What is your favorite or best smartphone for business? It is the major question that I hear at least three to four times a month. Different business persons show their interest about the smartphone that they personally use in their business.

That is fine. It comes with the region. I talk about different kinds of technology whole day, but none so much as smartphones.

Here is the list of smartphones which I examine throughout the year with their security, cost, value, and much more to cover the best smartphone for business users. My analysis about phone help those businessmen who want to kit out their whole team or company and IT pros just wanting a new phone with epic business capabilities.

The major mobile phone released in the past year from the dirt cheap to the metal and glossy. All smartphone have something to add in an own way, but only handful phones really stand out.

Bear in mind one point, if you want a really best phone that helps you in your business. So, you need to do is evade phones that make-believe to be excellent, but are not. The question is that, which is the best? It just had to be better than every other smartphone at if something people desire.

1- Galaxy S7 Edge

iPhone Vs Samsung Disgn

The Galaxy S7 Edge is a remarkable smartphone. Before that, Galaxy S6 is the best smartphone for many times until the impressive Nexus 6P finally ousted it. It makes you marvel what the Galaxy S7 Active, Samsung’s solid Galaxy team, will have to offer. However, the Galaxy S7 camera is also a censored above what is come before it.

You can take a phenomenal photo in a little light, and it is possible due to its feature “f/1.7 aperture, ” and a redesigned photosensor means the S7 is almost always in focus. The reason I find out the Galaxy S7 edge with 5.5-inch over the 5.1-inch S7 is not for it is an edge.

“The bigger Edge device also means a bigger battery”

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge both have noticeable differences in how much battery time. If you’re not the biggest fan of a smartphone, Samsung full in a lot of screens into a relatively small frame. Galaxy S7 is the lowest 5.5-inch phone I’ve described ever.

All Android devices are customizable and well-suited with a display of Google tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive, and analytics. As compared to iPhone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7 both have a longer life and S7 Edge offers bigger screen to challenging iPhone 7 Plus users.

2- iPhone

iPhone 8 Features and Design
Apple Company will launch a new product, and you can get full information about the iPhone 8 Features, Specs, Price, Release Date, specification, and Design.

The iPhone remnants the standard regarding high-quality hardware and app store support. They provide quality smartphone knowledge. Usually, the smartphone is very expensive, but you get what you pay for. It is not only true. Numberless competing products offer better or identical hardware for much less. Most outstandingly and IMB relationship nevertheless, and you can’t succeed a flotilla of iPhones. If your iPhone is lost, so is the data on it.

With the release of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, most loyal iPhone users will inevitably want to upgrade to the newest model. A most business person who love iPhone but prefer the bigger screen, Apple Company offers a larger screen in the latest model of iPhone.

Instead, business users could select for a marginally older version of the iPhone, maybe the iPhone 6 which could save money while protection the core functionality is still magnificent.

3- Windows Phone

Best Smartphone for business Window Phone

Surprisingly Windows phones offer a tremendous amount of good things. Worth is an Android –like the extraordinary point. Because only HTC and Microsoft make Windows phones, they are all guaranteed high quality. Most likely windows phone is designed to be used in a business setting.

Furthermore, you can manage a convoy of windows phones, so you can guarantee updates transpire and lost devices don’t lead to lost data. Undeniably, you don’t have a wide variety of window smartphones in Windows world, until third party OEMs back Windows Phone. In the Windows world, you’ve few handset mobile sets from which to choose.

It is unlikely your viewpoint your colleagues will dearest you for offering them a window device. But from a business standpoint that really is it. For companies using Microsoft software, Windows 10 for mobile delivers excellent compatibility, attractive safety features. The Windows Lumia 950 offers great functionality and a line that naturally advances itself to business.

4- BlackBerry

Best Smartphone for business BlackBerry Phone

Blackberry is a big phone company that invented secure mobile communication. You can install BesX for free and run a navy of blackberries from the security of your headwaiter room. Blackberry Priv or its DTEK series have the best phone if you select one of them, you could have the greatest of all worlds, Blackberry retreat, and confidentiality with Android fun.

They offer good value but are not cheap. The Blackberry Priv for the case can cost more than equivalent iPhone, and it is expensive. The app store of Blackberry is improbable to assimilate with your high-quality of a flawlessly could supplier.

Moreover, Blackberry Passport and Classic are still good offerings. As we all recognize Blackberry phones are custom-made for business use, offering creativity level security, MDM emails, hardware keyboards, and the capability to edit comprehensive databases quickly.

5- Nexus 6P

Best Smartphone for business Nexus 6P

Google and Huawei’s team is working on the Nexus 6P has created a smartphone that’s designed for everyone, and it is real good. Nexus 6P is Google through from the operating system, to the hardware design and even to the right move if you so desire.

It pulls all new features in Android like fingerprint sensor contains new hardware like the Android Sensor Hub that can try that frequently terrible battery life into a particular full days’ worth.

Its cast is only $500, which is a high but not quite first-class price. It still keeps the look and feels of a luxe piece of the implement. It is a Nexus phone masked in mental, and it is strategy fits agreeably with all other smartphones of its capacity. The Nexus 6P beams with its bloat-free software. It is incredibly fast, great-observing and an all-around rock-hard high-quality.