1- Smart Cities: Revenue Generating Fountains

What is your opinion? If in its place of being a rate to cities, fountains become a revenue generator. It is a crazy idea. You just put the same coin long-suffering mechanism you find in trade machines and permit the visitors or travelers to switch the fountain on for 30 seconds to obtain the ideal image sufficiently. But, you put an App Store on the fountain and permit others to arise with new and best ideas. The IoT app Ideas is the best and beneficial for us.

2- Building Automation: First Class Elevators

A lot of IoT projects that make our future life easier and comfortable. The first class elevators idea is best for New York, Dubai, and Taipei, including any luxury hotel. The super-rich habitually lives in the penthouse suite or charge the top floors in the hotel. The worst stuff you can do with an elevator, press all the buttons of every floor. So why not invent first and more modern elevator service which works like a plan. Internet of Things Application through own mobile you can detect with elevator. By this, elevators reach there where one was waiting that offers the current users the choice is:

  • Leave now
  • Go to the top stories before you go to your floor

You can select your favorite music and other kinds of personal touches by paying $1,000 to $10,000 per month.

3- Building Automation – Anti-Terrorist and Other Emergency Solutions

How do you feel if security cameras inside the buildings can check for hazardous situations? Anybody covers their face and pulls a gun out of pocket. The elevator should close the doors automatically inside the building get locked and called a swat team for help. Similar to this, if you fall and stay on the ground for 30 seconds, then a doctor is called automatic. The Same process is work for fires and the fire department.

4- Building Automation – Elevators Sales Pitch

If you want an elevator at work during the lunch time towards the ground floor, the ordinal signage confidential it should offer you a GroupOn type of markdown for a new brasserie two streets extra. Just connect with your mobile IoT apps and confirm the arrangement.

5- Digital Signage – App Stores on Toilets

Already a company that sets games on male toilets and you can obtain more app with Internet of Thing Applications Store. Man toilets have a particular way of controlling the interface. As well as, woman showers will become essential to do with gesture control. Toilets are the place where won’t touch screens be used.

6- eHealth – Open Source MRI Scanners with App Stores

If anybody open sources the design and brings the cast of MRI scanners from the millions dollar to $100,000 then each small hospital can afford one or more than one. Just go there one time a year. There your whole body will be scanned and have multiples of algorithms observing for ancient symbols of cancer. Just pay a $100 for above 1,000 customers, the MRI scanner becomes income generating.  You donate your data to science, and it can be free for you. Finding cancer signs early makes your treatment successful.

7- Home Automation – Coolness as a Service

For home automation like for coolness as services, a fridge, and get paid a $100/ day if the coolness is not available.  Such type of business designs will immediately introduce the need for predictive preservation in which your fridge grows fixed before it cessations. If you add Alexa services into the refrigerator, then you can order any types of groceries.

By adding cloud bidding market into the fridge, and then you always have access to order the cheapest groceries. With this, you can ask fridge to order a pizza when you don’t like cooking.

8- Smart Vending – A Telecom in a Box

If you will add a mobile base station to a vending machine, sell sim cards and permit the people to top-up their prepaid account. After that, the vending machine is undertaking what a telecom operative does.

9- Smart Telecom – Run Your Own Base Station

Every company or person can generate their station and also run their own network. Via IoT app projects on the base station, variety can be carried as a service and system can be succeeded as a partnership.

10- Smart Robots – Close Sourcing Personalized Products

Small robots work to make products near to buyers, and each customer has one personal robot. It used to be extremely expensive. Everything from sorting, 3d printing, soldering, and laser engraving, etc. can be done by the robot that cost under $2,000.