I have heard many questions about the sponsored blog post rates. However, many people have a lot of inquiries from different brands recently about the sponsored posts, but they don’t have the ideas how much they should be charged?

Such type of questions mostly faced the new bloggers that want to monetization through it and ask:

“How much should I charge for sponsored posts?”

Ahh, it is one of the fundamental questions that everyone wants a good answer that describes it beautifully and comprehensively.

The fact is that there is no perfect solution. Because with collaboration come so many different factors such as:

  • The project size
  • The requirements
  • The company’s budget
  • The deadline.

Larger companies typically have big budgets to work, other than that, smaller companies have very tiny and sometimes no budget.

In short form, there is no hard and fast rule, no rate sheet, no industry standard and it differs immeasurably between countries to countries.

So it is essential to bear that in mind before reading this post full detail and remember that this is simply my opinion, based on my experience and information that I have gathered from my fashion and cooking blog WAC.

Here are some important things that you bear in mind when determining what to charge for a sponsored post:

  • How much time do you spend to write a sponsored post? – For example, you want to write an article about cooking, so for this post, you will need time for these things: planning, recipe creation, photography, research, writing the post and also promoting it.
  • Do you’ve any particular skill like creating video etc.?
  • What are your subscribers and how much traffic you have monthly?
  • How creative or influential are you?
  • How is your social reach?

In this situation when you decide that sponsored post is right for your blog, here are some tips you must learn them when you say yes or no to a promoter:

  • Stay true to yourself
  • Work with brands/products you trust and like,
  • If you get bad experience from any merchant, say no.
  • Only use no-follow links
  • Negotiate, but within reason
  • Stick to your niche.

Here is my recommendation on what bloggers should charge for sponsored blog posts?

In the below photo I’m using just two metrics, Google Page Rank and unique visitors per month. In other words, it is as establishing a blog’s traffic, authority, and age.

Sponsored Blog Post Rates

How to Decide What to Charge for Sponsored Blog Posts

Here is the equation that most people used for the setting price of sponsored posts. You can also use it “How you calculate your Sponsored post rate should be roughly as follow”:

(Time Spent x Hourly Rate) + ((Average Post Views/1000) x Advertising rate) = $Price per Post.

It is not my suggestion because you can do a lot of leeway in my sponsored post rate idea. It is up to you what you pick to about charge, but when setting your prices. You should bear in mind these things:

  • How many sponsored posts you will write or published each month on your blog. If you decide, you will post only two posts within a month. It is the best decision because you charge more fat that exclusivity.
  • Would you like to offer more sponsored posts within a month at the low rate or less post at high prices? I suggest you work with some merchants and charge more.
  • Other than that, what you offer your advertisers regarding social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • If sponsored post gives your readers more interesting material and adds it to your blog
  • If the products/brands have the same values as your blogging brand
  • How much time you will spend on its writing, searching and finding photos for the post.
  • And how much power you have online searched.
  • How betrothed your blog readers are. I know engagement of readers are most important than the number of visitors a blog has.

My personal experience is that I have a fashion blog Wear and Cheer where I set different price rate for sponsored post that you can check on Guest Post Opportunity page. At WAC you can get the different place for advertisement too. You can publish your sponsored post on various locations on the website with different prices.

If you have not sold yet any sponsored post, start by imposing less until you can build up a collection to show other advertisers and get testimonials.

Put Sponsored Blog Post Rates into Packages

When you decide to determine the price rates of sponsored, make sure you will bring to the table and the hourly rate that you want. I suggest that you create some packages, which describe different benefits to the sponsor. Here is some example of packages:

  • Bronze Package – Price $150: one sponsored post, including social media sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Silver Package – Price $250: complete bronze package, plus pins to one individual board, 3 group board, 1 Instagram promotion and 3 high-regulation photos.
  • Gold Package – Price $500: everything from the silver package and 2 additional promotions each on Facebook and Twitter over the program of the week, inclusion in the weekly newsletter and an ad on our sidebar for one week.

As I mentioned above, it is the example of packages that you can use for your sponsored posts. You can manage your packages according to your website ranking and social media followers. You try to make each package more progressively better according to below mention deal ideas.

  • Social media promotion
  • Social book marketing on different sites
  • Advertising in your email newsletter
  • Video promotion
  • Ads on your sidebar or other places on your blog.
  • Extra links within the post
  • Releasing images for the sponsor

Think about what will help you to make your packages more attractive, beneficial, and cover your goals. Also, think what you can finest offer to be capable of raising your prices.

Finally, there you have our complete guidelines about the sponsored blog post rates. Got a question about how much you charge? Leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to help.