SEO is the hot topic in the Internet World because through this we got the websites indexed and ranked on Google. I’m so lucky to have an interest in SEO (search engine optimization) as the primary trading interests were climbing in and their competing efforts to gain users.

Social media has a led to an exponential propagation of comfortable online and traditional demand for tools to strain that in sequence – that tools do two things: First, it returns the result that is more relate to query that you give the search engine. Second: it ranks those according to popularity. SEO (search engine optimization) is an important process you have heard of many times in your life, but may not you have much knowledge about the influence of both Relevance and popularity, which are essential elements through which to filter that content.

Let me explain in detail what is relevance and popularity in SEO.

What is Relevance?

In the world of the search engine, connection mean that when a user types a query in the search box, then the search engine find the pages that are according to question or keywords.

The founder of Twitter-tracking service Tweetmeme and data mining startup DataSift is Nick Halstead, think about both relevance and popularity, and it will be necessary for filtering information in the future.

“Relevance is changing,” he says.

“We used to think of relevance as matching a query with a result, in most part via search engines performing keyword searches”.

What is Popularity?

Relevance and Popularity SEO

In the world of the search engined, the historic site or pages are index highly because according to search engine more popular and famous site must have unique information. In simple words, the personal page is always according to the query.

Nick Halstead, the owner of Twitter-tracked, says about popularity;

“Popularity was based on single metrics (such as Page rank) that were based on global behavior”.

“Popularity is changing as well – service like Klout, PeerIndex etc. are proof that social authority is becoming important. the first company to find that magic ‘rank’ that suddenly means ‘ad-targeting’ will become huge”.

Hare, I want to give you an example that, when you want a worker or employ for your company, then you select the candidate on the base of some rules and criteria. You apply the formula and find the best employees that are according to your requirements.

Search engine always has some rules or formulas to find the relevant pages, and we can say it is search engine ranking factors.

How can you become Successful in SEO Field?

Hmm, here is an important question that how can you be successful in SEO field? The search engine has different and complicated rules and formulas that we can learn quickly. If we follow these rules, then we can be successful in SEO. These rules are defining below.

Formulas of Google for Better SEO

  • Always design your page for the user to your page must be attractive and friendly for end user not for search engine.
  • Don’t try to cheat your user or search engine. As you are showing different data to spider and show different things to the user. This process is called Cloaking
  • Design your site as it everything and date is the presented in a proper way and method, As the user can access all your pages quickly.
  • Design your site as it must have useful and meaningful information. The appeased of your site must be different and creative.
  • Use best keywords and accessible content to create descriptive, information and human readable URLs. Always use redirect 301 to give the second version of your link, in case your original page doesn’t load correctly, then 301 redirect visitor to the second link by doing this end user will always reach on exact page where you want

Formula of Bing and Yahoo for Better SEO

Relevance and Popularity SEO, Yahoo, Google

Bing and Yahoo rank the page according to these rules

  • Always use the proper keyword in your URL.
  • You should not use rich media on your web pages like JavaScript, Adobe Flash player or Ajax.
  • Always create useful and unique content as full of free keywords that are searched most.
  • Create fresh content regularly.
  • Never write the text inside the image that you want to rank high for example if you want that your company profile will be rank high then don’t write under the logo of the enterprise.

Well if I define the success in the field of SEO then you should have an excellent friendly website. That has a search engine and people, different pages with interesting material. After that, you should do analysis your website on various criteria, test different things and different experiments will lead you to success.

Why you should Care

Your website is your priority. You always want that marketing tools which reaching your site at a high ranking. Google is vital to achieving the sufficient, and the core information about SEO. It can help your dexterity to your website in a way that makes it Google-friendly. And able to see by users who are exploring for words and phrases appropriate to your nonprofit. Other than that, search engines knowledge will make sympathetic search engine optimization an entire lot simpler.