Everybody knows the internet era. We live a computer life, where there is a lot of development and advancement. We all of us live a development life. Everything of the world is in our reached. The Internet world is too fast, whatever whenever we want, we can get right now.

If you want to buy anything at any time and any place, you can buy. The Internet world is overly broad and has a lot of opportunities for different online businesses. For example, if you are the developer and you want to start your personal business. You can start it because a lot of E-commerce platforms that give the opportunity for the developer to start a business. There are a lot of best platform to build an Ecommerce website.

Other than that, if you run a shop any things you can also have an opportunity to sell it online and start the online business by developing the website about your products or by selling at any E-commerce platform (online store website). Internet world also offers you important place for business. A lot of online E-commerce platforms are working for you where you can sell your things quickly. If you are a novice and don’t have much more how to know about the online selling Ecommerce websites, you come to the right place.

Here you can get the all necessary information about the best open source online store for small business. First, we tell you about the Ecommerce, what is E-commerce and after that, we explain the top 10 best Ecommerce platforms for small business.

What is Ecommerce?

E-commerce or Electronic Commerce is a term for any types of business that involves the transform of any things around the world through internet. It is the very broad era of different business, from consumer based retail websites to business exchanges trading services and goods between corporations.

Currently, Electronic Commerce website platforms are one of the important aspects of the internet world. Online shopping stores or eCommerce platforms allow consumers to exchange services and goods electrically without time or distance barriers. It is working for the preceding five years and continually expanded. Today, more than 100,000 websites are using E-commerce Technologies.

Shortly the difference between the electronic and conventional commerce will become increasingly unclear as more as a business move onto the internet world. Simple is that our future is depending on the computer so be ready for it. Now, time is to tell you about that best E-Commerce platforms for small business.

E-commerce platform or online store website is those places where you can see sale your products and also buy everything. Below E-commerce sites, list will help you in your business for selling and expanding.

Top 10 Best Ecommerce Platforms for the Small Business


Magento is a comprehensive platform, till now 26.3% Ecommerce websites of top 100,000 eCommerce sites built in it. That’s why most people liked it and built their site in it. It has many advantages; one of the largest advantages is that it offers a significant number of extensions and plugins that allow the addition of any new functionality.

In the list of online store platforms, Magento is at the top of the E-commerce solution that gives the new shape of your business. If we talk about the B2B e-commerce platform, Magento has been named the uppermost e-commerce platform on the inaugural IR (internet retailer) E-commerce 300 guide with 41 merchants.

Magento is also listed in the top member of the Internet Retailer Hot 100. It provides open Omnichannel innovation. It’s cloud-based, open source digital commerce platform and Omnichannel solutions empower merchants to incorporate digital and physical shopping practices.


  • It has more features as compared to other Ecommerce Solutions such as an ability to manage multiple storefronts, multiple currency support, multiple languages and is mobile and friendly search engine.
  • Its back-end is user-friendly, and everybody can handle it easily.
  • Its community version is free.
  • Magento allows you to customize everything pretty as you want. It offers open source software, and you have full control over the code so you can develop the functionality as you need.


  • It ‘s hard to use, and its developer is not easily available.
  • Magento is complicated and burdensome, and expensive for small business owners if they don’t know the development.

2- WooCommerce

WooCommerce is another eCommerce platform owned by WordPress. It is a very active plugin that used for building an online store on the WordPress platform. Most WordPress themes have WooCommerce functionality built in. WooCommerce offers almost all the services or features that are available on the other open-sources.


  • WooCommerce users find many free themes and extensions. They can install them quickly. It’s mostly cheaper than other different platform extensions.
  • It is very flexible, and you can quickly make categories to your business products, sales, and attributes in it.
  • It is user-friendly. It is WordPress plugin. You can use it easily and quickly if you use WordPress before.
  • WooCommerce plugin is customized able. You can preset CSS styles, theme color, tweak the code and features.
  • It helps you to control the detail of customer order tracking and engagement tools.
  • It has millions of active members and users that give advice to people who have a problem in the setting of WooCommerce.


  • Usually, it is not an E-commerce website and not fulfills all funnel of electronic commerce sites. Developers customize before using it as an Ecommerce online store.
  • It is a light Ecommerce solution, so that’s why it isn’t best for a big company.

3- BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a best and largest online business platform. It is covered of various online shop stores where a business person can launch in a few hours other than weeks, month, and then sell their products.

It is very popular e-commerce platform and 17% of 100,000 sites using BigCommerce for online store solutions. More than 51,977 sites overall built on BigCommerce.


  • It is user-friendly. Everyone quickly creates a personal online store and sell products through this platform.
  • It gives one best feature like Drag and Drop function which make it customizable, and you can do that by using the only mouse.
  • It has no hidden fee like distinct Ecommerce platforms.
  • It maintains the security of the user. It has mobile compatibility also for the online store.


  • Most people just claim that BigCommerce has not best customer support and is a little unreliable.

4- OpenCart

OpenCart is PHP based simple, friendly and fast e-commerce platform. It has a lot of extensions and free shopping cart system that gives many facilities of a business owner to handle E-commerce online stores.

OpenCart is Hong Kong-based E-commerce platform where the business owner sells their products online with much easier way. It is full packed online store solution that is not only easy to use but full with a variety of useful features.


  • It is easy, fast and straightforward to manage and user-friendly.
  • It has more extension of inbuilt shipping and payment methods.
  • OpenCart development is easy and cheaper as compared to other online e-commerce solutions.
  • It has compatibility to build different groups because it is customizable.
  • Social features can easy integrate into it.


  • For SEO, the developer adds additional extensions.
  • It has not advanced features.
  • OpenCart customization is not very easy.

5- OsCommerce

OsCommerce is very famous and comprehensive online open source e-commerce software system that is used for both online e-commerce store and shopping carts. 11% of 100,000 overall e-commerce sites built on OsCommerce. It offers a lot of features for an online store in an effortless manner. Its front-end and back-end are very easy to handle.


  • OsCommerce’s installation is very easy, and it is easy-to-use crossing point.
  • It is free and open source e-commerce solutions.
  • Oscommerce supports a large number of credit card processors.
  • It offers a large number of add-ons and plugins and addition functionalities.


  • Some users have a complaint that software updates and design kept up not with time and remain vaguely out-of-date.

6- Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is one of the greatest eCommerce solutions for an online store. It is a plugin for online e-commerce sites built on Drupal Commerce platform. It has many modules that can create your online store simpler. Its perfect addition with Drupal makes creating a blog or environment much more suitable than most other e-commerce content management systems.


  • Drupal Commerce is a very advanced e-commerce system. It is very easy and not the expensive platform like others. It is fast and responsive.
  • It has the large community and many modules.
  • Drupal Commerce is best for complex sites, which have many types of content.
  • It is easy to setup a site that is SEO.


  • Writing a good custom module can be difficult.
  • Even slight updates can source primary headaches.
  • As with organization Drupal, installing Drupal also necessitates some technical know-how.

7- Shopify

Shopify is the best name of the e-commerce platform that comes to mind when anybody want to build online shopping store. It has a lot of opportunities for small business. Shopify is biggest online store and ease of use, you can sell everything here.

It has every impressive feature in its app store same as smartphone or tablet. It is a part of that e-commerce platform that offers everything to the business owner that they need to setup and starts their online store and selling products to the world.


  • It is very easy to build an online store and running.
  • It is entirely hosted.
  • It is best for search engine optimization.
  • If you have little bit know-how of web-development, you can customize it easily.


  • It doesn’t have multiple language services regarding features.
  • Its transaction fees are high or more expensive as compared to other platforms.
  • Its back-end is slightly tough to understand in the beginning.

8- PrestaShop

One of the most memorable shopping cart software is PrestaShop. It helps the people to create online eCommerce platform. It is full of different useful features that allow you and your customers enjoy reliable, easy and simple online shopping store. PrestaShop is a France and Paris-based e-commerce platform.


  • It is very straightforward and easy to installation. You should download files and upload them to your host. PrestaShop needs PHP5 and MySQL5.
  • It is flexible and easy to customize the online store. The back-end is simple, and you can easily add and delete various features in it without any problem.
  • It has the best SEO service. It provides Meta tags and description facility to increase the page rank.
  • It offers multiple language and currency opportunities.
  • It gives a full, robust security system.


  • It is not best for large business
  • Some vital PrestaShop modules have to be acquired as they don’t come with resolution pack.

9- CubeCart

CubeCart is the leading online e-commerce platform is written in PHP and MySQL. It can be paid, or free depend on your preference. CubeCart is a simple solution but restricted with almost all the necessary aspects requisite to improve the presentation of an online e-commerce store.


  • It is best for small business.
  • It generates SEO friendly URLs for all pages.


  • Its features don’t cover all needs of the online business store.

10- UberCart

It is best and superb e-commerce platform for small business. By this owner can setup their online store easily and sell their products all around the world.


  • Its installation is very easy. You can start own online store quickly even you not know any advanced skill.
  • It has a broad range of modules and themes. You can customize it according to merchant’s needs.


  • It is self-hosted e-commerce shopping cart that will require your own maintenance.


The majority is used in electronic commerce platforms and owning honorable importance in the marketplace as the flexible and authentic sources. They have already attracted a vast host and take hold of the top market position. Everything about these e-commerce solutions is described here; now you can decide which one is best for your business. Share it with your friends on Social Media.