As a freelance web developer, you know the web design and web development well. If you want to become a web development, then you must have information about these 18 things. All these are in no order, and I would suggest doing these things at least once so that you become a good web developer.
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Things Every Web Developer Should Try At Least Once

1- Build Something with HTML and CSS

Building something with CSS and HTML is relatively easy. You can design and launch a website by using these skills so try it out.

2- Start a Side Project

Come up with awareness for a development and start planning it out. Before starting to draw it on paper, with this, you will encourage yourself to turn it into a truth.

3- Give Front-End Development a Try

Usually, front-end developers work very closely with the graphic elements of a web application. Work on it and look if you like it.

4- Go to Meetups

When you communicate with own field person like a developer, it can give you some awesome perspective and information about your category.

5- Watch Tech Conference Talks on YouTube

You should search about tech conference on YouTube. It is the best way and also helps you to get something new information or to think about the tech.

6- Answer Quora Questions about Learning to Code

It is another, but the more awesome way of learning to write lines of code can be a significantly useful and helpful. Other than that, it helps you understand more deeply. Quora is a great place to share information and knowledge about the craft or code.

7- Give the Ruby Programming Language a Shot

Ruby’s fluid syntax is also excellent that makes it a great language to get started with.

8- Experiment with Different Technologies

Experiment with various techniques can figure out which language is best for you. And in which language you have more interest or which you not. With this, you can help and know what type of development you want to focus on moving forward.

9- Inspire Someone to Learn To Code with You

This thing makes you more accountable and productive at the same time.

10- Don’t Forget about the Fundamentals

If you actually want to get success in this field, it is essential you know how to code by learning important CS ideas like algorithm and data structures.

11- Work with a Database

The databases power every single web development application in the market so learns to code with it.

12- Work with JavaScript

This is a beautiful, strange programming language. If you want to learn code in 2017, you need to learn at least a certain amount of it.

13- Start Writing Technical Blog Posts

You will make important concepts and tricks connect in your head when you are annoying to explain single individual perspective to other people.

14- Try Helping out on Stack Overflow

If you answer certain inquiries which don’t have a response on technical forums comparable Stack Overflow then takes the time and posts your solution. You will learn a lot of the most important points.

15- Learn How to Research

Whether you want to mark a self-driving car, or a web application or a practical reality device you are fortunate to need to work out how to use the internet to solve problems.

 16- Try Building Responsive Web Applications

Nowadays’ multi available screen world, it is extremely valued to know how to build an extraordinary user experience across all devices.

17- Spend Time Learning about Accessibility

You should be capable of designing websites so that each human can evaluate the site.

18- Most Importantly, Don’t sweat it too much

Don’t worry about knowing the wrong language and learning the wrong thing.