Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform for the small or medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2006 and also a big name in the eCommerce business. Within ten years, it has built a big company from five to 1200 employees. Now, 275,000 businesses are using Shopify for their online shops. Shopify Plus is an excellent Shopify’s white gloves enterprise e-commerce platform for the high volume customers.

It is a premium e-commerce, caretaker service that you can lean on to help take care of all the technical matter that you might not want to be worried about. With Shopify Plus, you will have 0% transaction fees, unlimited bandwidth and own Customers Sales Manager (CSM) at your discarding.

The Shopify CSM team handles the ‘online’ part of your business, so you can have time to take care of more important things. Now, you don’t have any difficulty in the code, Shopify plus’s team have you covered. The Shopify Plus mission is to provide the best service to big customers and enterprises. Other than that, Shopify Plus provides enterprise-grade selling capabilities without the headaches, hefty price or timeframes tag of traditional consumer applications.

If you are a big customer in the eCommerce market, then keep reading to learn more about Shopify plus’s unique features. This Shopify Plus review is based on an experience of experts. Most of the spectators are DIYers or small business owners that take their business start with Shopify plus or working with their websites.

Shopify Plus Hosted Platform

Shopify Plus is a hosted e-commerce platform. Hosted eCommerce solution is more reliable and beneficial than self-hosted e-commerce platform because hosted solution provides support team that makes sure a website doesn’t go down and work properly. Due to that work, Shopify Plus is a considerably scalable SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform agreements that a site stays up and consecutively, so customers always have a quick and pleasurable browsing experience.

Shopify Plus is also responsible for the design of your site, marketing, and everything customer face in building the site.

It Can Handle 1000’s of Orders per Minute

Shopify Plus is a well-established e-commerce platform that made to handle the great traffic only venture level businesses experience. In this platform, you don’t find any limit of sales volume and some products and also bandwidth a store needs to keep up with high demand. It can handle 500k hits per minute quickly.


The pricing level of Shopify Plus is not set at one point or fix. It depends on your company size, current sales, and annual revenue, etc. its rule related to price shall be set at the high level, once your price is established. However, it is set in stone. If you become a much larger company, that price won’t increase. Its pricing varies company-to-company. It might help to know that the lowest probable coast for Shopify Plus is $1200/month.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Shopify Plus is web-based hosted e-commerce platform, and you just need a decent computer with the latest up-to-date web browser. Usually, Shopify Plus is designed for large and high volume companies. If you are dealing in over $500k/year, it could be for you.

Ease of Use

Shopify Plus is a very simple, comfort and elegant to navigate. Shopify Plus uses the same dashboard as the Shopify other plans use. You can check the software with their 14-day free trial, for this, no credit card is required. You can use it easily by entering some personal information and answer a few questions about your store. They will set you up with a trial account. Although there is a beginner’s tutorial to get started eCommerce online store with Shopify, the dashboard of Shopify is a thing of beauty.

Shopify Dashboard

All most important features of Shopify including orders, customer records, products, discounts, apps and analytics that you can easily found in the dashboard’s sidebar. Others feature related to payments methods, adjustments to the checkout page, tax and shipping settings and email notifications you can be found at the bottom of the sidebar under settings.

Shopify Plus dashboard offers over 100 themes to select from, and all themes are easily customizable, but, if you are want something more unique in your online store, Shopify plus experts ready to help you with that. Shopify uses own language for coding that is called ‘Liquid.’

Shopify Theme


Top of Shopify’s essential features, including Shopify’s own payment gateway and multiple available sales channels, Shopify Plus boasts some pretty inspiring capabilities.

Shopify Features

  • Unlimited Selling Capacity: Shopify Plus doesn’t punish successful enterprises. Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited sales, and you can list an unlimited amount of products with 0% transaction fees. Your site won’t smash into when you get more transfer than you predictable and you no longer have to pay per deal.
  • Massive Amounts of Storage: Storage seems un-endless as well at 200TB, 6TB of RAM and over 7000 CRU cores.
  • Powerful Analytics: it uses Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics engine so that you can appreciate your customers and their export trends.
  • Reliability: Shopify Plus provides 99.99% uptime services.
  • Scalability: Shopify Plus can easily handle a big flash sale, Black Friday, and active, successful store.
  • Smooth Setup: if you have online shopping store, but not on Shopify Plus platform that you can transfer your store into Shopify Plus without losing your traffic by using the ‘Traffic Control App’ which Shopify states won’t compromise your SEO.

Web Design

Shopify’s templates or themes feature are mobile friendly and responsive designs. That means which theme you will select for your online store, is fully responsive and quickly detect the screen size of which they are being adjusted and viewed accordingly. Responsive eCommerce platform designs are critical in the current e-commerce shopping market because more sales are coming from mobile devices. Due to that, we need to make design look just as good as smartphone or tablet as it displays on a full computer screen.

Payment Processing

Shopify Plus offers more than 70 payment gateways, and there is a 0% transaction fee.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Shopify Plus is also an excellent platform that actually exceeds in the client service field. It offers 24/7 support and priority service. Shopify plus enterprise is hand over its very own Merchant Success Manager (MSM). It also provides the direct line to Shopify support. If you are not satisfied with your MSM or unavailable due to some reason, you will be put into contact with another MSM.

If you are too shy to talk to a real person, no problem there are eCommerce forums and technical advice in the help center and someone available by Live Chat or email. You can also forward an email or give then a ring to Shopify plus for any support.

  • Phone (US): 1-888-746-7439
  • Email from their Contact

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Shopify Plus is free to any charges due to the excellent customer support service. If Shopify plus customer has a problem, it is likely determined at higher levels than an online criticism board. Shopify and Shopify plus customer services come from the same company, but its team manages this beautifully. Most complaints address missing the payment that clients never received.

Other relevant claims to Shopify Plus have to do with the dashboard:

  • Limited Discount Functions: This charge mostly sees on Shopify’s forum. The Shopify’s only allows customer one condition at a time in the creation of a discount.
  • Limited Number of Variants: the complaint to a limited number of options is very similar to the one above. An item can only have up to 100 variants, and your customer can select just particular aspect. Color, size, and length would all be variants. But if we offer more than 100 options, then it does not work well.
  • Limited Wholesale Capabilities: Shopify Plus can only make B2B transactions through an add-on app.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

You can see many client testimonials that are available on Shopify plus’s site, including raving reviews from the Black Milk, DODOcase, Rug & Home and Google. Some positive reviews or testimonials are described below.

  • Speed in Transition: Transition system from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify Plus is very easy and smooth.
  • Scalability: The Shopify plus’s ability to handle a huge order is magnificent. Companies attest the scalability benefits of Shopify Plus during Black Friday and Monday, the holiday season in universal and new manufactured products releases.
  • API Capability: Shopify Plus’s API developers can modify Shopify’s backend to meet the exact needs of the company.


Shopify Plus is also known as a level 1 PCI DSS protest, which means that customer data as well as debit card and credit card information. It also offers the same degree of security that provided the banks. It’s risk management team also protects your website and shopping cart software from all types of fraud and hackers.


It is the paramount platform that offers a great service support, and most of them can solve with an app. The reliable customer service, aptitude to scale to a huge company’s needs and customizability create any store owner’s life a complete lot easier. Shopify is a significant source where you can save your hundreds of thousands revenue. You can share your reviews with people about Shopify plus in the comment box.