Shopify is a very simple eCommerce platform that offers a lot of responsive themes, and which are very straightforward and easy to modify. It gives you the free-hand privilege of creating the online store in an easy and suitable way. Shopify’s all templates are customizable that you can adjust as you want or like your brand look. Shopify is a big platform where you can sell your all physical and digital products online if you have knowledge of the HTML and CSS. Shopify also offers you the opportunity to modify your theme, templates. In this case, you’ll have total control over the design of the theme.

Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform that doesn’t need to install any software or purchase any web hosting.

1- Shopify is easy to use

Shopify is a great Shopping cart solution that takes care too much of the coding and web-hosting issues their clients face on your eCommerce platform. Almost all users of Shopify are happy because it is very easy to use. It’s mean for online shop with Shopify you don’t need any technical expertise, and it just needs inventory. Entrepreneurs can easily focus on their business with shopping cart management, technical nuts, and bolts of the site.

Other than that, Shopify offers 24/7 phone call, email support, and an extensive FAQ page. It also provides the Shopify Manual and a collection of guides to help the user to make the most beautiful shopping cart. Shopify manual is huge and introducing the user to Shopify user interface and guiding the user through the process of information capture and database management. It also helps the user to talk about the how-tos of list display and other use of sale, collections, discounts, along with the payment and shipping issues, etc.

2- Shopify is Hosted

Shopify is a hosted e-Commerce platform that offers you a lot of opportunities make your online store more beautiful and spread your business more and more. If you work with Shopify then you don’t need to try to install any software on your server or PC, because your shopping cart already link with Shopify. Shopify priority to take care of all the e-commerce platform logistics issues like hosting, management and payment gateway. The Shopify system also offers their user to organize own information for marketing purposes and the close eye on your products list. It was relieving the burden of user related to coding and fine-tuning because it is a flexible to add the inventory of products in an own eCommerce online store.

The best thing of Shopify is that you don’t need to update any software, maintenance of any server and pay for hosting. Shopify is very cheap and charges just $30-180 per month, and it depends on your products you want to support over and above all the features you would like to comprise. In short words, it is hosted, and you don’t need to pay managed HTTP server.

3- Shopify – Reliability

If you’re not satisfied with the cheap rate of Shopify Plus and its self-hosted solution, then you must need to get its main advantages – security. If your server is down anytime, it is not a good sign for your business because it makes impossible for people to purchase your products.

Google and Amazon algorithms determined that page load time is playing the imperative role in your revenue. If your page loads impediments of only for the second result in significant loss of income or your product sales. Shopify has not covered all the issues of downtime and lag. But when you get the Shopify hosts shopping cart, it offers you all protection. If any problem arises, you find a dedicated professional helper who will fix your issues within the shortest time.

4- Customizable Design

Indeed, Shopify most themes are highly customizable including, some customizable options, templates and for those with valor. Most customers of Shopify feels like it is on a general e-commerce website. Shopify offers some of the most professional themes of any e-commerce platform. And also gives the facility of CSS and HTML modules to make more advanced customizations to the template or theme you buy. Its premium themes are easier to modify as compared to free themes.

5- Shopify App Store

In the world of technology, you can find a lot of things those are very useful and helpful in every day of life. Different apps are the great invention of tech. And Shopify has spawned an entire group of experts and designers who develop the various helpful apps that entrepreneurs can use to eCommerce package.

Usually, Shopify is not the most feature-overload to shopping cart solution. But the app store of Shopify is more modern and more than apps make up for this. All apps of Shopify are helpful and amplify Shopify functionality. Almost all purchasers or users of Shopify apps leave 100% ratings and feedback on the website.

It also provides the customization function in all categories interface and inventory. This offer will make it easy for you to manage the way to display your products. Customization offers customers to get really what they want. The overall purpose of Shopify is to allow you run your business in a cost-effective and dependable manner.

In a simple and short world, the Shopify apps store means that customers can get. All things and functionality that they need for their eCommerce site.


Shopify is an awesome e-commerce platform that offers a lot of offers and customization functionality. Here we described 5 Reasons People Love Shopify because it is very easy for everyone. You can use it without the expertise of development and coding. Apart,  you can also read how you can build the site with Shopify. That is very helpful to create your online store. You can share your reviews and questions about the Shopify and our blog below in the comment box. Our team replies your question with the very helpful material. So please share this blog with your friends via social media.