All new Apple Messages app in iOS 10 features gorgeous and quite busy. The new update of iOS 10 has a bunch of new funny features in iMessage stickers and apps and different Emoji. Stickers are little images and icons you can slap all over a message filament, and iMessage apps can be all from simple photo operations to full-fledged games, all fixed in the Messages apps of an iPhone.

But over the years, many apps have cropped up that offer all types of cool features, like the facility to add stickers to scripts.

1- iMessage Apps Explained

iMessage Apps Explained

iOS 10 has the Message that got all gorgeous and stunning features. iMessage apps are one of the most awesome apps for iPhone lovers. All the message apps you can get from the App Store and install them on the iPhone. Now iMessage app store designed for Messages and you install the apps exact into the messages app.

iMessage Apps Requirements

  • An iPhone with iOS 10
  • An Apple ID with a lawful form of payment

2- iMessage Apps are Available

The kinds of iMessage apps you can obtain from the traditional App Store, but some common types of apps you’ll find just in the iPhone app store include:

  • Games
  • Tools for travel, shopping, and others.
  • Sticker packs to full animations, images, and other visual delights to your writings.
  • iMessage apps linked to the apps already you’ve in your phone, like Evernote, OpenTable, or ESPN. All these apps are very cool because they contract you entree data from those apps in Messages without exposed the other apps

The most promising and advanced app come built into the iOS 10 for iPhone iMessage is Music app. Its app allows you send songs to your friends or other people via Apple Music.

3- How to Get iMessage Apps for iPhone

iMessage Apps are Available

If you are ready to take some iMessage apps and start using them to make your writing more promising and more fun. For this, just follow these guidelines:

  • Tap on the message app to install it.
  • After this, tap the new message and start it.
  • Tap on App Store button “A.” You find this button next to the iMessage field at the bottom.
  • Then, tap on the Store icon “+.”
  • Search the iMessage from the App Store for an app you want to use. After finding, tap it.
  • On the App Page, Tap on Getting button or the Price
  • Tap on the Install or Purchase button.
  • You may be requested to enter your Apple ID. After this, you download the app quickly and its downloading time depends on your internet speed.

4- How to Use iMessage Apps for iPhone

Use iMessage Apps for iPhone

After the completion of iMessage apps’ installation, you are ready to start using them. Below is the process to use:

  • In the message app, open a new conversation or current discussion.
  • Tap on the ‘A’ icon that you’ll see next to the iMessage or Text Message box at the bottom.
  • You can get access to your Apps by following these two ways – Recent and all. Current is the iMessage apps you have used recently. Dig left and a right to left to change by your freshly used apps. Other than that, you can Tap on the dot icon on the bottom left to get all of your iMessage apps.
  • When you got the app, you want to use. You can select the items that are exposed to you and Tap on the up arrow for more items.
  • In some apps, you can also pursuit for content.
  • After finding the thing that you want to send, just Tap on it and it’ll be added to the sphere where you write messages.

   5- How to Manage and Delete iMessage Apps

Manage and Delete iMessage Apps

Only the installation and use of iMessage is not the thing that you need to know how to install and use it. Rather than that, you need to know to delete this app when you no longer to use. For this, you pursuit these steps:

  • Open the iMessage
  • Tap the icon ‘A.’
  • Then, Tap the dot icon in the bottom left
  • Tap store then tap Manage
  • On this display, you can do two things: the first one adds the new app and hide the current app.
  • Secondly, some apps already have installed on the iPhone. Might be iMessage also installed on your phone. If you want to change the version of this, then you move to the Automatically Add Apps slider to on/green.
  • If you want to hide an app, but not delete it – then move the slider next to the app to off/white. It will not display message until you turn on it.
  • If you want to delete it permanent: For this, you follow the first three steps mentioned above. After that hold the app that you want to delete until all the apps start trembling.
  • Then, tap the ‘X’ button which appears on the top of the selected item and app will be eliminated.
  • Finally, press the iPhone home button and save your all changing and stop the shaking of other apps.