Everybody familiar with iPhone or Apple Company and has the knowledge they launched iPhone 7 soon. Before seven, they launched iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Now, we all know their redesign is coming and their redesign numerically followed by ‘S’ releases is well established.

In other words, iPhone 7 will see the first major redesign since the handsets went big with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Many people will have an expectation the new design to be as potentially radical as this. A couple of new iPhones Apple will launch in September 2016.

1-Design – Good Bye Lighting Port

iPhone 7 Lighting Port

iPhone 7 model maybe would have a most practical impact on costumes is a trial product which notices Apple drain the Lighting connector. This could get sure also to shift to Type-C in 2016. This port would potentially combine Smartphone charging standards.

2-Design – Hello Wireless Charging

iPhone 7 Bettary Charger

iPhone 7 models support wireless charging, and another Apple will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. There’s no confirm news about wireless charging whether this will be well-matched with obtainable wireless charging standards or it has created its wireless charging. Its battery timing is a little bit better than in the iPhone six and 6 plus.

3-Design – Multi-Touch 3D Touch

iPhone 7 3D Touch

Apple introduced the first-time touchscreen, yet, ‘Pinch to zoom’ is frequent in the original iPhone. But now Apple company is purportedly testing incorporation of this technology with 3D Touch. For example, reflect off two fingers first 3D Touch as a back button shortcut and three fingers Force Touch to go back to the home screen.

4-Design – Dual Cameras

iPhone 7 Doul Camra

Before the launching of iPhone 6S hotly supposed the dual rear camera technology but Apple covered this rumored allegedly and wanted to develop it further. It’s hard to say that, this advanced technology is now ready for iPhone 7, especially since the iPhone 6S camera didn’t crush the competition as previous iPhone had done.

5-Design – In-Display Fingerprint Recognition

Lighting port represents a massive change for Apple. In-display fingerprint acknowledgment would permit the company to ditch finally the home button and radically shrink the iPhone’s famously large bezels creating a more pocketable device.

6-Design – iPhone 7 Model

iPhone 7 DesigniPhone 7 Design

Apple explore the 4.7-inch phone that is called iPhone 7, and a 5.5-inch phone is called iPhone 7 Plus, and if it does make a 4-inch iPhone, it’ll be called iPhone 7 mini. Its lowest storage offering will be 16GB. It’s nowhere enough in this advanced world. We hope and expect the iPhone 7 to start at 32GB, with 64GB and 128GB options. Other rumors of iPhone are a 3D screen, no Curved display, wireless charging and edge-to-edge screen and much more.