Email marketing is a huge bit that makes your website healthiness.

But most people show their expression about email is a poor cousin of the digital age. With social media, SMS and immediate messaging, it just looks so – the challenge I say it? It is old fashion and independent communication channel of our grandparent’s age.

But, it is not. In statistic, email might just be your ultimate weapon.

Did you know that marketers who apply marketing automation they increase their sale, visitors or readers by an average 10%? Email automation is not only increasing your sale or users, but it also helps you pleasure your existing customers and inspire activity.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is a process those people set up for sending automated emails to your customers when they achieve specific actions on your websites.

If you’ve eCommerce online shop or blog, you obviously can’t be present all the time to communicate with customers. Email marketing automation will perform your role for leading the paying customers any time of the day and night.

For example, someone requesting you Cosmetic products information that they want to buy at 1 AM, and you are not present at this time then email automation performs your duty and sends them information.

Email marketing automation will save your time and energy, and you can spend these time plus energy on other necessary works for your business.

If you want to save your time and energy with email marketing automation workflows, help you and also increase your customers or visitors.

According to Senior-level marketers’ survey report:

“74% people said email marketing automation saves time, 68% people believe it increases customers, 58% people list timely communication and more upselling chances amid its main benefits.”

Setting up Email Marketing Automation workflows

If you are not already used email automation workflows, set up now by using marketing automation software. In the web world, a lot of automation software or apps are available, which have different features and functionality.

The concept of this is pretty universal. There is some automation workflows software or apps:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • Act-on
  • Zoho
  • Mailrelay
  • Hubspot

1- Welcome Email

Key Trigger: Subscription to your Blog

Welcome, email sending is the necessary action of all automated emails. It is a very fast operation that is performed when a visitor registers on your site or buy anything from your site. This registration could be for signing up an account or subscribing to a newsletter.

Welcome email might be covering these topics:

  • Add the guidelines the next sale process
  • Showing your new or most popular content
  • Help them to further information about your business
  • Instruct them to your social channels where you can engage with them
  • Send them questioners to a survey for getting information about their needs.

Some people said 96% visitor are not ready to buy, and they just need to be wooed about your products. You can do that by offering attractive offer to subscribe to your list.

If you have the online shopping mall, then something that will give them more confidence to make a purchase is sent them product info, promotions, and sale cycle is short, etc. you will see them quickly into paying customers.

2- Topic Workflow

Key Triggers: Download Offer

If you have created a workflow about the company, shop or blog related issues on your landing page (home page) for visitors to sign up and receive, you can create an automated email to send them after the registration on the site.

As a blogger, you can offer a free eBook. If your eBook is related to weight loss or beauty products, you will send them eBook along with weekly follow-up series of email that purchases your high-class weight loss program.

3- Free Trial Signup

Key Trigger: Signed Up for a Free Trial

If you have any software or course, work tutorial, and you have created a free trial signup for visitors. You should have an automated email sent to thank them or onto the next step process.

As a software company, you must send an overlook the onboarding process that makes your users successful with products. When anybody registers you for the free trail, should be sent an email that explains how they can get started your software or course work etc. or anything that will make their experience right with your product as simple and enjoyable as possible.

4- Lead Nurturing Workflow

Key Trigger: Registration for different event workflow

Are you a blogger and producing inbound content for your blog? Making customized workflow that can be a good way to encourage the potentials customers through your sales chimney and increase sales.

If you run an online business of lady wear, so, you can create automated email that automatically triggered the customers who have interest the best woman wear. You can trigger this by their visits to specific URLs.

Simply by knowing their interest, you can send them more products related to their research because they want to see them. As you are forwarded them the email and as you built a relationship with them.

Therefore, your brand will be in the first part of their mind, and they must visit it when they want to buy next dress.

5- Re-Engagement Workflow

Key Trigger: Inactive Account profile

With re-engagement workflow, you reawaken quiet contacts. Have you an email list of your past customers? – don’t worry, and there is the very easy way an automated email workflow that will rekindle your connection with inactive clients.

You can send an automated re-engagement email those customers who have:

  • Registered their email with your site
  • Bought once, but not return again
  • Signed your free trail but not come back to explore the program.

Apart from that, you can send re-engagement email those have not seen any activity in a long time. By this email, you can alert them for sales and offer like a high-class coupon code.

6- Wild Shopping Cart Workflow

Key Trigger: shopping cart abandonment

You’re lucky if you’ve own eCommerce store because shopping cart wild is a big offer that must increase your sale ASAP. But keep in mind, at least 68% customers place a product in their shopping cart, abandon it. Some ways decrease your shopping cart abandonment.

If anybody comes to your shop and add some things to a shopping cart, but leave your site without checkout. In this situation shopping cart, abandonment emails can trigger those people.

When they leave your site soon send an email with an offer like free shipping, 10% off or bounce gift – anything else that encourage them to return and finish checking out.

7- Upsell Past Purchases workflow

Key Trigger: Past Purchases

Should not stop the conversation with your customers, it has a significant impact on your sell. According to prior purchasing, you can be sent related products email to your past clients.

It is an easier way to resell to a previous purchase than it is to attain new thing. Big companies like,, and have sent the email to continue their relationship with old customers because it is a valuable strategy for them.

8- New Purchase Reminder Workflow

Key Trigger: Products Lifecycle

Do you have any product in your store that typically purchases on a cycle?

For example, have winter and summer clothes store? Have you eye products that have a finite life cycle?

Once your products life cycle is complete, an automated email can be sent to your merchants to remind them to new supply is now in store.

A beautiful, friendly reminder with a direct link to new products is a suitable way to encourage your customers to repurchase and increase your sales.

Summary of Email Automation Workflow

Taking start with this isn’t a scary process. Every email manually writes, and respond really a scary process. I suggest you pick up any workflow that you like to automate and take the start.

The short workflow of email marketing automation I went over was:

  • Welcome Email workflow
  • Topic workflow
  • Free trail sign ups
  • Lead nurturing workflow
  • Re-engagement
  • Abandoned shopping cart
  • Upsells workflow
  • New Purchase Reminder Workflow

Which type of automation workflows are you using in your business? It is one of them that I was mentioned over or not. If it is not one of them, I’d like to hear your suggestion please showing it in the comment box.