“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It is about publishing as smart as you can” – Jon Morrow

Do you have a business blog? OR are you happy with the marketing role that your blog plays?

Are you ready to create an effective marketing strategy? –  If Yes


Content marketing is a big platform for your business, and it can substantially increase your sales and profits, but for this benefit, you just need to have a solid plan. Make your connection secure with your readers or visitors by providing a consistent and informative blogging which they have been looking.

Nowadays, tougher task is that build traffic on a blog and get more people onto the page.

You can do this work easily if you publish an attractive and appealing post that makes the direct connection with a reader.

Creating a blog is an easy part, but how you can build traffic to the blog is tougher.

If you want a self-host blog including domain, design, content and work and you’re not helpless on the terms, conditions and any alteration of free blogging websites. So, you buy a domain, self-host your blog business and apply these SEO tips for Traffic and success of a blog.

Let’s start to find the tips for how to make your blog a content marketing success.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses the content to attract your readers. Typically, this content comes in the procedure of blog posts. The content creation on the consistent basis is a half fight. If your content is going to be practical and appealing, then you can’t just create an old content, low-quality content because it will be harmful to your site and also the brand.

Other than that, you always offer a valuable content that is related to your client’s interest.

So, you need a robust plan that works well. A right kind of useful content you won’t do without any active program and without right content, you won’t get more traffic, sales, and leads too.

With these tips, you can make your blog a content marketing success – let’s walk!

1- Analyze your Message you Want Giving

Once you technically complete your blog and then published an underlying message on your blog that attracts your readers and defines your blog concept clearly.

In this letter, you can write about the promotion, new products, and blog insights or company.

Most business bloggers try to use their blog authority and expertise for sharing their knowledge about the products/services/brands.

This way you will be able to look back and determined what worked and what did not.

With the blogging, you try to develop trust and relation with readers. Therefore clients want to buy their products or services on your online store.

Do you have hope you achieve your target?

2- Understand your Blog Mission

It is not enough you know your services or products, rather than most important is you have complete knowledge about your blog mission and statements. If you have then, you explain it deeply and beautifully in your content. Due to that your readers like your content and visit your site again and again.

You must have knowledge about its history and where it is headed.    

3- Highlight your Target Audience

Highlight your Target Audience

Before start writing content, you will need to know what you are writing and what readers want or have the interest in reading. By using marketing personas, you can find the interest of people.

You can read how you can find your niche for blogging and get more helpful tips.

Other than that, you know your blog purpose, and it is time you detect your spectators that liable on the memo of your blog and you can analyze who would be absorbed in hearing it.

You have a big established market research for own business so you can take benefit of that data.

After that, it is easier to write on any category that identifies than an unidentified mass. Due to this information, you will help your craft content besieged at the specific group you famine to reach, and this is what will assistance you with adapting readers into paying clients.

4- Brainstorm Content Ideas for Readers

For insistent, if you have the online shop with Shopify or other platforms and selling fashion accessories’ products, you can write content and share the post about the fashion trends, men’s and women’s accessories, manufacturing practices in various countries, up and coming designers, etc.

Although you essential a central emphasis for your blog, mixing topics is a good way to keep your blog interesting and fresh. If your content doesn’t clear to your readers, they don’t like it.

In edict to get results, your content needs to stand out:

  • What makes your blog different from all the other competitor blogs?
  • Do you have a unique style?
  • Do you put different content on the shared topics?

Think about the statement and mission of your blog and your content must describe your statement clearly.

Beneficial Tips:

  • Longer posts still applicable for months, or years, later and they will bring consistent traffic to your blog over time, including more shares on social media. Evergreen content publication on consistency basis is more helpful to increase your Domain Authority. Evergreen content is the how-to-write post, tutorials, videos, and comprehensive guides, etc.
  • Develop your content marketing plan: You can assemble own editorial calendar to the niche in posts related to that period.

5- Write Your Post

How To Find the Niche For Blogging

Once you select your niche, then you need to create formal writing. If you write the content yourself, so it is great and if you want to hire freelance writers than you need to check first their writing. After all, you are business owner and professional.

Major Key points you consider when writing:

  • A great Title
  • An Effective Lead
  • An Informative Body
  • A Concrete Closing

6- Optimize Content to Enhance Effectiveness

Once you write or create the post, it doesn’t mean your content is finished. Rather, you still have to enhance your content attractiveness and interestingness to readers.

Here are some key points that make your content more suitable for your business.

  • Integrate your brand into every blog post and part of content – Reader can associate your content with your blog, including its design, colors, text and others elements.
  • Optimize content for search – focus on post content and its keyword phases, include both external and internal links.
  • The format of content – engaged more readers by making your content easier to read. Break your content into bite-sized information, highlight the vital guide point for a reader and add photos to attract attention.

7- Promote your Content

Social Media

Now, you know all tips to create high-quality content. That’s great! and you can easily write a high-quality content post.

Content publication is not enough to get the traffic on your site. You will need to promote your content on social media where more people see it. For content promotion you will follow these steps:

  1. Social Media: you should be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. these will help you to promote your content with readers and get success in content marketing. Social media is a very popular place where you can share your content with people and build relationships with them. With this, you get more traffic on your blog.
  2. Use Different Plugins for Social Media easy sharing: automatically sharing your content on various social media platform will take a load off your back. A lot of plugins are available in the internet world that helps you in automatic content sharing.
  3. Interact with Readers: the essential concept that most business bloggers lost is the real interaction with readers. Respond to visitors or readers emails and comments on your blog, share more relevant content from different websites if they benefit for your readers.
  4. Keep Connection with Various People in own Niche: you see more people they have the more established business rather than you. Connect with them on social media or own blog post comment section. Don’t ignore their promotional request because later on, you can ask them to share a particular post that they might find interesting. If you build a good relation with them might be, they share your post without you having to ask.
  5. Open Blog for Guest Posts: Guest posting is live of the blog or a window for getting air to live. You should not supervise this action. Always find the right websites to pitch Guest Posts.


You can create a blog after spending a lot of money, but you can’t make it successful without content marketing success and this success you can get by measuring the results both quantity and quality of your content.

An essential point to bear in mind is to know your blog mission and readers interest, what you do better than others. Be consistent and always try to improve your content.

If you do that, you will be well on your way and get success in your niche soon.

Where do you stand after reading ‘how to make your blog a content marketing success? Do you have any new or better technique that you’d like to share with our readers and us? Please share it through comment box.