Above 17 years, ClickBank has delivered many different lifestyle products around the world. Tim and Eileen Barber were founded ClickBank in 1998 in a garage in San Diego, California. During those days, ClickBank has grown into top 100 online retailer service companies and a leader in digital e-commerce. It delivered more than 6 million products to over 200 customers in 190 countries around the world.

ClickBank Review is very large affiliate market.

Its customer service team receives more than 2,000 calls each day. The primary goal of ClickBank is that they manufacture the things with high quality however that satisfy their clients. They also make the products for the business person with right tools and resources; they need to create them.

ClickBank is a preparation platform that teaches people how to turn into a successful associate with ClickBank. There are two ways, one is how to sell your products on ClickBank platform, and two is how to promote products via affiliate marketing. ClickBank offers tens of thousands of digital products for members. You can encourage it and get earning up to 75% commission.

ClickBank Features

ClickBank Review is very large affiliate market.You can promote ClickBank products in four different languages, and it also permits you to develop their products in the entire world. On the other hand, it accepts payment in 13 different currencies. Also, every Wednesday it makes payment, once an account has accumulated sales with more than five different credit card numbers.

One of the most helping features of ClickBank is Hope Ad Builder. It is usually a link that you create through the own account. ClickBank provides the tools to create this Hope Ad link for different ClickBank products. By this link, you can promote the products.

If your visitor like it and click on Hope Ad link then they go to the buying page where they can buy everything that they like and want. And you get your commission on every sale. One more interesting thing of ClickBank is that if anybody goes ClickBank website through your Hope Ad link, but they don’t buy anything at that time so don’t take tension about it because ad deposit cookies in the user browser that click on the link, for 60 days. If that visitor comes again within 60 days on the ClickBank site and buys something commission automatically will be in your account. Indeed, that visitor comes on site from another source.

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How to Create your ClickBank Hope Ad Links?

First of all, you select the product that you want to support all you have to do is click the promote pin, and this will create a link that contains your referral tracking URL. You will use this link to support the product and receive a commission from every sale of a product or subscribe to the service.

Ease of Use

ClickBank Review is very large affiliate market.

ClickBank is very easy, and everyone quickly gets its account after sign up process. When you fill out the sign-up form, you will get a confirmation email that gives your confirmation code and tells you to complete your sign up the process by clicking on below verification link. After clicking this confirmation link, you go ClickBank home page.

ClickBank website is very easy and straightforward to handle. Its main tabs are a top right corner, and every tabs subheading is underneath of the central costs. Now we can manage your account and quickly find what we are looking for through the proper keyword or title they’ve given their pages and categories.

Owing the Offer

When you have reached a particular scale, you should be making many thousand dollars per month. It is the time to start making an allowance for exchange the affiliate offer with your proposed. It will allow you to keep all the money coming in and control things such as:

  • The sale page
  • The up sales
  • Being able to buy traffic in a straight line to your sales pages
  • Have affiliates make money for you by sponsoring your manufactured goods

Getting Paid

ClickBank sends your payment every second week of the month. You’ll have the option to get the payment for a check or direct transfer.

Luckily, ClickBank offers direct transfer offers into certain international accounts without extra charge; the countries names are Australia, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Hong Kong, France, India, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand, the Netherland, Spain, UK, and Switzerland. Other than that, there is an easy way to get payments fast by using Payoneer.

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My Opinion

If you’re new in the online marketing or affiliate programs, ClickBank is a great place to start. Affiliates should always create a point to do some well-mannered research on the foodstuffs that they plan to promote. Before promoting use the statistics and get the reputation of the product on social media networks. Keep in mind everyone is different and have a different choice of selection.


As you probably guessed, ClickBank is an enormous perfect place to initiate replacing things such as Adsense or Amazon income for real sales. You can use ClickBank in other networks or for your products. Be careful despite the facts that, as offers do occasionally get pulled. You require being sure you have a sponsorship offer in case this occurs.

I’m sure this information inspired you to get the affiliation with ClickBank and promote its products and get a commission. ClickBank explains to you that it’s possible to make a long term property, be seen as a cost adder and yet make vending.