At the beginning of the small business owners have more responsibilities than CEOs and CIOs of large companies for the reason that they don’t have teams of people to which they can hand over the regular assignments connected with administration their businesses. At this terrible time, I’ve good news for you. The different developers and tech companies have shaped some best mobile apps for small business owners. That will help them and buy these apps business owners work more efficiently and productively by growing more organized, handling finances and accounting, communicating and collaborating with their teams and more.

1- Skype – For Communication

Skype For Communication

Skype is using a mobile app and also a desktop device. With Skype, you can call and video conferencing user-to-user. You can connect your mobile device to a Wi-Fi network, burn 0% of your data plan and chit chat with everyone in the whole world. For an up charge, you can even call all phone numbers and get in touch with all those people who don’t use Skype. Sometimes its call quality suffers, but its service is steadfast.

2- Basecamp – For Project Management


Basecamp is a perfect app for small business owners who want to control some of the project teams. With this app you can get your whole team members on the same page, even they live in different countries. With the help Basecamp, we can assign tasks, track progress, load up documents, make shared notes, post pictures of pets, share calendar items and whatever. You can use a mobile version of their app. However, you can rest easy.

3- MailChimp – For E-blast


MailChimp is great for small businesses. With the help of MailChimp app, you can manage newsletters and your base email subscriber. By this app, you can also track related data. MailChimp is also integrating with Facebook so that you can reach your adoring fans there with ease.

4- Dropbox – For File Sharing


It is the best source of documents sharing and storage that scales to your business, no matter what the file size. You upload the files, and it automatically arrives all other devices and computer you have connected. With the help of Dropbox small business owners and their workers can also share documents, files, sync and collaborate for business.

5- GoToMyPC – For Remote Access


GoToMyPC is the best app for that time when you are outside of the office, and you want to access your work computer. It is also helpful for situations where a client wants a document late at night, but drunk driving laws stop you from assembly a trip back to the office to send it over.


The above mention apps are some best apps that help you at that time when you start a new business and have a small team. What I hope above information is helpful for you because we are living in a mobile world. It is the time to take your business to the next level, and these apps can help you. They give the opportunity to your life to handling business. For Suggestion and Discussion, our blog door is open for you.