Luckily, if you have grandparents and want to give them a cell phone. There are some of the best cell phones for senior citizens that are specially designed for them. The invention of modern technology has changed the lifestyle drastically not just the youngest peoples are enjoying this technology, seniors also enjoying.

However, the needs or requirements of senior people’s might be changed. Nevertheless, you don’t worry about it, because smartphones are being manufactured for everyone. So, you will easily find the best cell phones for senior members of the family according to their personalities and natures.

Cell phone idea is shocking as it might be in the smartphone world. So, not everybody desires a cell phone with the advanced multi-touch features, app stores or a constant stream of social media feeds. The good news is that different mobile phones for senior citizens in 2017 are available in the market. These phones are focused the senior citizen community, with large buttons, emergency dialing and easy to access speed dial functions. I’m not sure which one is best for your senior. Here is the list of beat cell phones for senior citizen in 2017.

1- Jethro SC330 3G

Jethro SC330 3G Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

It is available with large battery time, large 2.4-inch LCD display, and large lettering on the dial. It is designed by T-Mobile’s 3G/2G networks or AT & T’s 3G network. The SC330 is small plentiful to suitably fit into pocket or purse. Its battery life is just 4-hours that will not win any awards, but the optional convenient charging wharf makes it easy to recharge in urgency.

Apart from this, SC330 has many features that will call attention to the SOS emergency button. The SOS button can contact up to 6 multiple contacts in case of urgency and emergency services. It has the large keyboard, that’s why senior person skims it and dialing too. Also, there’s a rear camera for quick snapshots and a loudspeaker, including support for 12 different languages.

2- Alcatel’s One Touch

Alcatel One Touch Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens


Alcatel’s One Touch is an ideal cell phone for the senior citizen. It is supporting a 2.4-inch display, an SOS button for emergency help, a two-megapixel camera, and it is not heavy on whistles and bells. Quad-band GCM powered with the 2G network provider. The Alcatel can operate on T-Mobile’s network or internationally where its service is available.

Its free device can accept the SIM from any network around the world. It provides an easy menu system and takes you right where you need to go without tons of options. Other than that, you can enjoy FM radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth, alarm clock, and flashlight, etc. All add-ons are useful, but it is the 2.4-inch 320×240 display with large buttons and font’s size that help as the highpoint. The bottom half of the cell phone is all buttons along with the large button “OK” that is the slap in the middle of the phone. Battery life is good plenty to get you over each day.

3- Jitterbug Smart

Jitterbug Smart Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Jitterbug Smart touchscreen phone is easy to use and a fantastic choice for senior people with a large 5.5-inch screen. It is also best for those citizens who want something with a little extra while still getting the basics. Featuring the 5Star services with urgent care integration and simplifies Android software.

The 6.1-ounce cell phone offers a 1280×720 display walled by a black bezel. Jitterbug’s screen is sharp and bright also offers extra-large app icons and font for fast navigation. Its international network coverage allows the owner to link with their family around the world.

Aside, Jitterbug provides immediate 24/7 access to help through a single button tap. By pressing this button, you are connected to an agent, who can regulate if you need emergency services, medical assistance.

4- Alcatel A383G

Alcatel A383G Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Alcatel A383G is running on Tracfone’s countrywide network and is a secure device design for seniors that have a large font, large bright keypad, and 3G network. Itself it has a keyboard on the bottom with large light-up keys, an MP3 player, Bluetooth, and a megapixel camera.

Tracfone provides a free car charger, which is a great thing for seniors who should always keep their device charged no matter what the time of day. With just 15-ounce you can quickly place it into a purse or a pocket.

5- Blu Joy

Blu Joy Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

A candy bar-style cell phone that offers enough flash is a Blu Joy. It also provides plenty of features and looks that seniors will love. The 2.4-inch screen and a large numerical keypad that provides easy-to-find answers and ends keys. Blu Joy’s cell phone powered by quad-band GSM, and more capable of running on T-Mobile’s network.

The SOS button offers easy access to police, fire, and medical support at the press of the single button. Blu Joy cell phone Company makes this button more attractive and friendly for senior people.  A flashlight feature makes it more important when you find the key to open a door at night.