99 designs “the Company” is the #1 online graphic design marketplaces. Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle were founded in 2008, and headquarter is in San Francisco. In 2010, the company opened its office in the US and in 2011 the company secured $35 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners and a handful of angel shareholders.

The company acquired the European creative services Marketplace 12designer, in 2012. In this year company established their European headquartered in Berlin and launched its local services in French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian. In 2015, 99designs raised $10 million in Series B funding from Recruit Strategic Partners to expand its marketplace in Japan.

99designs Features

In the past, I’ve checked many graphic design “design” websites, but I don’t find any individual company of design. After a long time search, I got the 99designs site, where I achieve all difficult things at one platform. I’m sure you find it as you want and satisfy as I’m. Everything you get from there which you require for own site.

The company has one of the entire designs. I’ve never seen before that. On a 99designs site, you can find tens of million models including, logo, web designs, logo designs, web hosting and packaging design and T-shirt design.

99designs Features

You get tons of designs and tons of choices. There is no restriction in choosing the designs or design concepts. You’re guaranteed to find one that you love which is nice – especially from a financial statement perspective.

It is very easy to use. First, you will be submitting a detailed about your favorite design brief is very vital. A well-written design brief tells the designer what you want and how they make it more likely that you’ll want. I enjoy their service the company handle launching your design contest.

With 99designs, the standard contest length is seven days and if you want in a shorter time than you pay some extra amount of money.

The company gives you quality graphic designs at reasonable prices. You just tell them what you want and share your favorite design online as a sample. Dozens of models you get in short time and select your favorite one – use it.

99designs Pricing Plans

The company has different packages with 100% money back guarantee and full copyright ownership of the final design. The price you compensate is determined by the type of design challenge which you select. So a logo contest has fewer costs as compared to website design contest.

They have four different packages, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each package has an own price that is depending on their design competition.

99designs Pricing Plans

Logo and Hosted website packages are started at $499 and ended at $1,999. WordPress theme design packages are started at $599 and ended at $2,499. Same as a postcard, flyer, and print themes price plan lay under $199 – $999. For all graphic designs price, you can visit the pricing menu of 99design.

One Stop Solution

Recently, 99designs is working with Jimdo Company and announced a new logo and hosted website service. The aim of this one stop solution is to help the small business owners.

It is very simple and eases of use. It might be the copy of your expectation from the two companies because both companies are merging their service in one package. Designers struggle on the creation of your logo to be placed on a custom-designed site just for your business.

99designs CEO and President Patrick Llewellyn say about this partnership:

“We think great brands start with a great logo. 99 designs have successfully created tens of thousands of logos for business and entrepreneurs globally. As we’ve grown and evolved, so have our customers’ need. Now with the addition of Jimdo, a company can extend the essence of the brand captured in their logo to their hosted websites.”

The starting price for this service is $499, and it gives the offer of a site logo, one-year web hosting service, and a custom domain name. Other than that, this service has many more features that you can see at the 99designs.

How 99designs Works

First of all, you’ll explain your design requirements through their online questioners with as much explanation as you can. After an explanation of design, you’ll select the design package. The cost of design packages varies on the number of designers competing to create your design.

99designs How It Works

After the selection of package, the company contacts with their community and upload your design in their marketplace where more than 1,165,000 designers see it. From entire word, professional designers or people see your design documentation and leave their brainstorm ideas just for you.

After seven days you pick the winner design and sign up the copy write agreements, and then company transforms the money to winner designer. Now you can download the design and use it as you like.

99designs Support

If you have needed any help, you can contact the 99design company by email or contact form that you can find it at the top right of the Help section. The company also offers the clock live chat and phone calls which can be accessed by clicking “support” in the upper part of the sitting corner as see in the picture. You can get their support service 24/7.


99designs is the way to go for the average business owner, as long as both the cheap template logo choice and the design contest for more unique and modified logos. The company is also better for the small businesses and startups everywhere use our service to get the graphic design for logos, business cards, and more – go to 99designs and have a look around.