Maybe, some people are visiting your site but leave in fewer than 15 seconds. If that does not happen to you, it should be. Luckily here are that three reasons people leave your website and some tips for what to do about it.

I hear about up shots like this every day. Unluckily, converting website visitors are not as simple as the old Mantra says “If you build it, they will come.” Capturing online visitors is a certain unusual combination of factors.

Inviting people to your website is same as attractive them to a party. If your site is boring, they are going to leave after few second. As a party, if you invite your friends and wouldn’t give them anything to eat, drink and nothing to do and no one to talk. They’re going to leave the party – if you want your guests to want to stay, you’ve to roll out the red carpet – same should apply to your website.

1- Monotonous Content

There is no one source that pleas to all and sundry. Maybe some of your visitors come from the blog posts and love it. But others have a preference reading product reviews or spooling in the course of photos of your products. That’s way dynamic and interactive websites that know-it-all things like the most up-to-date trends and visitors’ emotion are the most efficient for complex product investigation.

To be successful, you have to switch it up. Experiment with various kinds of media such as podcasts, videos, photos, infographics, blog posts, photos, slideshows and including Author, too. Try writing content from experts in this industry, advertising social content from happy buyers or asking companies on your site to share their experiences through chats, comments, photo and commodity reviews.

2- Navigation Structure is Unclear

If this has ever happened to you, you reach your destination on a website looking for an individual piece of information, only to get wedged in an apparently never-ending middle of badly laid-out navigation options. Unclear navigation experience is not bad only for your website it is also bad for your SEO as well.

Navigation’s golden rule: think through your site’s setup as you end user of your site. You are totally new to your site and what you expect to find the information organized. What steps would you take to find the information that’ll answer your questions?

Rearrange your navigation as an end user desire and stop losing potential sales due to the corrupt, comfortable organization.

3- Registration Requirements are Obtrusive

Gated comfortable is perfect for pouring show the ways into a website sales cone-shaped tool. But eating the whole thing and defensive it with preventive registration necessities will kill your adaptation rate. As you create registration opportunities, ask yourself if every field you add is necessary, if you find it hard to cut anything.

The only catch, as I’m in no doubt you being acquainting with, is that most people aren’t speedy to give absent their individual in sequence just for the reason that you ask them to. You could do with a real inducement on the other side of that registration wall.


If you remove all these issues on your website, you should-should see a significant change in your site’s performance. These are major issues that can affect your ability to convert visitors into customers. If you’ve another tip on a problem. Then, you exposed that was motivation visitors to go away your site without staying, leave a note recitation both confront you countenanced. And how you determined it in the observations blog below.