Amazon Associate is a very elevated and massive e-commerce platform in the entire world. Felt Zel was founded Amazon associate in 1998. It is ancient e-commerce platform of an established and well-developed company Amazon. Its design attracts affiliates who want to use their site to promote Amazon’s different products.

As an internet convention grows, affiliate marketing services advances and with thousands of products to endorse on your site or blog, Amazon Associate makes affiliate advertising fun and easy. Their affiliate programs are extensively used by affiliate marketers and exchange quite well money if you know how to market appropriately.

Amazon Associate is very best affiliate program.

It is a free affiliate (advertising) program that designed to help website owners make money. By this program, their members send visitors from their site to Amazon site using different links, banners, and widgets that Amazon associate provides after getting the affiliation.

Amazon Associate member gets their commission when anybody goes to the Amazon site to their site and buys something. That fee is calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.

Features of Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate is very best affiliate program.

The most exclusive features that Amazon provides for their affiliate program is the aptitude to create an online store that can be entrenched within or linked from a site. The online store of Associate is an “aStore,” endorses Amazon products and permits visitors to look through all Amazon goods and only the products you choose.

Everybody found that it’s easy to build a store with Associate Account. The explanation provides a setup tool that took you step by step through the process to produce an URL to your aStore, absolute with a shopping cart and manufactured goods details.

At the top of your account home page, you can find the “Reports” tab, they offer report summaries and connections for the full report on earnings, links, and orders. After selecting to take liberation of the full account. Amazon will give you with options for the whole story you would like to give, link-type report, misc. The earning report, referrals, daily trends, and orders.

After choosing the type of statement you want to create, you can select a pre-chosen period (week, month) on the other hand you can make a new report for a final period. The report can be unlocked and displayed on the page or download into CSV and XML format.

Ease of Use

Amazon Associate is very best affiliate program.

Amazon Associate’s signup process is the very simple process that includes providing your necessary information in the specified areas, and everybody can easily get its affiliation. After the signup verification or signed into the program, the site, and account center is very simple to handle. The top of the page tabs lining guide the users to their desired area.

You will get this site is very simple and hassle free from the first time you sign in. When you select the Amazon products that you want to endorse on your site. After that follow the step-by-set commands, and before you know it, you set to begin earning commissions.

Amazon Associate is very best affiliate program.

Customer Service

Amazon Associate usually provides an excellent customer service and support too; that increase the client’s confidence to contact their team regarding any confusion, problem, and question or concerns through a contact form or over a call.

They used both sources of contact to get in touch with their clients. You find both sources very helpful. If you contact them after filling out the contact, from you time-honored an email within 30 minutes to talk about your questions or problems.

If you use free toll phone number for contact them, after minutes you connected with their team, and you find out it very helpful in answering your questions. The spokesperson was long-suffering and knowledgeable about their services.

Amazon Associate Payments

There are three payment options, bank transfer, and cheque and store credit or Gift Certificate. If you want to get your payment by using direct deposit. After that, you’ll tell them the bank name, whether your account is saving or checking. Account number, nine-digit routing number and the behalf of the primary account holder. Similar as it appears in the bank’s records and it is available for the only US.

Furthermore, you want to get payment by direct deposit or Gift Certificate. For getting payment from it, you must have at least $10. If you wish to get payment by check, Amazon won’t send you payment until you’ve total amount, at least, $100. Keep in mind, by check payment they deduct $15 processing fee from all checks they send you.


Amazon Associate has built a user-friendly site that allows everybody. Which have a large business webmaster to a particular blog writer, to utilize the services. We suggested this affiliate program was the best choice for affiliate marketing.

I’m dead sure; now you can see Amazon affiliate posts demand to you and your reader. As long as them with a useful source and money for yourself. If you think your website is not very famous and has no sufficient traffic, despite. I would give you the confidence to study where and how you increase your website traffic. And make an Associate Account today because it is only a matter of time.