SEO’s present time is more significant than ever, and it is indispensable for every webmaster to appreciate the real meaning of SEO in addition to the perspective it creates for every business.

The main purpose of SEO is to design your sit in a way that it can be friendly with the search engine and people. Now the search engine becomes more intelligent with the passage of time but still search engine cannot understand the page that a human can read. Why Search Engine Marketing is Necessary because SEO helps the search engine to understand about Web Pages and make it useful for the people.

Views about SEO

If we talk about the opinions of SEO, then there is no any original engine or no any specific rules and formula to rank your site. If a person designs a website and the architecture, structure, code and the content is not so good then optimized by an incompetent person and then want that high rank in Google, then it is impossible.

For example, if your family picture with your favorite dog. When any person sees the picture, her/his mind understands it as a beautiful white dog is playing with the family member on the ground. But the search engine will explain according to the experience that the picture as a photo at anywhere.

Now, what will you do to make it friendly with a search engine to skim the image and the SEO design your site as it can be easy to understand for the search engine? We can say that a complete architecture, structure, code and rich content is the another name of SEO.

So we can say that if you understand the qualities and limits of the search engine, then you can build a respective website with competing for architecture, code and rich content that can be easy to understand by the search engine. And without the help of SEO, you cannot make your site visible to the engine.

The Limit of Search Engine Technology

Good search engines work by the same method as I have described in the previous article. A robot or spider crawl all the web pages, read the pages and then store the URL content in a big catalog or files. This process is done due to the intelligence that an engineer has set for a search engine. Still, there are many limitation and boundaries where the search engine fails to understand. I will explain the most common ranking problem of the search engine.

Problem Crawling and Indexing

Online Form

Well, a search engine cannot rank an online login form quickly. The infect search engine cannot understand the logic and material of all type of login forms such as Yahoo and Facebook are very popular you fill the form and make your account. But if you design your site and then create and online login form and you want it will be index then it is not possible because the search engine cannot read it. So try to avoid creating an online login form in your web structure.

Duplicate Pages

Many websites create content management system in their pages, and they create duplicate pages sometime. And the search engine feels difficulty read what type of data is original and what kind of data is not unique.

Blocked in the Code

When you design your website and want that, some pages will not be crawled and index the search engine. This type of procedure will enhance the security of your websites, but sometimes there is an error in robots.txt as robot.txt can’t communicate with web crawler accurately.

Weak Link Structure

When you design your site and assign a weak link to your WebPages, for example, you develop a page related to beauty, but in URL, you are not using vision or using any fake no like 1, 2, 3 or any other. Then how can search engine well understand your page? Your page link is not friendly, and as a result, your page will not be crawled or index by the search engine. Simple you should give a proper, unique and related URL if you want to rank your page at high.

Non-text Content

When you add flash files, images, audio, video, photo and plug-in content on your website then search engine cannot understand, crawl and index your page properly, because the search engine has no ability to recognize the media files. So when you add any media file like images, audio or video then you should add a proper keyword, tag, and description about these media file.

Problem Matching Queries with Content

Uncommon Terms

Sometimes when you design your page as the keywords and terms are not proper. For example, when you create your site related to interior items and you use internal keyword items as a keyword, and the people are searching interior item with the keyword furniture.

Language and Internationalization Subtleties

Sometimes there are differences between local and international language. Like “color” and “color” has the same meaning but these both words are using. People search color, and you have used word color in your content. These types of things make your search engine confused.

Incongruous Location Targeting

When you design your site, then you should set that where you want to open your site and then plan according to the requirements of the people. For example, you develop your site for Japan and use the language of Japan, but the site is opening in America. As a consequence, your website will not be rank accurately.

Mixed Contextual Signals

Always create your page unique and give title according to the information that you want to Conway to the user. Because when you create a page and the title of the page is the best pizza restaurant but in your content, you have given the recipe for pizza. These types of mixed material will confuse your search engine, and your page will not index properly.

Make Sure Your Content to get Seen

Hmm! If you have design your site structure, architecture, and development in a right and proper way. You have made your website friendly with the search engine and people. The second important task for you is that you should market your content in a right and proper way. You have understood that there is no any suitable algorithm or formula on which your website will be rank or index by the search engine.

Infect search engine rank those pages:

  • The pages that have built must have proper keywords or when user type query in the search box, your data will be relevant to the question.
  • What people want to explore and in which people are showing interest by using a search engine.
  • Be aware, what is the behavior of individuals when the visit your site?
  • What a type of comment you are receiving from people.

In the end, it is said that if you want to increase the traffic to your site, you have rich content, structure and must share your content with people, in the result, you will get more and more traffic.

The Competitive Nature of Search Engine

When you type any search query in the search box, then the search engine shows you ten results. Rank places these ten pages. If your web page is on the top, then your page has more ability to get visitor because they attract by the user more than other pages.

Constantly Changing SEO

SEO started in 1990, at the outset, the points of SEO are keywords tag, keywords stuffing were used to index at the top.

In 2004 some rules changed then the right SEO depends on anchor text, link bombing, comments, and construction of interlinking and buying hordes

In 2011, the building of search engine optimization had depended on vertical search inclusion and social media marketing

Now we can say that the rules of search engine optimization can be changed with the passage of time, and any new state can be used, or any old law can be considered fake. Some people say that there is no any benefit of SEO. But when you design a website then it needs lots of attention and interest of visitors, and you need lots of knowledge and experience if you want more visitors to your site.