Android is an invention of Google. Android project is a big project for Google, but there was a time when Googlers thought that it is just waste of time and was thinking about dumping the project altogether. When it launches the first Nexus device, they see something that happens magically, and people started liking it. After that, Android has never looked back and wraps the peak of the success till now.

In the starting, an Android phone was gruesome and has too many bugs in it, many apps to force close often. But after the release of Jelly Bean – 4.3 Android become way mature in term of stability, coding, and smoothness. The recent version of Android phone has laser touch retort time than iPhone. But most Android devices sometimes feel a little ugly after some months. But it is not the fault of Android itself; all this ugliness comes from the extra toppings added by the phone constructs.

Most people love the Nexus device and also my favorite. As it is built with Google, it runs the Operating System in the best possible optimized way, because Google is acquainted with each phone they have artificial, and it is easy to fine-tune and optimize the set of laws for their own phone to run the operating system buttery level. Besides the information about Android, you will also get the knowledge about the pros and cons of Android phone.

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Pros of Android

1- Openness

Smoothness is not only a strong philosophy which runs behind Android phone. It is the only reason; it became too famous in the world and people like too much. Android is open and also every phone company that uses this can build their dream device, made as many modifications they want to do within the Operating System without any worry. Openness is the only reason that makes the Android more important and famous as compared to iPhone in the first place.

2- Competition

As we know that Android is an open Operating System, and a lot of smartphone company is building devices on top it. So, extreme competition between the companies works because all businesses pay through the nose for development and research of new breakthroughs and innovation. This is some trick never going to be seen for iPhone. Apple is the only smartphone company who built it and had not too much competition in the tech world.

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3- Customizability

Customizability is the best thing to the Android version. That is the reason people love too much. If you have an Android device and after few month you feel board with this instrument, you can totally re-customize it with new apps and make it look more beautiful as a brand new.

4- No Shackle

There are no hard and fast rules how you should use iPhone or Android. It is entirely up to you at no matter what why you like to use your device. For example, if you want to add some new music to your phone, there is no particular rule that you must use this software to sync it. You can transfer music from laptop to mobile via USB cable, flash drive, Bluetooth, and other apps which will allow you to transfer music over Wifi. iTunes and many other apps are available in the App Store that will help you to transfer or download music on a mobile device.

5- Unlimited Choice

When you come to the smartphone market, we all have various needs and want different apps according to our need. As a business person might look for a more productive device, at this time a student might search for informative or study related device. As we all have dissimilar needs and as there are so many Android smartphones and phone maker out there. You can buy the exact phone that fulfills your all requirements. This is something different that you will never find or get in iPhone.

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6- Amazing App Store

Google play store is the Android app store that has the 1.5 million of apps and gets the first position in the marketplace. Apple has 1.4 million apps and at second place. If you are an Android user and looking for an app which can do a particular task, chances are bright more than one app in the Android app store. But one thing you see, the premium apps first some, before hitting there are different apps which are only for iOS devices and is not for android.

Cons of Android

1- Laggyness

The most common issue that is faced by the most Android user is leggyness, especially those people who purchase cheaper Android phone; cost is less than $250. If you will install a lot of apps, try to perform something heavy, and play intense games, so your mobile going to be slow because these phone got more flat space, little ram, and extra hardware, etc.

Remember that new generation of Android has no laggyness and is smoother than iOS. The most common thing that makes Android so ugly is the phone manufacturer that adding unoptimized, crappy apps which you can’t remove and will keep eating your memory unless you root. Nexus devices and tablets only tools you ever use, you won’t ever complain about android’s laggyness.

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2- Security

As we know Android is an OS open source, and it is too much easier for hackers to get the copy of the Operating System. It is not only harmful to the Android though it is a common problem of the whole open source philosophy. This is something never happens to iOS because it is a closed system and hard to get hands on the OS codes.


After the pros and cons of Android discussion, you will be able to finalize this phone is best for you or not. Android is a good smartphone that you can use in your business and also in the study. It has a lot of applications that is helpful, and you can enjoy it. If you find any other pros and cons of Android, you can share with people in the comment box. You should share this post with friends.