Newbies are confused about sponsored post and guest post. This post will give you clear views about the sponsored and guest post. Both have many different points, but one common point. You can see within in it both depend on Page Rank (PR) and Domain Authority (DA). If your blog has great Page Ranke, you will get Guest Post and Sponsored Post easily.

If another blogger had written a blog post for your blog to gain exposure for an own blog. It could refer to as a guest post.

Any company will pay you for the blog post on your website. You could refer to as a sponsored post, paid review, sponsored review and promoted the post, etc.

Both posts are forms of blog posts. The major objective of guest bloggers and advertisers that pay for reviews and sponsored posts is to generate a backlink to progress their search engine presence and raise awareness of their brand, product, and service.

Typically, a guest post is a blog post that has been submitted to a blog free. In the guest post, the blogger gets an own company link place in the bio area. Some blog owners also offer the blogger to add one or two links in the blog content area.

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Key points for the Blogs and Bloggers about Sponsored and Guest Post

Guest Posts:

  • If you opened your blog for the guest post. You need to create a rules and regulations page for writing a guest post.
  • The guest post means you don’t need to worry about the content because all bloggers know that ‘content is a king’ according to Blogging Strategy.
  • Every blog owner knows that a good and Expert writer or bloggers only write a guest post for getting links to their sites.
  • You need to mention the content quality guidelines in guest posts rules and regulations page. Because most newbies don’t have knowledge about the content quality, so we need to explain them.
  • The link must be in guest Author about page.
  • Mention in rules and regulations page that the guest authors’ article will go some tests like Copyscape test, picture, and video and authors verification.
  • The main thing of a guest post is that it has assembled with Webmaster and Google AdSense policies that save your ranking and revenue.
  • The guest post content must be according to the blog niche. For example, if you want to write about fashion you can see fashion and health blog WAC.

 Sponsored Post:

  • You will pay for the post by the client because he’ll get benefit from your blog.
  • With sponsored spot, they are promoted own product or brand by paying to you. And getting a backlink from high Page Rank Blogs.
  • Some clients provide a post or content and telling you to publish the post, and they are paying you XXX$.
  • Almost all bloggers won’t check the quality of the content provided by the client because they are paying $.
  • For the sponsored post most customers are SEO experts for the companies, and they are not expert writers.
  • The noticeable things you must pay attention to these content, which they are providing. Check the quality of the content and if you find possible mistake rewrite with the precise quality and publish your sponsored post.
  • It is the best tip for the bloggers who accepts sponsored posts.
  • If you don’t pay attention to your content no one going to question you about the content. However your page rank will be De-rank in Google, and your site ranking will down.
  • So be careful and avoid this mistake in future.
  • In the sponsored post blog owner offers two do follow links. Some blogs mention about the links and some don’t.
  • There are two types of link one is Normal and second is Casino Links. For Normal Links, you will get smaller payments like XX$. Casino Links will also you can utilize by paying its price your amount in XXX$.
  • Typically, I recommend you standard links are best because you got the smaller number and you can easily modify the content. It won’t be harmful to your blog.
  • Some SEO experts are very smart nowadays because they create a fake profile and contact you directly from social networks.
  • They ask you for the guest post for free with the company links.
  • So be careful and never encourage such types of people else you’ll be in trouble.
  • Bear in mind sponsored post links are always in the content not on the author bio page. So if anybody asks you a guest post with the link in content never accept them if you want, and you can say it won’t be a guest post. If you want a sponsored post so you will pay price for this article.

What Say You?

Over the last few years when the Google change their algorithm, SEO companies are moving fast to blogs to increase backlinks. I have received a lot of emails every week about guest posts and sponsored posts. Due to the Google new algorithm, the Sponsored post and Guest Post trend is more popular.

Always try to as long as the quality of submissions is good and accepting articles from those companies that provide you great content for your readers. It is the best way to increase your income too. Just be certain to understand that search engines imagine you to make all links no follow.

What is your view for Guest and Sponsored posts on your blog? I would love to hear your thoughts about the Sponsored and Guest posts in the comment box below.