Most people have this question in mind ‘Why iPhone is More Popular than Android’ and want to answer of this, but they don’t find such type of satisfied reply that they want. At the begging, you see Steve Job the owner of Apple Company branded Apple products as premium products of the world. After the success of iPod and first, iPhone launching, iPhone became the sign of brand and left the excellence impact in the people mind. One more thing that makes iPhone more popular than Android devices is it is amazingly naive, negligible and premium design.

Doesn’t matter which phone you use daily, but you look at an iPhone just makes you feel WOW, nothing else. The most important thing that makes iPhone more famous and well-known as compared to Android is that Apple company is the only company in the world that know the real meaning and importance of aesthetics and simplicity in design. Another best selection of iPhone is their color selection for the phone models and typographies.

So far, the choice of color, design, and aesthetics Apple do one thing more they don’t sell the phone, they sell dreams. You will analyze this by looking carefully to any device of apple they focus on the dreams of yours, that you can fill with iPhone. It is a marketing technique, Apple gets help to showcase their device as a dream comes true device, and people become so obsessed with these thoughts and individuals think they do everything with it, though it is not true and they can’t do everything in the real world with it.

This is an excellent way to stage-manage human psychology which only Apple does, and no other company does. This was the idea of the Steve Job that was the great marketer all the times. Apple is charged so much for the product which is not so costly because iPhones have strong brand value. On the other hand, Android OS openness has helped it to grow more and become more adult, stable and single full features.

The openness is the great blessing for the tech industry to bring and struggle new ground-breaking products at the same time it comes to a nuisance to the general consumers. The life is too busy, and people don’t have a chance to spend hours on tech forums or YouTube to learn about the new phone or world tech development. Only when anybody wants to buy a phone he/she go online shop and look for something that interests him and orders the phone. Some people make a list first of those things that they want to see in their new phone so that they can make a purchase that completes their needs.

Now after straining your requirements, you have two options for looking phones is online or offline, you will see that the phone market is minuscule that has same features and almost similar budget. Now you can select the one option either go online and read the review of each product or select randomly. If you start to read the reviews and watch the movie about the product, it will take at least one week to know each of these mobiles properly.

But we see most are lazy and don’t like spending their free time on researching about the product. So, on the date of buy, the billing limitless option become a nuisance for the customer. Most people justified this statement:

“Initially, I wanted to buy an Android device, but there are so many choices which made me confused. So, I end up getting an iPhone as with iPhone it is evident what the things are I’m getting and what I’m not. There is no other alternative to going for and no nightmare to haunt me for my next phone”.

As we are seeing, having many options is not so good for most people. They better fasten with some less specification and fewer phone features, but at least they don’t have to run around to make a choice about which Android phone should buy.

What about apple’s Innovations?

Be honest most of the things Apple just showcased otherwise nothing, but a real re-engineering something that already has been invented before whether iMac, iPhone, and iPod all are same. It doesn’t mean that it is the bad thing, but it is a showcased of apple. It is a right talent to re-engineering something so flawlessly. Apple Company is not only Tech Company that re-engineering the things almost all companies copy each other. They get inspiration from the other company innovation and try to make it in a better way in an own product.


Both apple and android have own advantages and disadvantages. I could write the article on iPhone pros and cons and Android pros and cons as well, but the Android pros way overpower the pros that you get with an iPhone in my judgment. After this post reading, you easy get the answer why iPhone is more popular than Android.

iPhone is a big brand that is only to rule in the tech world. Android also has own space in the tech world and famous in this community that has no too much money to spend on their phone. I hope this article will help the people to understand the war and popularity of iPhone with goods and bads. So, what device do you use? Android or iPhone? What do you like most in both devices?