The most fundamental question that everybody faced at the time when he/she is buying a new smartphone is to suppose which Operating System is best for. Most people like to buy an iPhone phone and have confusion that phone is most beneficial or useful for them. This post will explore the full detail of Pros and Cons of iPhone that will be helpful for you. Let’s look the device and help you build out which is best suited to your needs. Our goal is to compose it a little easier for you to decide the right one for you.

All about iPhone

If you want to buy an iPhone, you should read the following things carefully, where we are exploring the pros and cons of iPhone and its features. Besides, all the bright aesthetics and design of iPhone, you can say that Apple doesn’t sell the phone it sells the dreams. If you explore the iPhone carefully, you will see how Apple focuses on your dreams and try to fulfill with this device. Now, the cons of iPhone can be advantages for some people if they are not very tech know-how people.

Pros of iPhone

1- Design of iPhone

The design is a most important part that makes the people big fan of Apple. In this advanced tech world, Apple is the only company who knows how to speak a thousand words just by aesthetics and visualization. So far, no company invents the design like iPhone. So, with every iPhone, you will unmistakably get an ultra premium phone with the intelligently designed operating system.

2- User Experience

Most are happy with iPhone and share a good experience with it. You can buy it with satisfaction because it has a real Operating System. If you already a user of earlier iPhone version, then you will feel homelier of iPhone and also a part of Apple ecosystem. The user experience shows phone run incredibly smooth. The reason of this is iPhone is the only creation of Apple Company.

3- Camera

IPhone is always familiar with its amazing bright and active camera and image processing capability. Doesn’t matter which iPhone you have and how many megapixel camera it has. It takes the best image processing and also camera quality seriously. So far, no iPhone is out there which has a bad quality camera and take awful photos.

4- Good Display

The display quality of the latest iPhone might not be too good, but it is good enough. In this running time, Apple used to scream about the retina display, because in the present day, most other smartphone has better screen display. But it doesn’t mean that its display is not okay. Such as iPhone camera has a brilliant display with proper color intensity, viewing angles and brightness, etc.

5- App Store

The app store of Apple is very excellent with millions of modern apps. So, if you’re thinking or looking to do something, there might be an app for your exact need already there in the app store. Also, most of the apps are always maintained and updated by the app developers so that you always get the best user experience and have least amount of bugs. There you find many creative apps which are just available for iOS environment.

Cons of iPhone

1- Overpricing

The products of Apple Company have been very high price because its business model is based upon overcharging their purchasers. Do you know the iPhone making cost is half of its price they you are paying to Apple Company? It is one of the companies in the world that has the largest profit margin. Apple overcharges you just for via their brand in your life.

2- Overpriced App Store

App Store and Google App Store both have some standard apps, but some apps you see free in the Android store is chargeable in the App Store. Behind this is a very positive reason. When you are buying an iPhone mobile, Apple Company already knew that either you are already a member of Apple ecosystem or have enough money to spare. So, if you have enough money. Why not we charge you more?  On the other hand, Google app store is an open platform, where you can’t find many limitations. You will find most iOS paid apps free in the Android app store.

3- Smaller Battery

The Smaller battery is one of the major cons of iPhone or a big problem with all iPhone. As Apple spend more money and time on making the iPhone look or display premium, it should make thinner and durable battery power. It is really a bad con. Everybody wants bigger battery timing.

4- No Customizability

The home screen of iPhone is same for years, despite the fact that it is too much user-friendly to many users but to many others, it becomes mind-numbing by it. There is no way to change home screen. If you modify your phone, you still have few extra options to pinch where if you deprivation your device, it opens up a variety of new world for you.


In the simple world, we say that iPhone is a premium device and manufacture for those people who have enough money or capability to buy it because they also have a lot of money to spend on its premium apps. Remember that; iPhone is not a just phone it is an impressive piece of hardware which has been beautifully designed not only on the outside but also inside. Apple is the only company in the world that actually knows the meaning of simplicity and beauty of the design. If you think we fail to spot, it’s any pro or con you can share with us in the comment box, and I’ll add in the post.

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