Generally! A search engine is a web-based device that facilitates users to discover information on the Internet or World Wide Web. The Famous search engines platform are Yahoo!, Google, and Bin and MSN search. It utilizes computerized software applications that take a trip along the web, following links from page to page and site to site.

The best thing that we have the understanding of search engine mechanisms. The first thing is understanding that search engines are nothing but automated machines created by men.

Well if you want to learn SEO then first you should learn How people interact with the search engine. The most important thing in the SEO is to understand the requirements of your user. When you learn about the demands of your target market, then you can satisfy your user correctly.

In simple words create your website and web pages that are friendly with human or easy to understand. Don’t design your page as they are only readable for the search engine.

How People Interact with Search Engine

We like to say that if the user has the bad experience on your website when they can’t complete their task and leave their website unconsciously. On the other hand, if end users like your website then they stay on your website and visit it again and find more interesting things from here that they like. Mostly people search three types of items in the search box as a query.

“Do” Transactional Queries

In transactional query gives the main purpose to complete an operation, like when you are buying something or listing a song. Proper brand and the product name is describing in the transactional query. Buying, purchasing, and order are including in the transactional query.

“Know” Informational Query

In Information query, the primary goal is to get information about any brand, thing or how to do any things. Such as you want to know the best restaurant in New York, or want to know the famous brand of America these are informational queries. Wikipedia is a site in which lots of informational queries are covered.

You can increase traffic by targeting informative query like

  • Creating a blog related how to do the different task?
  • Create video tutorial that to improve the lifestyle etc.
  • You can write step by step guide of different things like beginner guide for SEO.
  • Create things in the form of an infographic that is also very attractive and easy to understand.

“Go” Navigational Queries

When a user enters a particular query in the search box to go to the specific website instead of using a web browser, then it is called navigational query. Like when you want to open Facebook then you search in Google instead of using the browser. Facebook and YouTube are two websites that are searched as a navigational query.

When the user gives some query and in return Google index your site, then the second thing is that is the user is satisfying with your sit? It is the second duty of search engine to provide a most relevant result. So you have to brainstorm your mind and find that what your visitors want and then provide the require things on your site.

Well, you can judge the requirements of the user with the help of Google keyword tool or Google ad word tool.

The True Power of SEO

When you talk about SEO, then the question come in our mind that why should you spend your lots of time, do efforts and struggle in just doing SEO. When we examine the worldwide, then lots of interesting and useful data are available for the user. We take only data that is unique, matching your query and according to your requirements of your, simple, this work is only base on the power of SEO. It is the power of SEO that whenever we search, we get most relevant and require data quickly; otherwise, we have to spend lots of time in just searching.

How the People are Using Search Engine

  • When we search, we get a good result, and the search rate is increasing with the passage of time.
  • Search becomes too much familiar as the search rate is increasing 20% every year.
  • Billions of people from all the world using a search engine to get an answer to their questions.
  • As the search rate increase online and down economy is also earning lots of profit.
  • High ranking mean more visitor and at the same time, visitor always trusts on your data that you provide. And it can be possible with good SEO

Profit from User Search Behavior

With a good sympathetic of user hand-me-downs around activities, you will be able to focal point on how you will intention and optimize transactional keywords to accomplish. When your intention two or all three query types, you’ll increase more interchange and leads.