Every person who runs an online website or shop has aimed to deliver content that supplies to readers with convinced optimizations to raise their web traffic from Google.

We all know that web traffic engagement and website’s monetary returns invent the proportional relationships with each other.

Due to this relationship, all website owners look to increase their rank on SERPs. Sometimes high ranked websites flop to make an essential impression with a user. There are a lot of tools that assists in the society of your Google search result and manages any optimizations that are compulsory.

For making the better impact and get higher clicks on search engine links developers always try to add advanced optimizations.

Here we can explore the best rich snippets plugins available through schema, premium or free. All plugins are awesome and significantly increase your page’s traffic from Google.

Best Rich Snippets Plugins for WordPress

1- All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets Plugins

All in one schema.org rich snippets is the first plugin of our list for the WordPress websites. It is very famous and renowned plugin that is available for schema markup.

It is the free plugin that has fundamental features. All in one schema.org rich snippets is a reliable and stable plugin. It is interactive to let you stand out from competition.

It provides Search Engines only the vital or important information to display Search Result Snippets. This plugin displays full information when users share your links on Facebook.

The Rich Snippets Plugin’s Features:

  • Enables support for common schema including recipes, ratings, events, products, people, and recipes.
  • It is very easy to setup and configuring
  • Fast and free support from the developers.

You can see the live appearance of your rich snippets by using this plugin on Google search. The support servers of this plugin are very active, and you can get support via forums and more active online community. Its support forum is open for any query related to the process of the plugin.

2- WP Rich Snippets

WP Snippets Plugins

WP Rich Snippets plugin offers rich snippets,, especially for reviews and others associated web pages. It is a very famous and user-friendly plugin that enable you to select from a large multiplicity of options to build rich snippets.

By using WP Rich Snippets, you can create own attractive, stylish reviews for the appraisal posts on your page. You have full control over what schema data is added to each post and page.

Rich Snippets for review pages include:

  • Pricing
  • Rating
  • Summaries
  • And Much more

You can also control what your readers or visitors see on your websites.

Besides that, WP rich snippets plugin is well-appointed with others advanced add-ons that improve user-friendliness. The add-ons add call-to-action buttons that help you to increase user engagement for posts.

Other than that, it comes with a lot of features and add-ons also offer some additional features like users add their photos with reviews and tables to associate products side-by-side.

It provides a dedicated support system that helps you with more advanced information to solve your queries.

WP Rich Snippets is offered different price plan:

WP Snippets Plugins Price

Features of WP Rich Snippets:

  • Offers a multitude of accessible schema types to add to your posts, prices, and hours opens, percentages, star ratings, votes, and addresses.
  • Easy to access, and helpful support
  • Offers Multilanguage translation
  • Easy to setup and configure.
  • Add-ons accessible to participate with WooCommerce
  • Enables visitors to add reviews through WordPress comments

3- Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin by CodeCanyon

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins

It is another flexible plugin that can be best for generating the rich snippets and also a schema shortcode generator. Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin that you can use to create shortcodes, which device schema markup and you, can set your data to be either visible or invisible.

For visible schema markup, you set the shortcode to show the schema aspect within your post. In the invisible setting, your visitors can’t see the information, but Search Engine can tranquil read the rise and contain in the rich snippets.

As compared to other free plugins it doesn’t generate schema automatically. Apart from this, it gives you full control to edit each post or page and select whether to display.

Features of Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin:

  • Create shortcodes to contrivance schema markup
  • Select the place to display your schema data on your post or page for the audience to see.

4- Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews Snippets Plugins

Rich Reviews is a most flexible free plugin that you can get from WordPress.org. With Rich Reviews WordPress plugin you can star reviews on your posts or blog quickly and with easy process.

You can add 5-star ratings anywhere by using shortcodes and watch your search results show rich snippets with your assessments. The Rich Reviews rating style is simple and matches with any theme. You can use rating for product reviews, customer references and much more.

This plugin is not allowed users to submit own ratings – for that features you should check out other mentioned WordPress plugins.

Features of Rich Reviews:

  • Easy to install and easily you add 5-star ratings on your blog or website, anywhere.
  • Demonstration multiple ratings on any page
  • Adds rich schema markup with all your ratings.
  • Doesn’t harmful for website speed
  • Available for translation and gives you support for all quires.

5- Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data Snippets Plugins

Schema app structured data is a very simple and advanced tool that is designed for WordPress owners to edit their schema directly and quickly and you can do this without any coding information necessary.

After installing the plugin, automatically schema markup generator on your whole websites including posts, pages, author pages and much more. You can also edit the schema markup to go into each and every page or post yourself.

This is free but you can also buy technical support and advanced features with its premium version.

Features of Schema App Structured Data:

  • Automatically adds schema to all your pages and posts
  • You can easily edit scheme for each page or post without any coding information.
  • Integrate with WooCommerce
  • Available premium version with advanced features and full support

The selection of rich snippets plugin is not an easy task and will not we want to go using them on every single page or post on the website. Rich Snippets can be a great addition to your site and use with WordPress could be easier.

What are rich snippets plugin you using? Did we miss any plugin that is awesome? Please share your reviews through comment.