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Tag: tech

iPhone Better than Android

6 Things the iPhone is Better than Android 

Most people love Android because it is rapidly becoming one of the most famous smartphones of the tech industry. Android smartphone is the real competitor of iPhone, and recent research results show that Android is growing faster as compared to iPhone smartphone. Android improves their…

Pros and Cons of Android

Pros and Cons of Android 

Android is an invention of Google. Android project is a big project for Google, but there was a time when Googlers thought that it is just waste of time and was thinking about dumping the project altogether. When it launches the first Nexus device, they…

iPhone Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of iPhone 

The most fundamental question that everybody faced at the time when he/she is buying a new smartphone is to suppose which Operating System is best for. Most people like to buy an iPhone phone and have confusion that phone is most beneficial or useful for…