Social media is a big platform where you can promote your business quickly. There are a lot of ways that can help to promote your business. You can grow your business on social media by making a page, group, and community. Every social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flicker, and Facebook, etc. ) is the very active place to scale your growing business.

On others hand, you can use different apps to help your business grow on Facebook or social media. Here we primarily use a Facebook word because we explore the 7 different apps that contribute to promoting your business on Facebook. There is no doubt Facebook is the very active place with above 1.6 billion monthly active users, for the business advertisement.

Most people don’t know how they can control this social media channel to make the most of your inspiring business efforts. A list of apps explores here that your company should consider if Facebook is a part of your business’ growth strategy.

7 Apps to Help Your Business Grow On Facebook

1- Yotpo

Yotpo is the smartest way to collect more reviews and rating about the products. A Yotpo’s secret weapon MAP (Mail after Purchase) sends to customers when the client purchases your products; is the most efficient way to get customers to write reviews about your products and site.

It is the very active app that will automatically send a reviews request MAP to your clients at the perfect time when they purchase. It is a mobile-responsive, that’s why you can get customers response everywhere anytime.

Rating and reviews help you to increase your sells and build customers trust. So, Yotpo helps you and show the reviews and rating in the right places beautifully. It is customizable. You can change thingamajig to match the branding and chart language of your site.

2- ViralStyle

Facebook dwarfs all other social media channels when it comes to active users, content sharing and referred click-through to websites. Most of the Facebook users are not using Facebook for searching or looking business opportunities. They are there to see the interesting and amazing material and keep up with friends and loved ones.

ViralStyle provides a solution for fan group of people earn money that takes the resistance out of selling branded products. It is the activity and process of raising money from a large number of people and print on demand social commerce platform that make it easy to create, sell and distribute customer products worldwide.

Through this business platform, you sell T-shirts, iPhone cases and hoodies and other products with own art because it’s all the goods printed. ViralStyle also integrated with Facebook ads and Shopify.

3- Desk

Today, every marketer and business owner want to be reachable and ready to response and customers address inquiries. While desk is the best tool that helps facilities better and communicates more frequently with potential sellers and buyers.

The desk is customer support software that makes customers happy with the out-of-the-box support. By this, you can supervise cases and help clientele faster than ever. Will all data together and get the insights you need to make faster and better decisions.

It is highly incorporated with Facebook as highly-effective meeting feature that will help direct customers question and apprehensions.

4- Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media app that offers you do more with social media. It gives you a broad scope social media activity. With this, you can manage your all social media networks and schedule messages for future publishing. Hootsuite social media analytics offers you an in-depth view of your company social media analysis.

It also provides a secure logins, profile protections, and permission levels keep your organization protected. Hootsuite is the best source to collect the rating and reviews about your products or brand.

You can make multi-team members and divide your workload with each other. Such as, you can manage your social networks better and promote it. In analyzing over 10k freelancers, I have found this is a product that the majority of them use.

5- GetResponse

With various marketing options on Facebook, every so often it’s difficult to get the most out of your movements. Luckily, there is resolution such as GetResponse’s Facebook web form app that inserts sign-up forms on your Facebook company page.

It allows prospective leads or interested page visitors to quickly sign-up for more information. GetResponse is easy and smart email marketing. It is auto responders, email creator, and generate more leads and make your customers stay with a complete webinar marketing solution.

6- Cyfe

Cyfe is a cloud-based business intelligence app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place. It makes business able to stay ahead all the marketing tasks can be intimidating, especially that time when data play a significant role in your scaling efforts.

Cyfe’s dashboard displays different metrics that are often indicative of successful or poor marketing campaigns. It has all-in-one online business panel include social media, marketing, web analytics, client, sale, project management, IT, and finance dashboard.

7- Shopial

As eCommerce companies, Facebook is often considered the second priority to company’s online store. Due to the payments space, most business owners don’t consider Facebook for e-commerce or online shopping store.

Shopial enables you to showcase your products directly on your Pinterest and Facebook pages with just a few clicks. It works as a gateway between your Facebook and Pinterest page and your site where you sell your products. All the main selling platforms eBay, Etsy, Wix, and GoDaddy and much more are used Shopial.