Blogging is a fun hobby for almost all people; especially it is fun for WordPress and Tumbler writers. But, now it is not limited as it is in the pastimes. Nowadays, blogging is the most important way to read or report on news topics. There are countless most popular blogs for news on the internet world today. All these news blogs to read or news pages get millions of visitors per month from all over the world. So have a look a handful top 10 blogs below and consider adding them to your most favorite news reader. These blogs are most famous for breaking news topics that interest you.

10 Most Popular Blogs, You Should Read For Daily News

1- The Huffington Post

Huffpost Most Popular Blogs

The Huffington Post is the most famous website for news topics. It focuses on reporting on events and news stories from all the high category and subcategory which you could imagine. You can find world news, politics, style, entertainment, business, and many others. In 2005, Arianna Huffington, Jonah Peretti, and Kenneth Lerer were founded. Later on, this blog was developed by AOL in February 2011 for the US $315 million.  It has thousands of bloggers who underwrite newsworthy written content on a vast number of topics.

2- BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Most Popular Blogs

BuzzFeed is a chic news blog that marks millennial. Concentrating on social news and entertainment, the secret of the BuzzFeed’s success has a lot to do with the image-heavy listicles that get distributed on their stage and end up often successful viral. It was founded in 2006. But it really took off as a brand and news blog of its own in 2011. It started advertising serious news and long-form journalism on topics business, politics, technology, business, and many other categories, after that.

3- Mashable

Mashable Most Popular Blogs

Pete Cashmore founded Mashable in 2005. It delivers newsworthy content about culture, tech, video entertainment, the social product, science, business, and more. It is working for Australia, India, the UK, Asia, and France. Mashable blog is one of the largest and most reputable go-to sources for all things in digital culture.

4- TechCrunch

Techcrunch Most Popular Blogs

TechCrunch blog founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington, which concentrates on blogging about breaking news in computers, social media, websites, internet culture, technology, and startup companies. It has millions of RSS subscribers. Also, TechCrunch launches some related websites like MobileCrunch, CrunchGear, and CrunchNotes.

5- Business Insider

Business Insider Most Popular Blogs

Business Insider initiated in February 2009 and originally concentrated on media, technology, financial, and other business industries. Now, it reports on individual topics as well as sports, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle content. It is working with international regions including India, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia and many others. Business Insider also provides the most up to date information on current events and other related topics.

6- The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast Most Popular Blogs

The Daily Beast started in October 2008 and created by the former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, Tina Brown. It reports on opinion pieces and news on a broad range of topics including politics, books, fashion, innovation, entertainment, world news, U.S. News, business U.S. news, drink & Food, Arts & Culture, and style. Now, it is most famous and daily has one million visitors.

7- ThinkProgess

ThinkProgess Most Popular Blogs

ThinkProgess blog is best for those people who are interested in politics and like to read news about the politics. It associates with the Center for American Progress Action Fund that is a non-profit institute that looks to deliver information for the progress of progressive ideas and policies. This blog is also providing information include politics, world news, video, climate, and LGBTQ.

8- The Next Web

The Next Web Most Popular Blogs

The Next Web is a most popular blog that concentrates on news, apps, tech, gear, creativity, and many others. The blog launched as a result of organizing a technology conference called The Next Web Conference that initially held in 2006. After the two more yearly conferences, The Next Web was launched in 2008. Now it has developed and takes its place amongst the most popular blogs on the internet.

9- Engadget

Endagate Most Popular Blogs

Engadget is a blog for those people who like all those things related to gadgets, consumer electronics. It a far-fetched source for receiving the latest news and information on everything from computers and smartphones to tablets and cameras. It co-founded in 2004 and purchased by AOL in 2005.

10- Gizmodo

Gizmodo Most Popular Blogs

Gizmodo is a great digital culture and tech blog that mainly concentres on delivering information and news related to consumer electronics. It originated in 2002 by Peter Rojas before he was sought out by Weblogs, Inc. to take off the Engadget blog. It heavily associates with other former members of the Gawker network as well, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Jezebel, and io9.