If you buy a new iPhone and don’t know what you should do first and what you should do later, then you come at right place. There are multi-thousands of things to learn how to do with iPhone. But you necessity to start somewhere and that anywhere must to be the basics. Here you can get 12 Major Things You Need to Know about iPhone.

These 12 major things you need to know about iPhone especially when you get a new iPhone. All the tips only scuff the superficial of what you can do with an iPhone, but they will surprise you on your path to attractive an iPhone pro.

1- Build an Apple ID

Build an Apple ID

When you buy an iPhone, then you must want to take benefit from its tons of amazing apps. If you want to do this, you require an iPhone ID for iTunes account. With this free ID, you can’t buy movies, apps, and music, etc. at iTunes. Rather this, it is an account that you can use just for other features like iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime, Find My iPhone and all other advanced technologies on the iPhone.

Technically, you can skip ID setting, but without this, you will not be able to do a lot of things that are essential for your iPhone and make it great. So, ID is a necessary thing for your iPhone.

2- iTunes Installation

iTunes Installation

iTunes is an outstanding program for iPhone because it is the program that plays your music, stores, and much more. This is the only tool in iPhone that let you add and remove a video, apps, music, photos, and more from your iPhone. You can say that it is nice-looking crucial to exhausting your iPhone. Macs come with iTunes pre-installed. If you’ve windows, you will need to download it.

Note: You can use iPhone without an iTunes and computer. If you want to use iPhone without this, you can skip this.

3- Activate your iPhone

Activate your iPhone

Everybody knows, what is the first thing that they should do with their new iPhone is to activate it. You can do everything you need on the iPhone and start using it in just limited minutes. The most fundamental setup process is the activation of the iPhone, and after this lets, you select basic settings for using features like iMessage, FaceTime, Find My iPhone and much more. You can change all the setting later if you need but start here.

4- Sync & Set Up your iPhone

Sync & Set Up your iPhone

After creating the iPhone ID and iTunes, it is the time to plug your new iPhone into your computer. Start loading it with content. Whether that it music from your music library, eBook, movies, photos and more. All these things you can sync between your iPhone and computer by suing iTunes app. iPhone recommends their users to use iCloud for personal data backup.

5- Constitute iCloud

Constitute iCloud

With iCloud, you can use your iPhone much easier. Especially when you have connection more than one computer or mobile devices that have your music, apps, or other data. iCloud assembles a lot of sorts together into a single tool, as well as the facility to back up your data to apple’s attendants and re-install.

It over the internet with one clunks or mechanically syncs data across devices. Furthermore, it allows you to download again anything you’ve credited from the iTunes store. Even if you delete or lose them, your buyers are saved, and it is free.

ICloud features you should know about include:

  • ICloud FAQ
  • Automatic Downloads of apps and music
  • iTunes Match

6- Set Up Find My iPhone

Set Up Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is crucial and a feature of iCloud that tells you to use the iPhone’s made GPS to pinpoint its location on a map. With this, you can find your phone easily goes lost. You can quickly search the site of your phone. That is the significant information to give the police when you locate your phone. To use Find My iPhone when your iPhone goes missing, you first have to set it up. Do that immediately and won’t be sorry later.

7- Set Up Apple Pay

Set Up Apple Pay

If you are the lover of online shopping or business, you need to check out Apple Pay. Apple’s wireless payment system is fantastic and easy to use, gets you done check-out lines Wilder, and is much more protected than using your regular credit card.

It is more secure because it is not sharing your credit care information with merchants, and nothing to giveaway. Every bank is not offering this, and not everybody takes it. But if you can, established it up and provide it a shot. Once you’ve seen how valuable it is, you’ll look for explanations to use it all the time.

8- Set Up Medical ID

Set Up Medical ID

With excellent health app in iOS 8 and higher, iPhone and many other iOS devices are starting to yield important roles in our health. The most possible and easy way to get benefit from this is by setting up a Medical ID on your iPhone.

This tool gives you the facility to add info that you’d hunger the first responder to have in the situation of a medical emergency. In this app, you could add medications you take, serious allergies, and emergency contacts. Anything someone would essential to know when generous you medical care at the time when you are not able to talk. Medical ID can be a giant help, but you’ve to fix it up before you essential it, or it will not be capable of supporting you.