One day my friend asked me how to start a new blog? What is the interesting topic for that blog? These are the individual questions every blogger’s mind comes when he/she want to utilize his/her spare time by spreading knowledge of the word.

Many new bloggers stuck on this point; they need help, so let’s see some of the points you should consider before starting.

Currently, we are living in the age of information where you can share your knowledge and experience about a particular topic, and people have the internet access to find information easily and quickly. If your writing is superb, then people will find more post from your blog to read and subscribe to your posts/newsletter.

You need to think about How to find Interest for Successful Blogging before writing any post on your blog. :

  • Passion – Find a topic you’re excellent and care about it.
  • Assets – topic that you are excellent at
  • Market reality – Find a problem there is interest and demand for

Passion: topics I want to write on

You can’t write well on any topic if you’re not good at it. Write with your heart. There are thousand of a website that is too dull, they similar to other sites and their content is same as others even their design and writing style is same. People will forget those sites after reading once.

While you are writing, you need to engage people with your content.

I know many bloggers who are just writing content to drive traffic to their website through organic research. They are just writing machines to process content in bulk by using “Focus Keyword.” Their content is the lack of uniqueness, value, emotions and passion.  You can write unique content regularly while doing this you can engage your audience.

You are unique, and you have some unique qualities that no one has. Just focus on those individual points and produce useful and unique content, Google ranked well on those websites who have posting unique and valuable content on their blog.

So write on those topics you are interested. You can write well if you’ve some knowledge, and want to research on them. Good and quality content will drive traffic. So doesn’t focus on traffic just make sure people will be excited to read your next topic and they want to find on the search engine. Develop your writing style show your voice in the form of words, share your live experience with other in this way people will realize you are human not a machine that was cranking out content frequently without any experience and emotions. If you are sharing real life experience, you will get people to follow your reading.

Your blog is your home, think about your living room, be a good dinner host for your readers. I know many experienced persons in this whole word have great knowledge regarding research and learning, but you have the unique point of view so you should explore your point of view with your viewers. If you enter in the goldmine, then the content you pump out will be gold as well. Turn your passion for success; you can spend your free time on blogging.

You need to create a list of interesting questions and find the trend about those topics by using Google Trends, Google Analytics, Facebook searches, Reddit, Digg and many other websites provide these services to get and analyzes people’s interest.

Assets: Check experience and credibility?

If you have a much-focused topic, then visitors automatically attract to your blog.  Your passion will help you to drive your life. But passion about a particular subject is not everything. You need to look at your assets and need to find a unique and niche market. You want to make yourself different from others, something special in you.

It is easy to attract your visitors to your blog if you have a focused topic. Drive your subject as an expert, provide better advice to your guests and become an expert in your field. People listen to those who they consider they are experts and follow their pieces of advice move their life according to experts’ experiences.

Do what you can do better than others don’t chase others just find out you are on the way to attract people to your site. If you are passionate about a particular topic but you have the lack of knowledge about that subject. Then your first step is to collect all the information about that topic; you should utilize your assets in an organizing way.

If you think you are the real problem solver, then need to set down and find some common issues you think everyone prays to them. Real solutions always are appreciated. Sometimes people find some challenges terrible than you, it means you have some good qualities to solve them, so solve them as an expert.

Write down main key points of that challenge and draw a compare sheet where you can compare your passion and the key points of any problem, then provide the best solution to the market as you think no one can provide better than you.

Market reality: What’s the Demand?

If you want your site/blog will be successful, then you need to do some market research, without any investigation running a business is like to just play with your hobby no one can find useful. Big companies launch a product on a small scale then they provide some testing samples to their advance to check and let them know how they find their new product, is it useful? They need it or not? How can they improve it? What the new they want in it? What are the main reasons for disliking?

They conduct a market survey, and then they find a niche market and use some testing sample on them. They had questionnaires and filled out form the tested people. In this way, they get an idea for the new product will be profitable or not? In the same way, you need to research if you know about your passion the second step to do some research what type of problems people will find on your selected topic. It is interesting to them or not? Are you able to provide solutions and answers to their questions?

Biggest Mistakes Successful Blogging Make

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is that they just start writing without market research. They write content and materials without finding people’s interest. If you one of them then just stop for a while, think about visitors, not yourself, don’t write content for yourself write for others. Give them solutions. Your blog visitors wouldn’t read that content if they did not found it amusing. People just care about their problems, not you and others, and they come to your website. If they find the best solutions and will remember your site name and come to see you next time.

Before go forward you need to write down all the topics people want to hear about them. You need to care about your audience. One thinks you need to keep in mind, and that is you are not writing for everyone. But write for a particular topic for an individual market who want to read you written. Consider the market what topic is most popular, and you have all information about it. How many people interesting in that subject, don’t be annoying for your visitors, otherwise they just move out.

In this way, you can get a general idea what your audience’s demand? You just start with a broad field then concise you attentions to a particular topic. In this way, you get the right path to travel. Just focused on visitors activities answers them quickly and asked them what type of content they want to read?