Website loading speed is the necessary element and plays a major role in website ranking. If your website loading time is excessive then it is harmful to your website. There are few quite ways for you that you can use for your website speed, but caching has the greatest impact.

In this post, I’ve mentioned the 6 best caching plugins for WordPress that will help you to increase your website speed. I’ll explain what each does and temporarily explain how to set each one up.

How does this work?

A cache is precisely a provisional storage area for web pages. For example, if a user visits one of your website pages, it takes a moment to load all of the images, widgets, written and files. All of this donates to your total page loading time.

If you are not using any caching plugin then any person pulls up your homepage and the previous version of the homepage has not been stored in the cache, therefore, the server must transport a completely fresh version of the web page. This means that every item from images to widgets must go concluded the loading development.

If you install caching plugin in your website then it stores different prior versions of the homepage. It can distribute one of those versions to an operator, in its place of loading up an innovative page. This cached version of the homepage previously has the files laden, so it pops up for the user much faster and it inhibits further demand going done the server.

1- WP Fastest Cache – Free

The WP Fastest Cache plugin is the most popular plugin that has far-fetched ratings. It is active on more than 200,000 websites and has the rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is very simplest and fastest WP-Cache system.

WP Faster Cache plugin generates static HTML files, CSS and CDN integration from your go-ahead WordPress blog. Setup of the plugin is easier. You don’t need to modify the .htacces file. It will be revised automatically.

Caching Plugins WP Faster Cache

Features of WP Faster Cache:

  • Mod-Rewrite is the fastest method which is used in this cache plugin.
  • CDN and SSL supports.
  • Admin can delete all cached file and modified CSS and js files from the options page.
  • You can block cache from the specific page or post.
  • You can enable or disable cache option for mobile devices or logged-in users.
  • Set a time for all of your cached files to deleted automatically.

2- W3 Total Cache – Free

W3 Total Cache is a well famous WordPress only performance optimization framework that improves page speed times and is designed to boost user experience. Its setting area is divided into 16 pages and doesn’t automatically organize the settings to make the plugin work. Its default setting is worked pretty great.

After its installation, you’ll notice the difference in website speed clearly. The W3 total Cache plugin setting is the little bit tough because it offers more features as compared to other plugins of this list. It has a dedicated setting page for every type of caching such as page caching, database caching, object caching and browser caching etc. The customizability you get with W3 Total Cache plugin you won’t find elsewhere.

Caching Plugins W3 Total Cache

Features of W3 Total Cache:

  • Compatible with ClodFlare (virtual private, shared hosting and dedicated servers or clusters).
  • CDN support
  • Caching everything from browsers to pages.
  • Caching research results in pages in disk or memory.
  • Different security features.

3- WP Rocket – Premium

It is best one premium cache plugin in our list. It is user-friendly and rescuers who find technical terms and web programming to be mystifying. The WP Rocket plugin will work correctly after activation.

Its price started at $39 for one site and for unlimited sites, you need to pay just $199. It also offers a 3 websites plan that runs at $99. You can get continue support if something goes wrong.

Caching Plugins Price Plan WP Rocket


Features of WP Rocket:

  • Fast in setup and simple page caching
  • Cache preloading improves speed
  • The plugin uses GZIP density to save bandwidth.
  • CDN support
  • It improves your Google fonts if you’ve them on your theme.

Caching Plugins WP Rocket Features

4- Simple Cache – Free

Simple Cache was developed by Taylor Lovett he has already develop 14 plugins. Simple Cache plugin actives over 3,000 and has strong users rating 4.6 out of 5 stars. It was developed after getting frustrated with major caching plugins that are remote more developer-friendly.

Caching Plugins Simple Cache

Features of Simple Cache:

  • Extremely simple one-click install.
  • Easily clear the cache if you need to.
  • Enable gzip compression
  • Makes your site speed fast so you can handle lots of traffic.

5- Cache Enabler – Free

Cache Enabler is a free caching plugin from KeyCDN. It utilizes more than one million sites and sports rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Other than that, its design to incorporate easily with KeyCDN and Autoptimize.

It is a very simple to setup. When you install the plugin and active it will start caching. This offers users to serve WebP images without JavaScript. WebP is a new image arrangement that is speedily gaining popularity as a web-enhanced image that provides lossless and lossy solidity.

Caching Plugins Cache Enabler

Features of Cache Enabler:

  • See the size of the cache in the dashboard
  • Minification features are built-in
  • Use it with multiple websites
  • It helps out with responsive images
  • It delivers WebP images with the help of JavaScript

6- Hyper Cache – Free

Hyper Cache is specially designed for maximum speed for your WordPress blog. You can use it in the low resources hosting including on high-end servers. It doesn’t require any complex configurations. It totally runs in the PHP and best for every blog. When you want to disable no stale settings are missing around.

Caching Plugins Hyper Cache

Features of Hyper Cache:

  • It is suitable for desktop and mobile site versions – mobile theme switch option.
  • CDN support
  • HTTPS ready
  • Has specific integration with bbPress
  • Cache pages are even shown to people who have commented.

All in all, plugins are the best caching plugins for WordPress websites. It all is contingent on your optimization and themes and plugins you use. But be care full and test your website speed before installing the cache plugin.

Did you find your best suitable or favorite cache plugins in this list or not? If you don’t find it then please share your favorite plugin with readers in the comment box.