If you love the blog, you will love to drive Traffic to your Blog.

Starting a blog or online shop is fun for some people and business for many people. But the toughest part of blog or shop is driving Traffic on your Blog. In the internet world, there are a lot of free and paid ways to drive Traffic to your Blog. Some of them inspire massive traffic, and some of them deliver handful but much-beset traffic.

Best traffic is when you get plagued traffic on your blog.

Before we go ahead to describe the 5 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog, I should want to inform you about some topics I’ve already covered which can help you get more visitors on your blog, and if you missed them, I recommend you to read these articles:

How to drive beset traffic on your Blog?

Most people know quality content is the major trick to drive a lot of traffic on your website or blog.

It is true!

I suppose you are working on this strategy, because with crappy content if you might be successful to drive traffic to your blog, but you will not able to keep it.

Here are 5 Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog, let have a looked.

1- Send Free Samples to Instagram

Suddenly, Instagram had become a big platform for the ecommerce clients. According to Hootsuite post:

“Instagram is used by 48.8%of brands—a number that is expected to rise to 70.7% by 2017.”

It creates a higher average order value than Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, etc.

Instagram is an awesome way to drive traffic to your store or blog, especially if you know how you can target the influencers.

For model, if you want to start a business selling beauty products online. How do you get people attention for your products and shop too?

Get beginning to find the most popular Instagram accounts that may reflect your products and increased their hundreds of thousands of followers.

There are many website help you to find the most popular Instagram accounts related to your products like:

  • tagboard.com
  • keyhole.com
  • tagsforlikes.com
  • websta.me
  • iconosquare.com

But here we get the screenshot of own product hashtags by using the websta.com that catalogs the most popular Instagram hashtags and users. In below screenshot, you get to see the most popular hashtags and users about the beauty products.

Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog

By using websta.com we discovered Kylie Jenner, a big multinational cosmetics company, and its Instagram handle is @kyliejenner – has 78.3m followers.

Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog Instagram

You can see the different beauty products on her blog, Kylie Cosmetics. You can find all types of products for makeup or make you more beautiful.

2- Reach Out to Bloggers and Videos

There is others way to find the people, and you can reach out to bloggers and videos. Their followers vary, but some of them have a significant number of followings, and the process of reaching out is similar to Instagram influencers.

Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog Beauty Products Store

The best way to find the related to your products bloggers is just by looking for them on Google.

On YouTube, you add the keyword ‘beauty products’ in the search tab and see the most related videos post regularly on aspects of beauty products. Might be you need to play with your keyword or products to find the people who are interested in your products. Some of them want to watch your products on video part-time or some of them like to reading and to read about your products.

Best Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog YouTube

3- Forum Marketing

In the web world, a lot of forums bridging practically every topic and some of them must be related to your blog or Blog. So, why not you join some of them and market your blog here.

Forum marketing is great because it provides you a lot of ways to put yourself right in front of your target audience. You just become a part of the conversations they are taking and help out where you can.

Always try to use a strong call to action in your signature. Give the readers a reason they click on your link and visit your blog.

4- Blog Commenting

You can say blog commenting is traffic generating machine if doing right. For blog commenting you need to make sure you are subscribers of top blogs in your niche. Try to check every post and see if there are any comments yet.

Read the entire post and make a powerful comment that adds the value to the post. Set your aim, you are one of the first 5 comments – otherwise, you’ll receive the less traffic as compared you need.

Some of the blogs will bring lot traffic as compared to others. Make a note of these blogs and visit them frequently – also try to comment on their different posts often.

5- SEO

Search engine optimization is a big way to generate the organic traffic. Onsite SEO is a good as link building. Onsite SEO was making sure your keyword is in your post title, tags, content and overall structure.

LSI Keywords

When you add in the tag make sure you add all of your keywords as well. For the quick response, you add your keyword in the link. If you are linking to a right website that is related to your niche, try to use the keyword in your text structure and link to blog post on your blog.

When you are commenting try to make sure you use relevant keywords as well as primary keyword. Due to this, your post rich with multiple keywords and get more traffic.

These are just a few best ways to drive traffic to your blog, and I suggest you take to start with first few and later on try to other social media networks and much more. Did you know any other free way to drive traffic to a blog and missed? You can share in the comment box below. I’d love to see your comment.