You heard a lot of gossips or talks about the affiliate marketing – it is not okay, etc. It is not reality because affiliate marketing is a demonstration based marketing program. Here an external partner has rewarded a commission for delivering an accurate result to an advertiser or merchant. It is happened due to the valid sale, and it can also be a completed lead form, new newsletter subscriber, or free trial user.

The first affiliate program was developed in 1994. Amazon’s associate’s program is most frequently well-known, longest running program and model for others.

So now, it is incorporated into the marketing strategy of top Fortune 500 companies including, Apple, Target, and Macy’s. in the past all the best affiliate marketing program has been overrun with an evil reputation. Myth:

“Affiliate marketing is mostly fraud and offers low-value traffic.”

A survey Rakuten Affiliate Network selected to Forrester Consulting shows that US affiliate marketing spend will increase by a compound yearly growth rate of 10.1% between 2015 and 2020, to an average $6.8 billion industry. The affiliate programs can be as high value as those spouting the affiliate program make it.

Old Affiliate Marketing Challenges


Affiliate Marketing Success

Working with affiliate program made clear one that affiliate marketing provides a great chance for business to expand their reach quickly to the recent gathering and gets newly bespoke through partnerships.

“Although affiliate marketing has proven itself as a viable customer acquisition channel, to this day I still encounter individuals that react to the word affiliate like it’s a dirty word.”

Old affiliate programs experienced fraud and pain due to the quality of black hat methods such as typosquatting, black hat SEO, cookie stuffing, spyware, and link farms. At that affiliates performing mostly limited to deal and coupons sites, general business development referrals, and some content websites.

Some brands could not determine with affiliate programs if their affiliate traffic was incrementally lifting sales.

New Trends in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Programme Affiliate Marketing Success

As compared to past years, technology has significantly improved and matured the affiliate marketing industry.

“With the rise of self-publishing tools and social media, the global population of affiliate has grown substantially.”

Campaign tracking tools are more robust and permitting good decision making and supporting a wider assortment of promotional ways. In addition to conventional online sales tracking, you can also track referrals by coupon code, by phone, across multiple devices, and by in-store buyers stemming from online referrals.

Affiliate Marketing Myths

1- Affiliate Marketing is Really Easy

In this marketing, you just need a website and affiliate links. Like other businesses you need to invest time and money in order for it to work. No, You have a site and links is enough for your success. The biggest challenge for those who are in this business is to develop a website. You need excellent content with proper keyword and SEO that attract your reader and increase your traffic.

2- Much Traffic Means Much Money

It is right, a high traffic helps you to make much money, but it is not all about that. You don’t need just high traffic on your website. As long as the traffic to your site is coming from high-quality visitors and your conversation rate will go up.

3- Social Media Posts will Automatically get Many Shares and Likes

You must post something that gets much likes or shares. It must attract the attention of visitors. Remember, everything on social media takes time.

4- Only a few Niches are Profitable

All markets are profitable, but it depends on you how to promote and develop. It plays a vital role in the success of your affiliate marketing. Skills are most important than the niche selection.