Domain Authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz.

Most people want high rank of the website, but don’t spend more effort on DA. The greater DA means you’ve strong traffic and high rank. So, why you don’t make your website DA more impressive? Every single blogger and a lot of webmasters use different terms to increase their site DA.

In short, simple words, increasing your domain DA means your site rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages.

So, before I uncover the information of how you can improve your site DA? I’ll explore some basic information that will help you better understand ‘how to increase your website’s domain authority.

Domain Authority

First of all, let me share the above or more helpful key facts about DA that will help you to understand exactly the topic.

  • Domain Authority is built on a lot of factors. Typically, these are link profile factors such as how many backward links are added to your site and how official those sites are.
  • The high number of DA gaining is very tight and if your site DA is less doesn’t worry because only Facebook and Google have only DA number 100.
  • DA is desperate to inspiration directly. You can’t change your DA score like you can modify your Meta tags.

Are you ready to increase the DA of your site?

I’ll share the all helpful points that increase your site’s DA faster before it let me now explain to you why it is too important to increase your site DA.

Shall begin;

Why is it essential to increase the DA of your Website?

The higher number of your site DA means your site ranking higher on search engines like Bing, Google, and others.  Sometimes, you may have noticed that a website which has a low DA ranks lower than sites that have a high DA with much less engaging content.

DA plays a very significant role in search engine ranking.

The Domain Authority Formula:

High Domain Authority – > high search engine ranking -> more traffic

Different things you can do to improve the DA score of your site. It is not too easy, but it will not be as tough as climbing Mount Everest.

How to Increase your Website’s Domain Authority


Domain authority is not the thing that you can buy it from any other high-rank site. For high DA you need a great strategy, thousands of pieces of abundant content and lot of time and patience.

If you’ve DA very low like 10 to 20, it is too easy to increase, but if you have 50 or 60, then it is too tough.

If you decide to increase your site’s DA – great! You just need to follow these steps I’ll describe now.

1- Quality Content

The DA score is highly dependent on quality content, and if you want to increase your site’s DA in short time, you need to write quality content. Unique and approachable content gets popularity everywhere. For quality content, you follow a great strategy. Article strength doesn’t matter – matters is that, is it relevant and unique.

Most people say that “content is King.”

Content is a thing that attracts your visitors and readers, so don’t compromise on content. Use infographic, images, videos and GIFS to make your content more attractive and exciting.

A useful and appealing content should have a good length – more than 800 words and long articles are supposed more informative. Your site’s DA will increase faster if you write a long, informative and attractive article.

For good DA bear in mind these keys:

  • Share your views with your readers.
  • Use different synonyms instead to use the same word again and again.
  • Always write stuff related to your topic and don’t discuss the unrelated things in your article.
  • Your content must be professional.

For real original content, you can use the Google Trends and Buzzsumo to find the more challenging and searching topics. Then write an article about this subject.

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2- On-Page SEO

The second big way that plays a significant role to increase Website’s DA from low to high is on-page SEO.

In SEO you can cover the page title, keyword density, and keyword placement, etc.

These things will help you to maintain your on-page SEO.

  • Use variations to your Keywords – Google finds that site first that use different synonyms and suggesting keyword relevant to focus words because Google is too good at recognizing synonyms and displaying a more relevant result.
  • Keyword density – Always keep your keyword density between 0.5% – 1.5%.
  • Targeted keyword – select a perfect keyword that is found in your article title, first paragraph, and Meta description. Prefer long-tail keywords because it is easier to rank your site.
  • Heading tags – use H1, H2, H3, etc. heading tags to highlight main points.
  • Permalink structure – Always try to keep your permalinks concise because Google hates long URLs and it tends to turn users off. Officially Google suggests keeping your structure simple, and your URLs short, due to that people can often recall the page URL in addition to the domain name and page title.
  • Meta Description – Don’t leave blank your Meta description and confirmed that your focus keyword is in Meta description.
  • Write keyword rich titles – The blog title must be attractive and productive to the keyword. It is better you start your title with your keyword.
  • Image optimization – Boost your SEO status in your Optimize your images.

When you pay full attention to your SEO, then it will become good for your site to rank well on Google. On-Page Optimization is the best practice to bring attentive visitors to your website.

Good SEO will increase your Site’s DA & PA scores.

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3- Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook are the best example of internal linking because all have DA score of 100. Internal linking means linking your older post with a new post and make it more attractive and informative for visitors, so that, your reader spend more time on your site and reduce your site bounce rate.

Reminisce about that thing:

“Only links to old posts which are related to your new post.”

Due to that, search engine bots find your website’s content and quickly crawl it. Such that, you spread links in your post, and it will help you to increase your website’s PA (Page Authority) too. Internal linking will be helpful for both readers and search engines to navigate your site.

Make sure every internal link is do-follow because search engine crawls it that link first.

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4- Generate High-Quality Links

High-quality links are not surely done that make your site easier to connect with each other, but it has some beneficial effect for your site.

If you add, high-quality links which are highly related to your post people must open it and spend more time on your site. Due to this, your site’s bounce rate will reduce, and your site’s DA will increase.

More webmasters or blog owners make a mistake here and use low-quality links which don’t add any value to a site; hence they reduce their site’s ranking on the search engine (Google).

I tell you where they make a mistake: they run-through drive methods.

For the sample, they create links using sites which guarantee backlinks within a few minutes. These links draw.

Most people do hard work day and night for getting high-quality links, but they can’t be successful, what the hell is wrong with them? Usually, they have not selected the wrong link. It does that person who is generating back or going to pay for it. Their site may get penalized by Google and lose ranking.

The question is that “what is the right way to generating the high-quality links?”

The best way to get the high-quality links is to follow these steps:

  • Social Media Sharing
  • Off page SEO
  • Content is the Natural Link Builder

Social Media Sharing

Social Media

A wise man would not want to put all eggs in one basket. Similarly, having the total dependency on the just search engine for traffic on the site is complete foolishness. In fact, social media is another way that gives you referral traffic and also brand value.

So, use social media to market your content to more readers. When your writing impresses more people, the authority of your articles will be increased.

If you share your content on social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, etc. your post reaches new people – and if your content is excellent and entertaining, gets more likes and shares then it will go viral within minutes. Bear in mind:

“All materials need to be sharing and promoting.”

Make your content sharing easy like a cake walk for your visitors. You can also try paid advertising to reach more dedicated readers.

Try to be active on social media because it will help you to brand your blog more attractive and will indirectly increase your fan following. Increasing fan total is directly about your authority.

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Off-Page SEO


For real search engine optimization, you need to have proper off-page SEO. Some major points make your off-page SEO more efficient:

  • Guest Posting: indeed guest posting is dead to link building on your site, but it has a lot of other benefits. It is one of the numerous ways that help you to grow your brand’s Authority and increase referral traffic. It is a much simple and beneficial technique than blog observing. Most of the guest posts are spammy because author follows wrong methods. It is still a hard way that will help you to increase your site rankings if you do the guest post in a proper and systematic way. Read the detail about the guest blogging.
  • Social Bookmarking Sites: such types of site will help your content reach audiences elsewhere your niche. Globally visitors and viewers find your content, and it will increase your DA as the people find your content.
  • Blog Commenting: It is an excellent way to get backlinks on your site. It has many benefits like robbery your competitor’s niche with your thoughtful comment related to their post.

Content is the Natural Link Builder

It is the best way to link building. You just need to provide quality content that is rich in information, easy to understand and read.

Good quality content is not only beneficial for your site, but it will also help your other sites too.

Create lots of linkable content to increase more and more natural links for your site.

5- Remove Bad Links

Vitally remove the all bad links in your site which are effected to your site’s position on Google or other search engines. Spammy and toxic links are harmful to your site: you must remove them for gaining quality links.

You will have to retain your link profile clean and unblemished. Mostly people don’t focus on it whereas it needs to be removed continuously. If you ignore it and don’t eliminate bad links from your site, which are harming your site and your site lose the position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The significant loss of this is, it directly impacts on your DA. You have good link profile for a high DA score.

For good DA score, you should focus on removing bad links and making quality links.

6- Have Patience and Let your Domain Grow Old

Domains do not grow lengthwise; while domain’s age will help you increase your site’s DA score and ranking.

If your site is 3 – 4 years old and also active, then Google understand you have been there for a long time. You have also been publishing high-quality content, and your site is not a spam site.

If your site is new so don’t worry about the site’s DA and keywords. Just publishing quality content on your site and your site’s DA will improve at time passes. If your site is 3 – 4 years old and has the very low score of DA, then you think utterly about it and follow all the tips that I define in this post.

It is true, and domain age is a vital part that plays a significant role in SEO and also increasing the DA. So you should book your field for next 3-4 years.

7- Increase your Post Frequency

Once you try to update your blog, you’ll have to increase your posts frequency automatically. You should blog regularly, which has high effects on your site’s DA and ranking.

Daily post publishing is not easy, but if you do that, you can easily manage your site’s DA score. Most people don’t publish the post on the daily basis that’s why they see variations in their DA.

Your website Domain Authority will be increased if you keep posting regularly.

If you are posting a post regularly, you will get many benefits like:

  • High traffic, revenue, Page Rank
  • Develops Writing skills
  • Always have something new to share with your readers
  • Generates trust among visitors.
  • Increases sales

Checking your Domain Authority

Domain Authority is more important for the good site ranking, and you must check it at least one a month. It will help you to judge your site’s strength. The high score of DA meant your site’s search engine rank is high.

You can check your domain authority by using the different toolbars.

  • Open site Explorer
  • Website Authority Checker
  • Bulk DA Checker
  • Bulk DA, PA & IP Checker

How to Improve DA and SEO with Content Marketing

You can’t improve your site’s DA and without improving your whole Site SEO. So make a schedule and work according to it. Your primary focus should be on your content quality, and content marketing is also best way that will open every door for your revenue.

You can’t develop your site rank high. Indeed you have a spine-chilling place and no matter how well you optimize.

My review, content is the thing that matters more than anything.

Your site’s Domain Authority score will increase fastly if you are following all the above steps.

That is all in all, and I’ve to tell you About DA, so please feel free and add your questions or comments about the post in the comment box. Like this post? – If yes, then share with your friends or colleagues on social media.