Appealing and dashing pictures are fundamental for a decent website as well as images add life to your website. No doubt, a website without images is a drab box. In simple words, you can say that images help you to attract audience or readers’ attention ASA they come on your homepage.

Also, you can use beautiful images to pass a strong brand message that gets visitors engaging with your site.

Images selection related to content is tough and time-consuming work. That’s why most try to publish their content without images. You can get awesome and beautiful images in very short time by reading this Post:

Today, we’ll talk about 6 feature-packed gallery plugins for WordPress websites that help you to vitrine your images beautifully without emphasizing.

Some plugins are highly useful whereas others are minimalistic and some are most easy to use as well as others have a sharper learning bend. I’ll describe them below. But all are free.

WordPress comes with default gallery, but it doesn’t have the functionality and aesthetic appeal that almost all users want in the own gallery. So, that’s why there is something that you keep in mind when you are selecting a gallery option for your website.

  • Rating and number of installs of plugin
  • Features of the plugin
  • Loading speed
  • Easy to use

1- Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Let’s kick off with an easy to use Envira Gallery plugin that offers pretty awesome results. Envira Gallery is an awfully lightweight and 100% responsive plugin makes your website awesome.

It was developed with usability in mind, means the plugin is very easy to use and also easy to add and upload images in the gallery. Due to drag and drop feature, you can be re-ordering them.

When you installed this plugin adds an Envira Gallery option to the WordPress dashboard. Gallery adding is a piece a cake – just give it a name and select or upload the images you want to add.

You can customize setting abound, thumbnail sizes, gutter, animations, columns, and layouts. The free version of Envira Gallery comes with one gallery theme. Gallery can be inserted into any post, widget and page.

2- NextGEN Gallery

NextGen Gallery Plugins for WordPress

I’ve included NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress site that is installing over 1+ million with 3.3 out of 5 stars till the date. It is great for overall use but powerful for the hard photographers, pictorial artists, and imaging specialists.

NextGEN Gallery plugin is one of the easiest and famous photo gallery plugins where you can easily add images to the gallery from the server folder, media library or from your computer.

This plugin adds a button in the pictorial editor for adding the galleries. After adding the gallery you can select how to display the gallery – slider, image browsers, thumbnails and tag cloud.

NextGEN Gallery plugin by default shows your gallery as a slideshow if you select to display your gallery as thumbnails. It will do the opposite if you primarily display your gallery as a slideshow. Due to this your audiences easily select to preview the gallery as a thumbnails or slideshow.

3- WP Canvas – Gallery

WP Canvas Gallery Plugins for WordPress

The default use of WordPress plugin extends with WP Canvas – Gallery. No additional menu you will see after the installation of this plugin. Instead of that, you’ll see extra possibilities on the right side when adding a WordPress gallery to your post or page.

With the fitting of WP Canvas – Gallery, settings expand to include more display options, size options, and caption options etc. You can exhibition a gallery in a masonry format, as a slider, and as a carousel.

You can set your images size a Popup Size when a visitor clicks on the photo. The WP Canvas – Gallery offers you an assortment of options though still using the built-in functionality of WordPress galleries.

4- Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a cutting-edge plugin that completes with a list of tools and options for editing and adding images. It is a plugin that takes your WordPress galleries to the zenith. It is very easy to use, customize and learn.

Photo Gallery rich with features thumbnails, multiple gallery styles, widgets, comments, slideshows, lightbox, shortcodes, direct image downloads, responsive design, support for Vimeo or YouTube videos, amazing CSS transitions.

The premium version is also available that you can get with extra features.

Web-Dorado the developer of Photo Gallery plugin said this is the best gallery that using the standard thumbnail display. When you click on a photo in a Photo Gallery, it opens a larger form in a lightbox where you can steer through the gallery.

Photo Gallery is very easy to use. It enhances a ‘Photo Gallery’ opportunity to the WordPress dashboard. Adding a new gallery is alike to adding a post.

The good news about Photo Gallery plugin is that you can embed photos from flicker and Instagram. By default, photos must be uploaded into the intended manual for this plugin.

This plugin offers you the easy way to import images from the media library. With this, you can also designate an image or text watermark for your images and apply to gallery images. Photo Gallery plugin enhances an icon to the Visual Editor for adding a gallery to a page. Through this icon, you can select a layout for your gallery according to own desire.

5- Gmedia Gallery

Gmedia Gallery Plugins for WordPress

The fastest and great photo sharing plugin is Gmedia Gallery. When clicking on any image in a gallery, it shows the image in a lightbox in full size. It helps you to share your favorite gallery images on different social media networks.

You can get access to Gmedia plugin by clicking on the button that is displayed at the top of the visual editor. You don’t need to go to the WordPress dashboard.

By default, this plugin includes a video or music players, along with countless options on how to show a gallery. With this plugin, you can get a lot of options for customizing the galleries.

I’m surprised at the number of options Gmedia offers in the free version of a plugin.


Wrapping Up

With all in all Gallery plugins for WordPress, we hope you find the impeccable match for your WordPress website. Just select one plugin and install it on your website, start work with it and if you want more features, check out its own pro version.

Moreover, we can’t ignore the other both free and premium WordPress gallery plugins – out there. As such, feel free to do research and find the best plugin for your needs. But the most active plugins we described above.

Did you use another gallery plugin? Share your experience about that plugin with our readers and help them. So don’t hesitate for hitting the comment button.