. Here you can easily buy and sell everything from daily use. Its stores are marvelously designed, have great technical communications, and their platform makes setting up open.

It also supports offline selling with a post of sale system; that system tracks your orders and prints receipts with a barcode scanner, receipt printer, and iPad. 99% customers prefer for online selling of their products.

This e-commerce platform designed responsive themes; as easy as selecting topics and clicking install. It is enabling them to look good on tablet and mobile devices. It has an own credit card reader that plugs into your iPhone and permits you to accept credit cards on the go.

By its mobile devices, you can track your sale and also manage your open list, fulfill orders and much more. It’s SEO techniques are excellent; you can quickly generate traffic from search engines to website and provides an excellent source of security of your customer’s sites, and credit card data.


Bigcommerce Hosted E-commerce Platform


BigCommerce team has been working on shopping cart software since 2003. First 11 years of their career it was spent on building the self-hosted e-commerce platform, in 2012 it was focused on BigCommerce entirely.

Now BigCommerce has more than 55,000 online stores that sold out more than $4 billion worth of products. BigCommerce has not popularity as it, but it still measures one of the best e-commerce platforms.

BigCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees on the big plans. At the same time, its starter programs are very expensive and affordable for medium-large e-commerce sites. They also have broad range responsive themes that you can choose from their store.

The most beautiful and attractive features of BigCommerce is the villain cart saver; that send the remainder mail of your customers who left their vehicle. They encourage them to come back on your site and to shop from here.

If we talk about its dashboard looks, similar to it including modules for accepting credit cards, customizing the store and much more. BigCommerce also has coding options, and the design features are quite friendly.


3dcart Hosted E-commerce Platform

Third most important and affordable hosted e-commerce platform is 3dcart. 3dcart has no transaction fees and five various pricing tiers starting at $19.99. It has a lot of quality in their store designs and options to customize the store.

3dcart is another hosted e-commerce platform that has an enormous amount of features. In 3dcart hosted e-commerce platform, most store owners will be able to handle all of their online activity in one place.

Other than that, its templates are very lightweight and excellent and work faster. 3dcart templates are pretty standard, and the majority is not responsive. Their dashboard panel is very hard, overwhelming and very dated.

Overall, it is a traditional e-commerce platform and not more impressive as compared to BigCommerce and other e-commerce platforms. But, it is best for those people who want to manage everything from one place and also best for who want an affordable option.


Volusion Hosted E-commerce Platform

Volusion is leading e-commerce software or shopping platform name where you can find the lot of themes, electronic commerce templates, Android and iPhone apps and much more. It has very ease and beautiful app that give you the quick response of your sales reports and inventory. Volusion merchants have generated over $21 billion in purchase products.

It works similar to e-commerce apps; you can also pay casts on the go. Volusion dashboard is very tough; when you want to go back and change the design feature or page layout, you must have knowledge of coding.

Its templates are very well-designed as compared to other company like 3dcart and BigCommerce. Volusion favorite deal of the day is a very ease and significant source for selling off 24 hours to keep return your customers on your site and buying different things.


1ShoppingCart Hosted E-commerce Platform

It is robust hosted e-commerce platform where you can get all solution in one place. 1ShoppingCart was starting in 2001; now they build their business over 108 countries and expand database almost 100,000 people. It is a simple shopping cart and joint with the webs.com.

1ShoppingCart makes your cross-sell products and add up-sells on your save cart ease and you can also checkout pages quickly. One sphere of 1ShoppingCart is making you unable to manage a compelling affiliate program with discount codes, coupons, and email reminder.

It is very expensive hosted e-commerce platform as compared to others platforms. Its starter package costs over twice as much as BigCommerce etc.


The above describing hosted e-commerce platforms are not best for everyone. In the entire above platforms, the best platform is that fulfill all requirements.

These are the best e-commerce platform for the brick-and-mortar business. In other words, it is a safer choice for the big companies that have lots of products, traffic, and clients. It is the best option because it has a post of selling system and excellent mobile app for payments.

Despite the fact that, this comparison will help you to the selection of best suitable hosted e-commerce platform. I mention a suggestion here, you set up a free trial account of two or three platforms and finding out which is the best platform for you.

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