Affiliate marketing is a platform of earning where people earn billion of dollar commission by promoting other people’s products. In that platform first you find a product you like, promote it to others and get a piece of profit for each sale that you make.

Always promote those products of which you have complete knowledge. Similarly, I’ll explain those online shopping stores and affiliate marketing networks of that I have experience and my colleagues too. It has no guarantee that (like BlueHost affiliate network is very helpful for WFI it may for you) will useful for you same as like WFI or its partners. Because, everyone has owned requirements and demand, so before buying you must read full information and its reviews deeply.

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry, and if you have content of rich websites, then you’ll have thousands of affiliate programs on your sites and earn a significant amount of Dollar that can change your fortune.

Affiliate networks are a center that associates the advertisers and publishers. In other words, it is a center for thousands of affiliate programs on the system. All affiliate networks have their policy of tracking, payment, and reporting and try to advertise itself by different platforms, niche, location, and promotions, etc.

The best thing about an affiliate network is that when you join any affiliate network, you get thousands of affiliate programs access immediately on the web.

Best 2016 Affiliate Marketing Networks

Below is the list of some of the best affiliate networks also my favorite. Perhaps, you have or not!

I’ve considered networks quality on my personal experience, networks payments processor and website’s Alexa traffic rank. I will also mention the website ranking, payment details and types of affiliate offers at the end of the each website detail.

Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Networks

Rakuten Marketing is leading affiliate network that was formerly known as LinkShare. Japanese Rakuten purchased in 2005 and re-branded by Rakuten Marketing. Recently LinkShare, MediaForge, Paid Search, DC Storm, and Pop shops are merger under Rakuten Marketing.

Rakuten LinkShare brings on board its superior platform strength, quality support, and international capabilities. It has been already named as #1 Affiliate Networks. It is a very successful network that gaining thousands of advertisers and publishers from all around the World.

The website is pretty easy to navigate around and offers lots of affiliates programs, tools, and banners. They also provide secure links plus images that you can link too.

If you are looking for a good Affiliate marketing networks to help monetize your blog them, I highly recommend Rakuten LinkShare. Its signup is very easy and free of cost. So let’s visit Rakuten LinkShare site and find your demand and buy it.

  • Alexa Rank: 1086
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
  • Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
  • Programs Offered: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPC


ClickBank Affiliate Networks

ClickBank affiliate network has championed itself in promoting digital products. At ClickBank site, you can find over 6 million selling products and 200 million customers including health, fitness, sports, home & garden, hobbies, Families & parenting and much more as well. In other words, we can say that it is a digital product Amazon.

If you want a complete guide or eBook, then you can visit ClickBank marketplace. It is that platform there you can instantly purchase and download your demand without any wait.

If you’re digital product creator, then it is very easy and great networks where you can sell your products. As a ClickBank affiliate, you can get 70% commission on all sales.

  • Alexa Rank: 1,843
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10
  • Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer

Amazon Associates

AmazonAssociates Affiliate Networks

Amazon Associates is the world’s largest online shopping store, and their affiliate program is also world’s most popular affiliate program. It is a number one trusted company, giving affiliate’s confidence that their commissions will be rewarded out on time, every time.

It has an enormous range of products, and its affiliate program is suitable for a massive variety of markets and bloggers too. Its products include sports equipment to sunglasses; an Amazon affiliate can earn bighearted commission on nearly any type of product. It also offers affiliate a commission of up to 10% direct sales of genuine products.

Its payment method takes as long as 45 days to be processed that is not best for affiliates. doesn’t pay the same commission on all products.

  • Alexa Rank: 6
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $10 for direct deposits or gift certificates, $100 for check payments.
  • Payment Methods: check, direct deposits, Gift Certificate


FlexOffers Affiliate Networks

FelxOffers is another well known CPS affiliate network that offers different enhanced and customized solutions to meet your demand. It can provide latest and most advanced technology to publishers and advertisers. You can find a broad range of affiliate programs. As an advertiser or publisher, you can see up to tools, technology, and delivery system that provide you a profitable and unique affiliate marketing experience.

At FelxOffers, you find massive creative inventory, prompt payout, comprehensive tools, and competitive commissions and immediately get access to secure and reliable technology to run and manage your affiliate programs.

  • Alexa Rank: 22,548
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $50
  • Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit

 It’s Your Time

If you have blog or website and have desired to make some extra money through your blog. Then choose the best affiliate marketing networks to monetize your blog or sites and earn money.

There are a bunch of affiliate programs that are best for your blog or site niche, but it is tough to say that, this one is best for your blog or sites or not without any analysis.

The real and simple way of selection best affiliate networks is that you analyze your website traffic and learning the audience interest. Then test and again test the different affiliate networks offers.

If you have a good traffic on your niche website, then you monetizing it with the best and right systems and make hundreds of thousands of dollars in short time.

There are not hard and fast rules for using different affiliate networks all at the same time on your niche blog or site. But I would suggest that you do best practices before applying for the affiliate programs on your niche.

Disclaimer: in this article some of the links are affiliate links. If you buy something at BLUEHOST through WFI then I get a little amount of commission, it doesn’t mean that you pay some extra amount. I utilize this board on website maintenance; however, you can always get helpful material on one platform.