Today we see that most people depend on a smartphone, so think about the coming days, how many smartphone demands will increase. The smartphone could become our computer due to their neatness and pretty chic design. The smartphone offers a lot of facilities of every person. If you run a business, you are student or teacher in all situations you can get benefit from a smartphone. Android Apps For Bloggers are very advanced technology, and everyone has access.

A lot of Android apps those you can use on your smartphone, and it will be beneficial for you if you can utilize it for business or other money making process. If you run a blog and want to use various Android apps that help you to make blogger easier, we are described a list of 10 top android apps for bloggers.

As a blogger, you should get benefits of Android apps of smartphone and make your blogging user-friendly. Google Play store is a community where you can find multi-million apps here, but all apps are not worth a try, that’s why; I’ve made a list of 10 top android apps for bloggers which will help you to systematize your blog from your smartphone.

Google Play store has many free apps so don’t waste your money and read this list and get benefits.

A List Of 10 Top Android Apps For Bloggers

1- WordPress and Blogger App

The authorized app from Blogger and WordPress helps you to create and publish a post on the go quickly from any corner of the globe. This app is very helpful for blogger where you can post new posts and edit old posts without a computer.

WordPress at your Fingertips

It is a power of publication that is in your pocket.

WordPress app allows you to view of stats from your smartphone with the sneak a peek at your visitors on your morning commute. By this, you track your top stories of the day and make a strong connection with your readers. A lot of apps for the composing blog post are available in the Google Play store, but official applications are always reliable.

2- Plagiarism Checker

A good blogger always requires unique and best content. Blogger quality is also improved through engaging and friendly content. Readers always like valuable information, so a good blogger must try to fulfill the user demand.

Different apps help you to improve your text. Plagiarism checker scans your content by screening with five search engines, Babylon, Yahoo, Google, Google Scholar, and Google Books.

With this app, you can scan your article and check that it is original content or published work. On the WordPress and desktop, you can use Grammarly to test the plagiarism.

I use Grammarly Personally, and it is the perfect app for plagiarism checker. You can use it outwardly any doubt or tension. It gives an accurate report about the content.

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3- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google app that you can use for tracking the upcoming traffic to your blog. It is a great tool, and you can see the real-time analytics, goal conversions, behavior of readers and visitors locations.

By this app, you can make your plan to improve your site traffic. You can do analysis which topic people like more and have interest. Google Analytics is a free site analysis app – you just need to download and install it from the Google play store.

4- Google AdSense Android App

If you have Google AdSense account, and you can check you are earning with Google AdSense Android app. This app is very helpful and advances application that is also available for desktop. It’s both desktops, and the Android version has same features.

This app gives an easy way to view estimated page views, earning, clicks, and click-through rate and CPC, etc. from your AdSense and AdMob accounts. It allows you to get reporting features anywhere or at lunch, directly from your smartphone.

YouTube income and revenue from the legacy AdMob are not accessible in this app.

5- Buffer App For Social Media Management

Social media is a big platform that will improve your visitor engagement rate and also attract new visitors to your blog or site. New post update on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn is the very time-consuming process. Buffer app helps you, and you can share your new post at all social media network with one click. Such as you can save your time and utilize it for another beneficial purpose.

You can update your post in schedule list and keep your social media profile with the fresh post. It is a smartphone app that you can use with the sneak of your lunch at any place and time.

6- Evernote App For Note Taking On Cloud

Evernote app is the advanced and modern app where you can save your ideas, write notes, checklists and a lot of other things. It has a prearranged workspace. It is a good note taking app because you can save your ideas. Also, you can retrieve your thoughts from the anywhere and time and with any device like iPhone, Android phone, and computer or laptop.

7- Feedly App For Feed Reading

Feedly is one of the Android apps that help you to know about the latest news from your favorite blog, news sites, and YouTube channels. It is a good place to find the best blogs related to your niche and to read an article from different bloggers.

You can add your favorite site or channel to the Feedly app. It will engage you with new updates when available on the site. You can follow all your favorite sites at one place and get the update about them.

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8- Pocket

The pocket app is a great app that allows you to save your favorite article for reading later and video for watching later when you have no internet connection. You can save the article from Twitter, LinkedIn, Feedly Flipboard and any other sites you want.

9- Clear Focus For Productivity

Clear Focus is a time management android app. It is based on the Pomodoro technique which means having a little smash between working sessions. You can put out of action distracting apps, sounds, internet connection during your job sitting this will give you interruption free working environment and thus boosts your productivity.

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If you can have this on your smartphone, then anything on your phone is automate. When you publish a post on your blog, that can share to all social media according to your option. This article will help BlogSpot bloggers to automate the sharing method. There are a lot of mechanization recipes accessible on IFTTT to make your blogging work easier.

These are the ten Android apps that you can utilize in your blog from your smartphone. Other than these apps, a lot of apps are available in Google Play store that you can use in your blogging. Hope you liked and found these blogging apps helpful. Share these important apps with your friends and colleagues.