Actually, newsletter creation is not hard work because many newsletter templates are already created. The web world is a huge platform where a lot of email marketing services offer ready newsletters with unlimited templates free, and some of them might get little bit payment from you.

To be honest, are you designed any newsletter?

Email marketing is a very popular way to attract people to your blog or shop. That’s why email marketers try to blast bomb in their subscriber’s inbox with newsletters. When any company sent a lot newsletter daily, or weekly customers hated them and unsubscribed its newsletter.

So, avoid blasting newsletters bomb in their inbox. Always keep in mind people’s liking and disliking. If you have done well, though email newsletters can do wonders to help you build an engaged subscriber base, keep your business in front-of-mind and avoid all nature leads that are previously making their way down the funnel.

However, done well means create or select an excellent newsletter with engaging content that appealing your subscribers and they come back to your store or blog for shopping.

If you don’t have time to build a custom template, we are described the top 10 Places for the Best Email Newsletters Templates and compelled them below. Let’s start and find your favorite newsletter and customize it according to your need.

1- Email on Acid – Free

Email on Acid offers a lot of responsive with different layouts newsletter templates without any cast. People like its templates because it is mobile friendly. Below you can see a model design with three different designs established on the width of the recipient’s screen.

  • The width less than 840px is best for smartphone plus iPhone.
  • Width between 481px and 640px is best for medium sized android devices.
  • The default layout is best for tablets, desktop and web users.

It is only one template; you can mix and match every section of the layout to fit your specific design needs. According to Email on Acid: “we tried to make it super generic because your needs will likely change over time.”

Email on Acid Best Email Newsletters Templates

2- ZURB Ink – Free

ZURB Ink offers five email newsletter templates that are mobile friendly. The responsive newsletter is very imperative in the email marketing. Its templates have a great fluid layout you can customize with own color, content and images choose.

If you fancy seeing how each template views on different email clients? You can see them on the website where every screenshot of each type of customer email templates is available.

All templates come with dispersed CSS stylesheet and HTML file. Most people put the CSS inline with the HTML after both are uploaded separately. If you want to upload the image with content in your template, remember you will have to perform a separate folder and compress with the CSS style sheet when you uploaded.

ZURB Ink Email Newsletters Templates

3- 99designs – Free

99designs is another platform where you can get beautiful newsletter templates without money. 99designs is a big platform, online community and collaboration platform for designers and small businesses. Apart from that, they have a great designer and business blog.

At the launch celebration of Email Design category, a company ran a contest asking designers to build three email templates.

  • A newsletter template
  • A promotional template
  • A template for email notifications

By using a beautiful color set, designers make them more beautiful and attractive for people to download. Visit the 99designs then select their 12 favorites and made them downloadable for free on their site. All designs are well-matched with all the great email customers.

99Designs Email Newsletters Templates

4- Theme Forest – $6-$23/Template

If you should want to spend some amount on email template, Theme Forest is placed just for you where you can spend money as more as you. It has a big library with over 460 newsletter templates in different colors, themes, and styles.

They designed 4-star system rating, and you can change it to the rating, price, and popularity. Its designs are also responsive and productive with a lot of features. It has best and appealing templates that attract your clients and encourage them to come to your shop or blog.

There are some famous and most usful newsletter templates.

MONZA – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template + Stampready Builder ($19)

It is a modern and minimalist responsive email template that is useable for multipurpose business. It is the attractive template and best to gain new clients or customers. MONZA is rich with a lot of features like unlimited colors, compatible with Stampready, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor. You can customize it with all device and almost all e-mail customers.

Monza Email Newsletters Templates

High Tide – Creative Email Newsletter

High Tide is beautiful multipurpose email newsletter and best for sports, event, vacation and party newsletter. It is responsive newsletter except for Gmail. It gives you unlimited color options. High Tide is compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Stampready.

High Tide Email Newsletters Templates

5- Antwort – Free

Antwort offers three types of responsive newsletter templates.

  • One column template
  • Two column template
  • Three column template

All templates are mobile friendly. You’ll see they are pretty minimalist in design, which helps you if you want to do a lot of changing mean customization. All types of templates were designed with dynamic content in mind.

They work on the desktop for the major clients like Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL and Outlook. On mobile, they work for Email on Android and Mail on iOS.

Antwort Email Newsletters Templates

6- TemplateMonster – $11 – $19/template

TemplateMonster is a big platform of newsletter templates where you can select your favorite and most beautiful template easily, but you have to spend money. Their templates are clean, easy-to-use, and customizable and compatible with major email clients (Gmail or Yahoo).

It is designed responsive template with screen flexibility. It offers multipurpose business newsletter templates that you can use easily according to your business.

TemplateMonster Email Newsletters Templates

7- Themezy – Free

Themezy offers 16 free CSS, PSD and HTML sources of customizable email templates. If you don’t use them before, submitting the email address and get a start. It has different color schemes and layouts you customize them according to need. Apart from that, their designs are responsive for all devices and your clients are read them everywhere.

Themezy Email Newsletters Templates

8- Litmus – Free

Litmus is gorgeous with a vast collection of email template – from account management to newsletter templates. A marketing specific theme mentioned to as “Pook” is modern and glossy, whereas a kind of fun. All templates are tested, and you can also quickly check out how the email will appear in different email customers on the website.

For downloading or getting access to templates you have required a Litmus account with the own email address, the templates themselves are free of change.

Litmus Email Newsletters Templates

9- Constant Contact – $15-$85/month

Typically email marketing is not a tough work and not necessary any technical know-how. Any person who know any skill and experience easily handle the work of newsletter in practically no time.

Constant Contact is very easy to build a newsletter that makes real relationships with your customers. It is fully customizable and responsive template where you can drag and drop your logo, customize colors and also you can include images according to your business.

“The newsletters are an important reinforcement of brand. I get calls from people I never meet all the time. They get the newsletter, or a friend of theirs gets the newsletter, and they know I’m the person to call. It really helps establish credibility upfront.” – Brandon Stewart, Realtor

Costant Contract Email Newsletters Templates

10- AWeber – $19-$149/month

AWeber browsers with more than 700 mobile responsive email templates, which are the best match your taste and may be for you. The company adds some additional features include automatic email generative according to your latest blog posts and thousands of images to add to your email. It has monthly, quarterly and annual plans that fit any and every business owner budget.

Aweber Email Newsletters Templates

Which is your best website for email newsletter templates? Did you know any other site for email newsletter templates? Please share your views in the below comment box.