Shopify is my favorite site or a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to build an online shopping store for inventory of your goods. Do you want to create an e-commerce platform for shopping store and think Shopify is a good site for this option? Here is Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopify for your help. Well, it is a good selection if you create an online store with Shopify. It lets you systematize your products, accept credit card payments, modify your storefront, track, and act in response to orders.

The homepage of Shopify claims that it has 200,000 customers, but it does not enough for the best e-commerce platform or solution for your eCommerce store. But here you can find the advantages and disadvantages of Shopify, then decide whether you find Shopify is right for your eCommerce business enterprise. Let’s start with some of the benefits of Shopify.

Advantages of Shopify

Shopify is a very cheapest, helpful and convenient way for those people who want to build an online store without dealing any code and start selling right away. Shopify is best for you if you are totally non-tech and want to sell the inventory of your products on an own online store. Some of the most helpful advantages of Shopify will be listed below.

Easy Management

Usually, regular online shopping store requires the technical know-how and most store owners shy away from that. Shopify is the best e-commerce platform that eliminates the technical expertise and offers you a customizable covenant dashboard that you can easily handle content, graphic changes, product items, and blog as well. People happily buy the Shopify e-commerce store because it computerizes the technical part and makes the whole development seem effortless.

Setup Features

Most entrepreneurs are non-technical those want to create an online store for the products sell. Shopify has occupied on this field and offers a simple structure that business person easily handle. With multi-hundred customizable themes or templates to select from, the owner of the online e-commerce store can create the site of her/his choice.

If you can see your selected template doesn’t fulfill your requirements and taste of brand, then you can go for Shopify customizable templates where you can find many creative designs that offer affordable themes for Shopify based store.

Payment Options

The most painful thing for an e-commerce store is that when they are losing a customer due to the limited payment options. But Shopify is an e-commerce platform that frees of this limitation by empowering credit card payments and offering integration with above 70 payment gateways.

Light on Pocket

Shopify price rate or packages are very cheap. The Shopify starter comes at $9/month without an online store. Most business owners but Shopify online store package because they buy it with microscopic monthly cost. You can test Shopify all features or facilities at least once by trying its 14-days trial.

One year payment at the lowest level is about $348 including cloud hosting and purchase support. Other than that, if you use open-source e-commerce then you only pay for hosting which can be as low as $80/year as the software is free, but to get up to balance with Shopify stores, you probably need some professional help setting it up.

Security or Help from Team

When you start an online business, you will become conscious the importance of support.  The online e-commerce store has a dedicated team that always gives the full support of all owners with any issue.

Shopify is a largest hosted service that offers 24/7 call and email support for any attacks and problems that arise. In case you would like exclusive store design, there is also a large group of people service providers that can expand Shopify premium themes and apps.

Marketing Advantages

Shopify has SEO-friendly features and also integrated with Google Analytics. The shop owners get help to promote their store and get in touch with purchasers; it also makes the condition of Google AdWords and Facebook publicity credit. Start online shopping store with Shopify and you will also get lots of tools that will help sell more.

Disadvantages of Shopify

Shopify may be the leading candidate for the mark of top online store creator. But it still lags behind in some areas. There are some fields where Shopify needs upgrading and become an excellent service to people who want to build an online eCommerce store.

Less Customizability

Shopify app store has a lot of magnificent functionalities. But it pales to the wealth of plugins obtainable for platforms like WooCommerce, a lot of plugins are free. Shopify is only a platform that allows you to change an active part of its functionalities. It is as customizable as open-foundation solutions that can potentially permit you to change mostly anything.

If you regularly user of WordPress platform, then you would not be pleased on working with other eCommerce platforms like Shopify, etc. Because, it built-in blogging system but has a learning curve of its own. So, be ready to spend some time to become the regular user of Shopify.

Limited Features

Shopify is a very simple platform that created to its limited set of features. Other than that, advanced e-commerce platforms come with most advanced features like email to friends, recommended products, and contact forms. But Shopify eCommerce software doesn’t have its interior features.

Content Management

If you want to add advanced videos and audios content that helpful and according to products. You want to sell, don’t go with Shopify. Because it is not offered a good management system for selling products as you want. Other than that, it is not a multi-language and greatly geared to US/UK customers.


The advantages and disadvantages of Shopify described all features of Shopify deeply. That help you how to build an online store according to your desire or brand look. Shopify is a perfect platform where you can build a beautiful and responsive e-commerce store for products sell. After reading this post you will be able to build an online store at right place according to your brand requirements. So, you can also share your experience with us in the comment box.