The blank canvas, the blinking cursor, the white screen, A thinking person

Want to write on a topic? Where to start? What is the worth if I published? Who care it.? Shout I start right now or not?  It’s not working just leave it. I’ll try this tomorrow or day after tomorrow not now.

A fear of starting

Sometimes we stop producing new content in the word due to some concerns, like if published it, maybe it creates the negative response?  It’s terrifying to pushing new content with the thought of how my peers and friends judge me through my words. What have you written is good or not? Will people respond you well? Or it is a worst not response on it?

Today we’ll discuss some highlights, using some tried and tested techniques for coming up with great blog post ideas. Even though you feel you have no creative left. Just follow me.

Keep an Idea File

We can’t predict when the idea is going to strike because we don’t know when the rain is coming out when the sky is cloudy. You need to be ready for rain.

The first you need to do is to make a file with the name of idea files on a spreadsheet and place it where you can easy accessible any time when idea come to your mind, and you want to note down it, for this purpose you can use Dropbox or Google Drive.

When the idea come to your mind just write it, maybe it will a great blog post that well be viral.

Do this practice each and every time for a long time. This will help you to collect a bunch of ideas; that is sufficient for you to write on them for a long when you are not in the mood of creative.

Steal Idea from others

The best way to get a great idea is to read consistently another blog that you want to emulate. For this purpose, you need to join some feed readers like Feedly, dig, RSS feed and Reddit, etc. to subscribe your favorite blogs and check it daily to be updated what’s newly published.

Don’t afraid to steal others idea, and there is the vast amount that can learn from other bloggers success. Just keep one thing in mind don’t take others content, it is not cool.

Read the best post on your competitor’s blog on a daily basis and note down it to your idea file it will help you to create another idea from this post. It’s just for inspiration to get a new idea. Draw some main features of your new idea and let it go.

Ask for audience

You can ask the different question to your readers, instead of choosing a topic in which people have no interest. Foolish blog writers go out in search ideas, and live blogs writers always allow idea come to their mind.

You can ask the different question on your blog or use various social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Your audience will replay you or may be demanding for some topics. Now what type of questions need to ask from your audience, what do people seem confused by? Are they sure about any of those? What stories do they need to know about? By doing this, people will engage, and a network will develop where you have to get the idea what people want to read now. It is an efficient approach many successful bloggers do the same.

Ask Internet

Many successful bloggers follow a process to become successful, and they complete that topic for us. There are many other resources on the web; you get a benefit for them. Just write down on the Google search bar the query you want to like “Best topic for blogging” or “Get new ideas for the new post on a blog.” You will find a list of articles blogger write down to get the idea.

Here are just a few of them

  1. 32 of The Most Popular Blog-Post Ideas (The Blog Stylist)
  2. Blog Post Prompts and Ideas (Pinterest)
  3. The Blog Post Topic Generator (Hubspot)
  4. 56 Ideas for Blog Posts on Your Business Blog (ProBlogger/LinkedIn)
  5. 50 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Blog (Forbes)

Expand on your blockbuster content

You need to check your analytics to analyze your traffic trend, what is the most popular post visitors visiting all the time, by doing this you can easily get an idea about most trending topics on your website/blog.

Just see the report of last week, last month, or last year that post mostly opened through visitors, sometimes you published a post a year or month ago but new visitors still visiting you post for the first time in current days, it means people change their trend of reading according to their need.

These are your blockbusters posts. You know this content works for you, and you get more traffic. The next step is to think about How you can expand your content? How to break down your existing post into more practical and concrete measures? Could you follow up your visitors?

Some topics are always hot, and in the market all the time, you need to update all of your existing posts by adding new content if they meet the new trends. Just add this at the end of the post:

[UPDATE September/2015: I put this strategy to the test in a whole new way this year, and the results were incredible]

Piggyback on trends

Thousands of tools accessible on the internet, where you can check the latest trends by providing useful analytics and showing you traffic pattern about a particular topic. These tools will help you to analyze this topic is trendy or not? You can check the demographics of a subject in which regions that topic is trendy.

  1. Google Trends – Tells you what people have been searching for online at present.
  2. – Showing you worldwide trends, what people are tweeting
  3. – Shows you the people’s news stream of searching

All of the above tools let you know, what type of content people searching right now? What are the hot and popular topics? You just follow them and pin the opportunity.

Tell the story

Sometimes people like those post in which you let them know about your life experience, in which you provide a piece of advice. People like to read others stories their struggle and their ways of learning to get success.

Your life experience is not just an exercise in narcissism. They may be the useful piece of advice for other people in your industry.  They can learn how to start because everyone needs to take a step to begin from any place; your life experience will be a light in the dark, and they will save their self from the hurdles you face and can progress even quicker.

Write a guideline

Most people like to read a subject in sequence like complete instructions divided into small chunks. The best kind of blog post is one that influences people to read 12 posts on your blog.

Successful bloggers link their posts together in a sequence.

Just think about your old posts, create the proper category of all your old posts and link them together. In this way a visitor has a high readability to read all related posts that have properly connected, it’s like a mini guide for them to get enough knowledge.

You need to add small introduction a summary or conclusion, some vivid description and a link to the related post. Before doing this, you need to read good articles on the internet how to correctly categorized and link related post each another.

Here is the excellent example of Beginner’s Guide to SEO on to read before linking.

Borrow a brain

If you tried on thinking new topic or post? Or your mind needs some rest just stop thinking and borrow someone else mind for this purpose. Who will help you in your industry? How to generate new post ideas in which people have interested to read. Just drop an email to any of your regular visitor and requests to conduct an interview. Prepare yourself for interesting questions that people want to get answered.

After that you will be able to get all fantastic content, one thing remembers your interview quality is paramount.

As you know the web is littered with boring content, if you try to find some information you get the garbage with some little information, it is not enough, people will not open or read that website where they can’t get enough complete information. So just provide quality information with quality content. Provide proper introduction of your subject instead of moving around it. Go into the depth of any subject the central and starting point of any object, and visitors want to read complete of any subject. Do proper research before starting any subject then you’ll see where the magic comes.

Train your idea muscle

When we sit alone, many ideas come to our mind, and we just need to bind them together with a rope. Sometimes we have a lack of realization of our idea. In every situation, you have the ton of ideas come to your mind when you are asking any question you know what the response is. If you are stuck in a situation, you know how to get out of it. If you need to make money you know 100 of ideas to make money.

You are the superhero in your own, and you can do what you want just to kill the fear before starting any idea into real life. Focus on that idea and just make the dream to real life. You are humans just do some little exercise to make your thoughts muscle strong. Then you’ll see the magic unleashed inside of you.

Go and read this Ultimate Guide for Becoming an Idea Machine for creating an incredible perception.

What to do next

I know everyone has a very good idea for the next blog post, but the tough part is to organize that idea in the form of an excellent job. I hope this post will help you where to start.

Now get yourself going:

  1. Start with idea file, create it on Google Doc or spreadsheet. Read or add daily ideas in it, use it when you’ve nothing to think.
  2. Ready your competitor blog posts daily or blogs of your industry, don’t be afraid to steal other’s idea, expand it as you can.
  3. Don’t be scared of the push button. When you write down any post just published it without any fear. Some posts are going to be better than nothing, keep going to pure your knowledge in the Internet tank.

Do you have any other rock-solid techniques for coming up with blog post idea when you’re stuck?