Are you interesting in making money through the blog?

I’m sure you must want. So scroll down and find the most beneficial and different ways to blog monetization.

You have a blog where you want to monetization. First, you see your blog have a professional look, and it is great. If you seem any mistake that needs to cover, then must do it right. You can also get help how to create a professional blog. When you have a well-designed blog, people like it and want to publish own sponsored posts and also want to advertise own products on your blog.

In the internet world, you can find a lot of ways that help you to make money. For blog monetization you must check out these articles:

Now, I told you about myself how I have lost multi-hundreds $ a month through my fashion and health blog because I have no idea of blog monetization or how I earn money through my blog.

But today, it is time to talk or discuss blogging and money. Here I’ll tell you the two ways were advertising and sponsor that help you to make money through blog. Sponsoring is a very natural and more beneficial way to blog monetization. It is the only way to make you able to earn $ in a single shot.

Advertising is another way to blog monetization. You can also earn money through this.

Blog Advertising

You can earn money by blog advertising. Most people like to blog advertising, and some people don’t like advertising. Mainly blog adverts look ugly, mostly at that time when your blog is new and has limited traffic or visitors. In this situation, you will not earn much money from advertising.

If you want to advertise your brand, you can check out the beautiful blog Wear and Cheer where you can buy your desired location and promote your brand.   

So why to vilify your brand and lose your traffic that leaves your blog due to the ads, in return of some dollars a month and sometimes nothing. Personally, I hate the idea of having multiple ads on the blog.

Blog Sponsoring

Blog sponsoring is the best way to blog monetization. Most people love blog sponsored post including me. It is the simple and easy way to earn money through blog. This is not played any role to make your blog ugly. Due to this, you won’t lose your blog beauty and visitors too.

When your blog looks beautiful, people must like it and want to visit again and again. Therefore, your blog traffic will be increased. When your traffic grows, automatically your income will be increased.

How you can Earn Money by Blog

Create an Advertising Page

Create a beautiful advertisement page because it is the best way to get the sponsored posts review and ads. On your ad page, you describe all about your blog, what is your blog and what is your advertisers can expect from you.

Briefly, explain the merchant’s options for ads display and options for sponsored posts. The pricing of sponsored post review is more than ads display. For help, you can check out the Advertise page and Guest Post Page too.

Reach Out to Potential Advertisers

Advertising and sponsoring both are excellent ways to blog monetization. Always make sure you highlight that niche those owners have a good reputation, and their products also have good reviews. After all, you don’t want to certify wrong products and services and lose the trust of your visitors.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is another way to make money by getting the ads. It doesn’t approve your ads account quickly. If you get its account, you have a good way to make money through blog advertising.


Affiliation is another way to make money online. In this program, you need to get the membership of different companies or brands such as Shopify if your blog is related to online business. When you get their alliance program, they give you a link that you will add in your post, which is related to membership programs. And when anybody clicks on one of the links that you added in the article and buy anything then you will get your commission.

Selling Books or Services

Although, it will take times to set up and organize. But, you will earn money by selling them. Must try to make an attractive and helpful product. Indeed, the payment could be worthy.

Sponsored Blog Posts’ Major Points

You must have seen, and most websites offer sponsored blog posts opportunity. It is a big way to make money in single short. Sponsored post is the past that is related to any brand, product or service. In this post, you will add only one or two do follow brand links.

Keep some major points in mind about sponsored blog post:

  • Select only trusted products/brands/services for sponsored posts
  • If you get a sponsored post from a company and its product is not okay, deny the offer, staying clear of any overtone with a sub-standard or low-quality product.
  • Add a disclaimer in the post saying, “This post is sponsored by (name of the brand)”

By writing and publishing 2-3 sponsored posts, you can easily earn $200-$600. Always bear in mind the target advertisers who are related to your niche and trust of your visitors.

Izea is a network where you can get the sponsored post for your blog easily. It also offers for social media profile. When you sign up at Izea, make sure you select brands as an option, if you are using your blog for advertising or sponsored.

Future of Blog Advertising and Sponsoring

Blogging is a more cost-effective than traditional media because it can help brands reach embattled spectators and get recognized by someone clients view as a reliable friend. Rolling out a blog marketing operation is fast.

Some brands love to work with bloggers and pay them, but most brands don’t like to work with bloggers and also don’t want to pay them. In future, you will see they will be fighting over them.

So don’t sell yourself, short bloggers. Be confident because your work is precious and worth paying for something of equal value.

Start advertising on your blog as soon as possible because it is an excellent way to blog monetization. Most people are not advertising earlier on their blog they make a terrible mistake.

I’m agree blogging is all about building community and relationships, so that’s not something I’d ever compromise.

What experience you have with blog advertising and sponsoring? How much income have you earned? Do you know any good ad networks for sponsored post? Share with us, and I’ll add in my post.